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  1. We haven't sold it out yet - says on the Boro site that as of yesterday afternoon we'd sold around 3600. Going to be an absolutely quality day. Can't wait.
  2. I'm gonna go against you here mate and say that what we really need is a striker who is going to sit his *** in and immediately around the box for the full game and get on the end of all the chances that others make for him. I've had enough of dross like Juke/Emnes who 'drop off', 'go deep', 'work the channels' etc. I want to see us sign a proper selfish *** who demands chances because he's confident he'll put them away. We'e had enough non scoring, hard working 'strikers' in the past.
  3. Is it only a loan for Juke then? Can't see any confirmation anywhere.
  4. Think it will be a fairly even game between two even sides. Home advantage should play a part though as we're on a good run at home, and I think we'll win 2-1. Adomah and Kamara back a***st the goals. Hope I'm completely wrong and we smash them 4-0 though :D
  5. I would love us to get Becchio. Somebody said that he doesn't work hard so isn't what Karanka will want. We've got enough forwards that work hard, Becchio is exactly what we need - somebody who will ALWAYS be in the box and will put chance after chance away that all of our other hard working attackers create. Juke was a 'hard working forward' but was almost never in the box. I've had enough of 'strikers' that are scared of being in the box. Becchio in would be fantastic. Proven at this level.
  6. Amount of quotes going on there hurts my eyes :D
  7. Be a proper tough game this, a game that a couple of months ago, despite usually being eternally optimistic regarding all things Boro, I'd of been expecting us to roll over and let Leicester walk all over us. Not anymore though, we look a completely different beast under Karanka. It's vital that we have Adomah fit for this, I think we didn't look half as dangerous as usual with him not playing against Charlton, and it showed what a huge player he is for us. Hopefully Kei is fit enough to play a good chunk of the game too as I really rate him. I definitely think we'll score, so I just hope we look as solid as usual too. A win there would be absolutely massive and our confidence would go through the roof. We're definitely more than capable of getting it, but I'm thinking a draw.
  8. I've seen a bit of Forest and I think they're a bit like us, got a good team all over the pitch, but strikers that don't really fire. They're signing Danny Graham though who I think will do really well for them. I can't believe we're now only 4/1 to make the playoffs now! When Karanka took over I think we were 10/1 to finish in the top 12. Wish I'd of had a packet on that.
  9. From my view in the North his save was blocked from my view by a few bodies, so I'm gutted I haven't been able to see it anywhere.
  10. Automatic promotion is definitely out of the question - we're just too far away, and I think the top two, Leicester and QPR, will stay as they are now. Play offs though is definitely on. Burnley are certainly there I think, would take a collapse of ours last season for them to drop out, and despite not having the best squad, in my opinion, Ings is having a great season and I think he will bail them out. Other three spots are wide open though, although I think McClaren might just keep Derby ticking along. Forest have always been hit and miss and can have a really bad day just as easily as they can hit somebody for four. Sixth spot is there for the taking, despite Reading hitting Bolton for seven, their fans are very unhappy with the way they're playing under Adkins and the majority are convinced they won't make the play offs. Brighton have a good squad and will be there until the end. Blackburn look poor to me and I think they'll drop, as I think Ipswich will too. Leeds rely too heavily on McCormack and if he doesn't fire they're up *** creek, as has shown recently. Wigan are big challengers, good squad and a good manager. In with a huge chance though. Exciting!
  11. Percovich is quality! Who's he hugging at the end, who has to get on his tip toes :D
  12. Can't wait for this, got our tickets before the weekend. We look great at the moment and confidence should be sky high, whereas Bolton are up and down. A very winnable game here,. I'll go for another couple of goals and another clean sheet, 2-0!
  13. I've had a look on a Derby board and they all seem like utter doyles getting massively carried away by a decent run. They're a very average side.
  14. Got a good feeling about tonight. Signs against Bolton were that Karanka had us looking a lot more solid than we have been and Given is obviously going to be a huge help in that regard too. I see people are saying that we're not up to competing with a team like Derby, not at their standard etc. I really don't understand this. They are a bang average side on a semi decent run, just like Bolton were (and we beat them!). They are nothing special and we should be going into this game full of confidence - we've got a new manager in with a lot of fresh ideas who is saying and doing all the right things and the players should be so hungry to get out and play and establish themselves in Karanka's squad, Really don't think we'll get beat tonight. I definitely think we'll score, so let's hope the defence and Given are solid.
  15. Anfield b2net Stadium Bloomfield Road Bramall Lane Deepdale Elland Road Emirates Etihad Ewood Park Gigg Lane Glanford Park Goodison Highbury Hillsborough London Road Manor Park (Nuneaton) Oakwell Old Trafford Pride Park St Andrew's The City Ground The DW The Hawthorns The KC The Keepmoat The Pirelli The Reebok The Ricoh The Stadium of Light obviously Riverside too, as well as Stadio Olimpico. All seeing Boro. Done a few local non leagues, Thornaby, Stokesly, Guisborough too. I've probably missed a few off too.
  16. Really hope Donny return the favour for us. Always take a few down there, but will take absolutely loads at cheap prices. Saturday game too.
  17. Definitely try ringing the club mate. I'm not sure when (or if) they send tickets back, but I know once my mate rang up to get a ticket and they brought one down on the official coaches for him, he just had to meet them and pick it up.
  18. As many others have said, we can offer 4 home fan deals per season, and we've chosen a great time to use one of them. This should be OUR game at OUR stadium to welcome OUR new manager. As for Bolton buying tickets in our end, highly doubt it. Even if it happens, there'lll be 5 or 6 max I'd bet,. That lad on their forum saying he had tickets in Row K is a perfect example of them talking utter ***. When has there ever been a Row K at the Riverside :D Pathetic idiots. How bitter is that 'Carlos' goon on their boards? What a little doyle. He's the one that's said "we're right behind the goal row k" :D
  19. Well, if he didn't say them, they're out there now and he needs to come out in the local press and say that he didn't say them. It's completely disrespectful. He came on a decent sized fee, we've paid his wages for so many years now and have seen virtually no repayment from him. Infact we've given him so much leeway with all of these 'personal problems' he's been suffering with. He has got quite a bit of talent, but lacks the heart to ever properly succeed as a footballer. 'Moron' :D :D
  20. What a cheeky little *** Marvin Emnes really is. That interview up there is ridiculous and very disrespectful. Why did he have to say the last things he did, regarding wanting new surroundings and here not being a great place to live? On your bike Emnes, you won't be missed. Done nothing but take from the club for all the time you've been here and have very rarely produced. Heart the size of a pea.
  21. Mike Phelan would be quality. When did Mendi move away from Yarm?
  22. Wouldn't like to see Adomah upfront. We've been utterly desperate for a genuine, pacey right winger for so many years now, it would be stupid to move him away from his position. He's doing great, and scoring plenty, from his position now anyway. Kamara has to be our first choice striker.
  23. I think the 4 ticket deals a season means you can only have 4 home fans only ticket deals. We charged Donny the same as us previously so we still haven't used any of our 'home exclusive' deals yet.
  24. Anthony Vickers said that Mendi has only just started doing his badges - not sure if this is true or not. He was an unbelievable player though, and I think he'd make a great coach and role model. With him being so happy in the area it would make perfect sense for him to come in. I'm presuming him and Karanka know each other. He could still do his occasional punditry on La Liga too if he wanted to.
  25. Really couldn't care less what nationality our backroom staff are. Of course it was 'nice' to have local lads, but it hasn't worked out and we've been going backwards for absolutely years. Gibbo has obviously now come to terms with this (unlike when we had the opportunity of a German manager and he said no to 'Middlesbrough-on-Rhine') and has adapted too. It doesn't matter if our staff are from Boro or Barcelona, aslong as they are good at their job, care about us while they're here and bring some success, I'm all for anybody. We will always be a 'local' club anyway imo, because of Gibbo. Not many teams are locally owned these days. We're still different ;)
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