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  1. Delighted with the prospect of Karanka. Working under Mourinho is just about as good a mentor as any potential manager could ask for. Something totally new for us all of us in a foreign manager too. Really excited.
  2. Northern Echo are utterly clueless.
  3. Not buying that 'we're hardly prolific infront of goal' - we've only failed to score in two games this season, only 4 teams have scored more than us, and in our last two home games we've scored 8 goals. If there's one thing I'm not worried about, it's our ability to score goals! Hope Venus just goes with the same team as against Donny. We're at home and it's got to be on us to try and force things. Watford not in the best form themselves and have just been smashed comfortably at home. It's a banker for the 'both to score' coupons, so hopefully we'll just nick a high scoring game.
  4. holgater

    Hoyte gone

    Have given Hoyte some stick over the years, but thought he did really well last year, and I expected him to be our first choice right back this year. I certainly think he's our best right back and is a lot better than anybody else we've got who can play there. Not convinced at all with Williams there, Richardson started off well but his performances dropped recently, and I don't rate Parnaby. Can't pass comment on Varga as I've never seen him play there.
  5. Ravanelli would be mental. Could go spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong :D Certainly would be exciting.
  6. Signed. How has it only got 10k signatures? Everybody should be getting involved. Leeds prices are a disgrace again.
  7. Great opening post, love the images :D Can't wait for this one. Despite doing most away games I've always managed to somehow not be able to make Blackburn, so it's a new away ground for me. Blackburn are consistently up and down so it's wide open for me. We always score, apart from QPR, so think we'll definitely get atleast 1. I'd keep the same team as last Friday and give it a right good go. Optimistic for this. 2-1 win. UTB.
  8. Paul Ince is absolutely rubbish. Please no.
  9. I'd love to know how we are now seen from an outside perspective. Gibbo will obviously always have his reputation as a fantastic chairman who will back his managers all the way and show a lot of patience, but what about us as a whole? I wonder if we're seen as just another Championship club now, or whether our past still gives us a lot of credibility. Did Di Matteo ever speak to Forest when they were after a manager last season? Could give a big indication of whether he'd fancy the Championship or not.
  10. Clough would be a very 'boring' appointment. Has done nothing of note in his career for me and was just a very safe pair of hands at Derby - he isn't a manager for really pushing a side on in my opinion, which is why Derby got rid. I think if his 2nd name wasn't Clough, he wouldn't be so high in the market. Pulis, despite a lot of people not wanting him and Gibbo appearing to completely rule him out, would be a good appointment. He'd firstly make us solid and hard to beat and would get results. He gets a bit of unfair criticism I think, yes, he did play quite a long of long ball, but only when he had no other option. There are plenty of Stoke games I've watched over the years where they've played decent football and got really good results. Over the past few years he built his Stoke side on a big defence, two grafting central midfielders, two pacey wingers and two strikers. That suits our squad completely at the minute. I think given a season or two he'd get us up. His appointment would bring a lot of negativity in from a large section of fans though, so I think that's a no go. I'm really thinking get somebody fresh in. Somebody who has no ties whatsoever to Boro and will come with some completely new ideas. I would absolutely love Di Matteo, think he done a really good job with WBA and obviously has a great record at Chelsea, people are speaking about winning the Champions League as if it is easy! He played some great sides in that competition and found a way to win the full thing. If he has any interest whatsoever in coming here then I would hope we would bend over backwards for him. He is a 'big name' and would excite fans. Other names I wouldn't mind seeing would be Karl Robinson (young, plays good football, learning his trade at a lower league, comes across as a decent guy, liked by his fans), Mike Phelan (learnt under arguably the greatest manager ever, no doubt ready to become his own manager) and perhaps Uwe Rosler (leanrt his trade abroad and in a lower league, again his teams play decent football and he is well liked by his current fans). Rene Meulensteen is another really good shout, although I don't know a huge amount about him, he's been under Fergie so will have learnt loads, plus Fergie had nothing but huge praise for him. This is a massively crucial appointment for the future of our club. Get the right gaffer in and we can still have a right go this season, we've got the squad capable of having a really good go and there is still plenty of time left in the season, Get it wrong however and the end result could be disastrous - we're close enough to the drop zone now that if we have a few more bad results we could get sucked in, and even though there's still a lot of time left, could prove really hard to claw out of. It's a nervous time, but massively exciting. Completely forgot to mention OGS - that would be another good, young, fresh appointment.
  11. The busiest place in each of the last 4 seasons I've been has been the Metrodome that's right next to Oakwell. Quite a big sports complex that has a bar upstairs, but they also open up a massive hall on the ground floor where they've got a few bars and burgers/hotdogs etc too. Can stand / sit on the grass outside and drink too with no hassle if it's a decent day. Was boiling last year and was a good laugh out there with a few footys flying about. Depending on the time we get to Barnsley, because we're on a coach that has a pub pre booked just outside Barnsley, we'll be back in there. It's where everyone on the direct trains will be walked too as well.
  12. Definitely always been able to pay on the door at Barnsley See a few people struggling to get there due to lack of others wanting to go - how old is everybody? Could something not get sorted when a few people who want to go, but nobody else they know fancies it, go with a few off here? Our away group has gradually declined over the past few years. We were always taking at least an 8 seater minibus to away games, but we're down to 3 of us as regulars now.
  13. That's a quality opening post :D At work and just burst out laughing as I scrolled down to a giant bellend :D Can't wait for this. Always a good day out Barnsley, we'll take a fair few and the atmosphere will be brilliant. Here's hoping we carry on in the way we played against Yeovil and get our season on track. They're bottom of the league for a reason this season and it's a great opportunity to get another comfortable win.
  14. QPR don't score a lot, they've played worse sides than us and only scored 1 goal against them. I think they'll beat us, but we won't get battered. We are very good going forward and have scored in every game so far, and I think we'll definitely score here. 2-1 loss.
  15. Mine's come up at £669. That's a season ticket in the North, travel from Coulby, so only put a few quid down there, and around a tenner per game for a couple of beers and a burger. Not too bad at all, but that obviously doesn't involve away games. Any away game is an absolute minimum of £60 before any food / drink and each season I do minimum of 10. Reckon I probably spend atleast £1600 a season on following Boro.
  16. holgater

    Loan Window

    has anybody mentioned Stephen Dobbie yet? Just seen that Blackpool are after him on loan after Palace have left him out of their 25 man squad. He is a great player at this level and fits the player profile of what Mogga wants perfectly. Would be a quality loan signing.
  17. holgater

    Loan Window

    I rated Lita. Was a bit thick with his many, many offsides and taking off his shirt, but I thought he was a really good striker at this level. When we were in the Prem I'd looked at him and thought decent player him, and when we went down I really wanted us to get him so was happy when we did. Don't think he done too badly here at all, 20 goals in 51 starts (27 sub) is pretty good really. Thought he was exciting to watch as he was so pacey and powerful. I remember being right behind a shot he had at Hull in the dying minutes that seemed to almost snap the bar in half. He showed with his loan spell at Wednesday last season that he's still a goalscorer at this level - 6 goals in 13 starts (6 sub). If we were still looking for another striker in a couple of weeks I wouldn't be too adverse to him coming back at all. I think he'd do well and cause problems for defenders.
  18. holgater

    Loan Window

    I've just read that Trabzonspor are interested, but has has anybody over here actually been linked with any sort of move for this John Guidetti lad? His scoring record is absolutely unbelievable. With that record I would have thought he'd be getting linked to absolutely everybody.
  19. what did we average in our last season in the Prem, wasn't it around 28k? I think a lot of them fans are gone and just out of the habit of going now so will be extremely tough to get back. I know plenty of people that don't go anymore - a good few say they just do other things with their Saturday now because they're out of the football habit. Have a lot of mates who don't go purely because we're in the Championship. I'd say 26k. Which is mental even thinking about getting 26k in every week now, I've got so used to basically having a row to myself and seeing all the empty seats that when somebody does come sit next to me (Chelsea home last season) I don't know wtf is going on :D Might have to buy two season tickets when we go up, I've got that used to leaning on the chair beside me :D
  20. who is away on duty? Kamara with ierra Leone. Rhys with Australia. are Ghana playing?
  21. we're looking a really good this season, so there's nothing to fear in ANY game, I don't think. Ipswich look quite poor this season, a really great chance to pick up another away win. Three midfield lads to keep it solid and let the forwards run riot. Kamara and Butterfield to come in too and hopefully a new striker. Forest is always a massively tough place to go, we always seem to just suffer a mental block there and we haven't won there for ages. Bournemouth we should really be beating. Took a couple of big away defeats before winning last time at Donny. Hopefully we've got our shooting boots on as there is a chance for a really comfortable win here. QPR are the best squad in this league, and they've just signed another few quality players on Deadline Day. Be a hugely tough game but we can certainly give them a good game. I'll say narrow win at Ipswich, very tight draw at Forest, fairly comfortable (shock!) win home to Bournemouth, and sadly probably a narrow defeat to QPR - getting anything there would be quality. 7 points.
  22. holgater

    Loan Window

    In my opinion, Mogga is saying this sort of things (ie. dodging, not directly saying yes or no to things etc) because he's had his fingers burned too many times in this transfer window. All the stuff about three players coming in one week, then him talking about McCormack etc, he probably regrets after things out of his control meant the deals didn't come off, therefore directly disappointing expectant fans. With what he's said there he has been as non-committal as possible. Got no inside info or anything like that, but I'm confident we will see atleast 2 players come in on emergency loans.
  23. holgater

    Loan Window

    SEB is a very weird one for me. His goal record is very decent, but 99% of Wolves fans really didn't rate him and wanted him out. I was reading their forum, Molineux Mix, a bit throughout last season as I was interested in how they'd become so awful, and I was quite shocked by their opinions of SEB. All of the posts were along the lines of fat, lazy, selfish, not a team player etc - but you can't argue with his goals record. He's still at a decent age though, so if his wage demands weren't too much, I'd definitely give him a chance here. Like others have said, obviously would need time to get up to speed but if he'd sign until the end of the season, with the option of a longer contract, we'd have nothing to lose. Options are good!
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