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  1. No it’s hard too be too happy at the moment, but at least you can watch the highlights, that’s something I’ve avoided since the final whistles formost of this season.
  2. For the first time this season we played as a team, and more importantly we looked like we have trained together as a team. Yes there were mis passes, glaring misses and clock watching at the end, but we took 3 points at home against a team we should have taken three points from. lots of times stronger teams on paper have gone out and against today’s opposition would have come up short or even shot themselves in the foot. I’m not saying this anywhere near a top 6 finishing team, but for the first time in ages I’ve heard the final whistle and thought great we play again midweek, forest will be a much tougher test and I think maybe a bit too much for this team, but the battle and belief in themselves that the team showed today I’m hopefull that come Tuesday whatever the result the team won’t have let themselves down which sadly too many times in the recent past we have.
  3. When ever a Boro team sheet starts with Pears I’m conditioned to be hopeful and optimistic, but today’s team sheet needs more Parkinson, Cooper, Mowbray etal as the current one could be more of an old fashioned reserves team lineup than a 1st Team one sadly.
  4. Unfortunately Gibson is a business man who trusts his own opinions and expects those underhim to remember the philosophy “he who pays the piper calls the tune” The Two Bees ( Bevington & Bauser) are little more than yes men imo, but hey good money if you can get it, and if their boss wants them to be Yes men then why rock the boat.
  5. Im probably in a small minority but wouldn’t have AK back anywhere near the club, too divisive, wasn’t a fan of his and although was responsible for promotion he was also responsible for relegation. Warnock as Manager will only happen if Woodgate either walks of his own free will as we don’t have the money for compensation and golden handshakes, Or both he and Warnock agree a partnership arrangement. Imo a more likely arrangement would be a Director of Football roll for Warnock, but I’m not sure whether either Woodgate or Gibson would want another opinion bringing to the table, especially one who could argue his views and back them up with previous results. Gibson has always appointed managers based on whichever philosophy he is running the club with at that time and our financial outlook. Personally I think he prefers inexperienced managers he can shape and influence as he likes to be the boss and run things directly but while publicly keeping his distance, when these appointments fail he does a 180’ flip and appoints an old experienced manager who remember the old days of the chairman/manager relationship and can be counted on to keep him out of things publicly.
  6. It was just a turn of phrase that I hoped would illicit a response that’s all, just thort it was odd not to get a clear answer. if oneboro hadn’t answered my next step was going to be to suggest we were taking over FMTTM so no need to apply for membership, but discussions were at a sensitive time so no comment could be made.
  7. Hahahahaha, I was just curious when I first posted the question as we had been very enthusiastic about joining and then a few months later, we went as attended guests, then no further updates. my choice of language was not an accusation or thinking there was something underhand going on, it was just I would have thought the answer oneboro gave would have been given 8 pages ago or an answer that said these things take time. When no official answer was given I wondered why. But understand real life tends to get in the way of having fun.
  8. But still no word from the mods or admin as to whether we applied or not, forgot the forms or not, or a private decision was taken, it’s not a big issue to folk but the deliberate silence on this issue from the parties that know is telling.
  9. So, we didn’t fill in an application form? Was this deliberate?, a mistake? Or were we advised that our application would be rejected, So to save everyone the embarrassment our administration did nothing. Sorry for all the questions but back in August admin was very pro this, but since I asked my initial question I haven’t seen an official answer from the admin team.
  10. I’m guessing no one knows the answer then?
  11. How long does it take for an application to fans forum to be decided? Surely it shouldn’t take more than a month, if we haven’t heard anything back by end of this month then I think we should write it off as a bad job tbh. My use of end of the month for a deadline based on the fact that if we have been accepted before then we will need time to arrange a representative to attend and meetings are usually earlier in the month, also if we haven’t been invited as a member to the December meeting that will mean it’s taken over 2 meetings periods. Not having a go at the forum club or it’s members just wondering how long does it take to say yes you can join, or no you cannot join, as the agenda for the November meeting made no mention of our application.
  12. That’s a bit harsh, standing on Lego really really hurts. You should only wish that on the purely evil, not the purely incompetent.
  13. It’s one of the new rules this season, No penalties for Boro unless the match on tv and we cannot ignore it.
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