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  1. A big shake up has been needed for a while, I’m of the opinion that about 1/3 of the current squad are wanted and the other 2/3 are made up of players we are happy to either release or sell if the right bids come in. keepers and strikers are the big 2 areas we need to quickly fill with quality as defence and midfield can be adapted depending on who goes but from strikers and keepers I’d only keep watmore and the young lads, the rest need replacing.
  2. Too many folk had their expectations of the current squad raised by good cup games, teams don’t get promoted if their match ratings regularly fluctuate between 4’s and 7’s. Consistency brings success raising your game to beat Man Utd is great to see but if you then drop it and loose to Hull etc you sow the seeds of missing out.
  3. The old saying of take the season as a whole always rings true, we had enough chances to be in the playoffs but didn’t take them. Ahh well, on to next season. Now we need incomings and outgoings to move this squad onto the next level.
  4. 1. Any changes for the game at the weekend? McNair back in the side. 2. What would be a more typical Boro definition? Us actually getting into the playoffs after this season or failing to win when Sheffield United and Luton drop points? A typical Boro experience would be making the fans experience every possible emotion during the match and at the end either failing to do what they needed to do, or successfully getting into the playoffs but key player are injured and others suspended. 3. On a scale 1-10 how do you rate this season? I’d give the season a solid 7. For pe
  5. Players returning to former clubs is always a decidedly risky move, the expectations are always higher and the time given to settle in is such that imho I’d never resign a former player. There are always exceptions to the rule but a player who was good in an earlier squad was younger played with different team mates and under a different management and playing style. I’d rather go for someone who wants to play for us and the manager wants rather than the usual he is local, played for us before route. Gibson however is possibly an odd exception though so I can see why he is being ment
  6. So all teams that were not founders are 2nd class clubs that should get less support,rights and protections. It just shows you this Founder member nonsense that is repeatedly sprouted by Derby is at the heart of their supporters delusions. They actually believe that they have a right to additional above and beyond support from everyone. It would be like Boro expecting cultural legal protection because they were founded pre 1888 or as the oldest professional league team in the North East we deserve and have a right to expect preferential treatment.
  7. Celtic’s business model since the financial collapse of Rangers has been to provide the club with adequate players in order to win the league and cups, European competition and a team that could compete to the latter stages of the European competitions has never been financed or even budgeted for. Tbh you have to see it from the boards point of view, to win domestic doubles and trebles it will cost for X£m to compete in Europe it would be X£m+£ 30m and no guarantees that they wouldn’t get passed the 2nd stage. Rangers are in the same boat too, yet from a non supporting observer they
  8. I heard that those bags were being repurposed to provide a roof over Pride Park as Mike Ashley thought that there was already a roof on the stadium and his bid and future plans were based around this. 😅
  9. I believe that it will be MM wearing a wig and a fat suit 😅
  10. It was often a NE and Yorkshire group for us as we played against Hull, Bradford in our groupings at one time. Think our latter group of 4 was the North East3 plus Hull. The big issue was whether they merged Hull and Leeds into the North East group and only 2 of the 3 NE teams took place. This was often used to get 2 groups from the Midlands in, as Birmingham teams and Wolves were one, and Derby, Stoke, Notts Forest and a Sheffield were another. The teams tended to be Premier League or recent members depending on where they needed the numbers and who had a team in place. It’s why Bra
  11. No, not until either the full details of the agreement are made public or we win a cup. Whichever is soonest. 😅
  12. The big clubs will never agree to equality of budget. Plenty of people say the riches of the premier league are the cause, those folk forget clubs ran for the riches of League Division One As it was. The only option I can see as workable is, the ground, name history etc is ring fenced, owners cannot buy or sell hem, and if a club is run into administration, then it’s existance isn’t threatened, measly it’s league position is at stake. Maybe depending on the size of the club to the conference with a no promotion for a set period or league 2 with no promotion etc. That way the debts stay wi
  13. Exactly it’s so weak it’s unbelievable. However punishing the owners who have done this vs punishing the club and the fans is hard as the former are often transitory the latter are permanent. How do you punish the owners without punishing the club? How do you limit rectify any past benefits a club got by its owners and remove the chance of any benefits going forward? How do you change and enforce the rules when those that are going to be judged by them and work with them are all equal members of the league and rivals.? Personally I think the only way you can do this is by t
  14. The Americans did nothing wrong, they were asked by MM to value the ground and provided them with future plans to add a roof and turn PP into the premier indoor arena in the East Midlands. These plans were to put a roof on PP and thereby turn it into a venue that could be used 12 months a year not just home and cup games. Based on the existing value of the ground and increased utilisation of it as an indoor venue with a roof, the Americans did as they were asked and valued the ground as an asset with a figure based on the ground improvements happening. All that is legal and common place,
  15. It seems topical to remind those who might never have known or those that have forgotten. At the match on Saturday Bristol City were honouring players who took a big cut in wages in order to help their club and fans stave of liquidation and the end of their club. This was such a big case that even the Football League took note and decided to do absolutely nothing to change things but woe-betide the next club that found themselves in such a state with debts to football and non footballing creditors. https://twohundredpercent.net/bad-things-bristol-city-1982/ Well you can guess wh
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