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  1. The lack of any real info from other sources mean that even a source as Salty as the Daily Mail sparks interest, especially when it’s a player most have heard of and isn’t either from league 1, Scotland or related to Steve Gibson.
  2. I wasn’t sure if there had been any announcements made yet about how leaving the EU was going to change international transfers into to PL and FL? i remember reading a few years back we would be creating our own system based around the current one for non EU players while at the same time introducing fixed numbers of British or Naturalised players who must be in the match day squad, think it was 17 out of squad of 25 but could be wrong. I wondered if anyone knew the current thinking of what was going to happen or either what the current rumours were about this. I was going to ask this on the transfer thread as it might have some bearing on whether we bought non British players now or loaned them. only thing I remember hearing a while back was that the system was going to change and was just a matter of how extreme it was going to be.
  3. To be taken with a pinch of salt but was told by sources close to Stoke City that there are a few moves for strikers going on but all dependent on each team getting their man in return, no team names given but was told 2 teams eying up a bid for Britt. Stoke not one of them but was told even if a fee agreed they doubted Britt would want to go to either.
  4. If we play them enough and they shine, coupled with Woodgate getting a full summer to plan for incoming/outgoings then this season won’t go down as a classic but maybe viewed as where to look for folk like Erimus when answering questions on where did the great 20’s Boro teams start from.
  5. Magic 8 ball not as good or accurate as Mother Shipton, 😂 Mother Shipton correctly predicted that Xmas pudding is like kryptonite to MFC players, it took Woodgate to remember this and act on it after recalling a visit there on a school trip.
  6. All deals to sell to Leeds need to be agreed then have a 30% DLT added to the deal ( dirty Leeds tax) So a £10m deal becomes £13 etc same thing should be done to all sales to divisional rivals when deals involve key players.
  7. Aye, at Sunderland the cry went up when the ship started sinking to “Bail Out” From the owner downwards everyone who could took that literally. 😂 sadly like at all clubs it’s the fans who end up wading through the creak to save the ship.
  8. Hope the boat sea worthy and powered as Boro often sail in creaks without paddles and at times self made holes below the water line. 😂
  9. Regarding Shotton, apparently like Gibson has apparently done with Downing, the Stoke board are keen to see Shotton return to the club, see him ending career there and having further role as coach/scout/ recruiter of local talent around the Potteries, however their views are in consistent opposition to the views of multiple managers, but O’neil Is apparently more open to this but as a quid pro quo for signings in the summer.
  10. So if the window slammed shut now would we have a squad that would keep us up and potentially bond well and be in good shape for the summer. There are clear positions that I’m not alone in thinking that we need to add to now but I do think that baring a horrid run we could have an entertaining 2nd half of a season and a possible run for the playoffs. A replacement for Randolph seems obvious to arrive before February but depending on players returning from injury I think we have enough in depth to see us through till next season. Thats all based on no more outgoings either tho, as I feel we are thin enough that we need to replace like for like, at the minute we could do with another CB but I’d hate to think we over paid now either on a loan or permanent signing that by March with good fortune we are over staffed in that area and we have less money available for players we do want going forward for next season.
  11. If we win it’s a joyless slog down to Southampton in the next round, a ground and journey that’s never fun or profitable, a good game tonight that gives a good impression of us and a weekend off in the next round would do me fine. I love the cups and never want to demean them but ending our cup run at a replay at spurs better than a turgid game at St Mary’s a ground along with the dell I’ve been many a time and never seen us do well.
  12. Cup games are a bit like having a take-away, in the past a take away was an occasional treat be it a fish n chip Friday or a Chinese on a Saturday, it didn’t matter who you were playing you looked forward to it and enjoyed it. Nowadays like takeaways cup games have been diminished they have stopped being special and have become an almost daily mundane occurrence. For teams not in the current big 6 or huge 4 or whatever the cup is the only route to glory and honours, but sadly nowadays football like most sports a club has to prioritise and sadly honour and glory comes second to earning a crust to feed the club.
  13. But was told by a few folk at the weekend with links there that Bristol City not looking to get Britt this window but that his agent had been actively trying to get him a move there, but that it seemed the agent more interested in a move than either of the clubs or Britt.
  14. They say No News is Good News 😂
  15. This is The Boro, I try to avoid putting Boro and exciting together... I’m happy with entertaining or even pantomime. Lol
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