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  1. All about ££££££££ for McCormack. Already had years left on his deal, so why sign another? Pure greed and glad we didn't get him now. Bell end.
  2. Mowbray always asks and answers loads of questions himself in EVERY interview :D
  3. Wish I was apart of the club just so I knew wtf was going on :D
  4. What I'm getting slightly worried about is the possible mentality of leaving our signings until the loan window opens. Isn't it called the 'emergency loan' window, and the maximum period a loan can be is 93 days? That really isn't what we need - even if we got them on loan with a view to a permanent, who's to say somebody like Becchio comes in on an emergency loan, scores 15 before Christmas, and some doyles like QPR offer him big bucks in January? If we're going for loans we should really be getting them in before the Monday deadline. Season long loans are a million times better than 93 days.
  5. That's a great move for Curtis Main. Shrewsbury are a decent side and try to play some decent football from the highlights I've seen of them on Sky/FL Show. He'll get game time and hopefully bang in a couple. Really think he has massive potential and all the attributes to be a very good striker - tall, very strong, can hold up play well, great header of a ball and the only player for us I've seen spank a ball harder than him is JFH. But he is so raw at the moment, with regards to his movement off the ball and decision making. Hopefully we get our targets in and we can let them have Main to atleast Christmas and he really develops.
  6. jesus, how bad does that lineup we played against the Mackems look? I would be absolutely horrified if we ever played anything like that again! Funny thing is though, we gave them a right game :D
  7. I'm a bit indifferent towards these Leadbitter bids. In many areas of his game I rate him - his engine is top class, he's probably our most motivated and driven player and I've never seen him give less than 100% in every game I've seen him play. I think he was shackled a bit by McEachran last season, I don't think Leadbitter had full trust in him so he was always in two minds as to what to do on the pitch and very often had to do the job of 2 men. However I think he could excel in the formation we play now alongside either one or both of Whitehead and Varga. He regularly got forward at Wigan and got himself a goal, and I think if he does stay and continues to play he'll end up with 6 or 7 goals this season. However though, his freekicks and corners are absolutely atrocious but it's obvious Mogga has made him our main set piece taker. I think he would be a miss for us, but if we were offered daft money and could find a suitable replacement PLUS more cash to put towards strengthening other areas then I'd sell.
  8. I'd be absolutely gutted if we didn't end up signing anyone now. Early season signs for me are that we have the base of an excellent squad that could really put a challenge in this season, for atleast the play off spots. We need a few more bodies in though who can add to the quality of the squad, if we get these we have every chance of giving the league a right go.
  9. Interested that the Gazette has said we have a bid on the table for Becchio. Is the first time that a bid has been confirmed? Although don't know what to believe from them, they've said McCormack didn't score last night, when he did.
  10. was it Mogga's first transfer deadline day in his first January here that he was live on SSN with David Craig at about half past midnight? Said he was off to the 24 hour garage for his tea as he was leaving :D
  11. I'm going to be so relieved once the deadline shuts. It's a bit draining all of this transfer speculation, will we sign so and so / won't we sign so and so / is so and so going / is so and so staying etc. Will be good to just get the whole thing over and done with. well, until the loan window opens and all the speculation over talented young Premiership players available for loan starts :D
  12. Smash the tits off them. Comfortable win. The boys are back. 3-0. Jukey, Adomah and Emnes.
  13. holgater

    england squad

    Think Townsend is a really good shout. Liked him for a few years and he's looked very good so far in the first few games. Not seen anything of Barkley bar a few bits at Sheff Wed and MOTD highlights of him vs Norwich where he scored a great goal. If he's got in on the back of one goal then it's ridiculous. Raheem Sterling never gets a look in at Liverpool now. What's he in the squad for?
  14. Yep, ex Wigan. Million miles away from us now that I've seen Liverpool fancy him and would pay £2m just to loan him. Typically hadn't seen his name rumoured at all all summer!
  15. Definitely would mate! Like I said, hugely ambitious even asking the question of him. I can see a mid table Prem side coming in for him before the deadline to take him for a fee or a season loan, but if that didn't come off then it's well worth asking. Ha, perhaps I should have had a quick Google before mentioning Moses! :D http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2401907/Victor-Moses-Liverpool-loan-target.html
  16. here's a name to keep an eye on - Victor Moses. Hasn't made a Chelsea squad yet this season, and with Oscar, Mata, Hazard, van Ginkel, Schurrle, de Bruyne and Willian all playing in the same position as him, he's probably not going to get a look in at all. Obviously it's massively ambitious, but if he's still at Chelsea past the transfer deadline, then I'd love for us to see if we could get him on loan until Jan. I don't think he's good enough to stick around at Chelsea, so I think they'd potentially want to move him on and would like him in the shop window.
  17. On the road for 8.30 tomorrow, I've missed away games!
  18. Wigan are nothing special, their results so far have proved this and most of their fans don't rate his tactics. Nothing to fear tomorrow. I'd still go with the same team that's started the past few games though. Nice solid midfield, let the widenen run wild and hope Juke gets on the end of their balls in. Going for a 2-1 win, and me winning a wedge after backing us at 4/1. :D
  19. holgater

    800 Sold for Wigan

    Was 1400 this morning, that info from a mate at the ticket office.
  20. we should sign Maxim Tsigalko, will score miles more than McCormack! To Madeira on a free as well. :D
  21. £2.2m and £20k a week will be a bargain when he signs, bangs in 30 goals and we win the league :D
  22. realised today that this site has become the first I open! For years that's been FMTTM.
  23. Definitely mate! After what's been going on, they'd be shouting it from the rooftops if they'd got him on a new deal.
  24. 'has landed a new deal' doesn't say where though, or even if it's a football contract, might of just got a decent deal on a Samsung Galaxy S4?
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