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  1. A quick addition to this interesting question, probably for the older supporters in part 1, but everyone who has travelled to support in part 2. part 1 when answering the original question I found that our time at the Riverside has been filled with great goals but when thinking about it I found that the goals that made me most exhilarated and hyper in my celebrations nearly all came at Ayresome Park, now I’m old enough to have been an active supporter over the 2 grounds but I do believe the sheer joy and communal togetherness of a Boro goal at Ayresome beats that at the Riverside. part 2 I also chose a goal scored away from home too, and I was wondering if anyone felt that goals scored at home or away brought out different feelings of joy and excitement. For me, I’ve been on many a thankless away trip but there is something genuinely special when you score away from home, whether it be a Bernie Tap in or a Karambeu missile like he did at Valley Parade, there all special but an away goal is like a good pint that comes with a chaser imo. You can never count on them but when they come everyone of them is welcome.
  2. Garry Hamilton vs Bradford City play off semi final second leg, Paul Kerr vs Aston Villa ZDS Cup semi final 2nd leg Paul Wilkinson away vs Wolves last day of the season to win promotion.
  3. Just for clarification on this line up. Is it the nationality we know they are eg Nsue is Spanish or the nation they played for Equatorial Guinnee Not nit picking was just curious 😀
  4. It’s just a thought but with the current situation being on and players and their families unwilling or unable to to have the flexibility to move around it might be an opportunity for the club to think about the young local talent and tie them up with contracts instead of them being lured to other ones. These don’t have to be long ones or expensive ones either just maybe 18 month-2 year ones with clauses that give freedoms to all parties. Say the club tie up 60% of the top young talent now and then once freedoms to train allowed again we give em 6 months to show the club what they made of. I know the club does have scouts out all the time but atm I’m guessing that with competition we only really get a chance to evaluate maybe 30-40% and often it’s the grafters of the future that we miss out on. It takes time to get everything back up n running and with talk of still trying to finish off the current season I feel that between things starting back up properly and the go ahead to start returning to training the club could cast its eye and evaluate things in an atmosphere where local parents will be more enclined to accept a short term but local offer rather than a mid long term one at a bigger but further away club.
  5. I watched the dvd of this match a few weeks ago and it wasn’t always an easy watch as I was there I saw us lift the cup but once or twice I felt myself getting uneasy due to the Bolton pressure. 😆 I was chatting to my dad who I went to the match with and we discussed at which point did we feel most elated at, when we scored or at the final whistle, it might be something to do with age but I felt getting that second goal beat the feeling I felt at the final whistle.
  6. Good luck and hope you come through this, hopefully once this all over and due to the time we all going to have to think about things we can plan a society that works better than before by recognising and better supporting the services and people that make our society better. im terrible at always appreciating those folk who make society better, so I’m hoping that once this all over I will be a less oblivious person.
  7. The bugs that were going around at Xmas and new year were not the usual seasonal ailments, Neighbour is an ambulance paramedic and she said they were very much more intense and lots more folk needed ventilation than usual. Only time, boring books and tv documentaries in the future will give any answers as the what this thing really is, where it Came from and how it spread, we can only live through it, learn the lessons from it and hopefully create a better society afterwards because we won’t go back exactly to how things were. No evidence to support this theory just observation from tv, but the way the numbers in China went up so dramatically if they were mirroring the way it spread across Europe then the time frame means China started its outbreak a lot earlier than the reports that it only started in December, and would tally with the way northern Italy is struggling now with experts thinking it was there a good 3-4 weeks before the first case was even identified based on how localised and how widespread it was.
  8. Once the numbers start going up and the government wants to limit movement instead of buying food from supermarkets it will be promoted to do it online, Once most households are doing this it will be easy to limit essentials to households only a single 4 pack of beans per family per week etc 1 hand sanitizer a week. It won’t be called rationing and you won’t have a ration book, but once you stopped from going out to get food and the online supermarkets limit you on certain items then you can brand the policy what you want but the upshot is it’s the rationing of resources.
  9. This with us for many months to come, 18 months starting to be given as minimum time for a cure to be available, I’m expecting that once things start to get worse then plans will be made for rationing of family essentials as the first come first served method and the profiteering will become unacceptable to the majority of the nation.
  10. Im not sure that any academic exams will be done this summer, which means students will either be given the choice of redoing the academic year, or taking results based from mock exams and coursework. There are probably regulations that prohibit doing online exams as they wouldn’t be in a controlled and secure environment as well. Years ago I worked at a college and helped organise and often invigilate as well and even the seat plans for each exam had to be preset and recorded before the exam and then recorded again with absences noted and the exam paper numbers placed on the deskswhere no one sat, so to think even if the technology and security is there the rules won’t have a way around for something like this. Localised short term problems like flooding or bomb scares that stop exams have policies attached to the rules but this imho will mean a full delay for everyone doing the exams. its not hard to see this if you yourself were setting exams and then had to think just how many ways people could deliberately manipulate things or even the tech just lets you down, imagine doing your exam and after 3-4 hours of graft you hit the send button and it crashes, or the system sends wrong papers and questions to the students. The legal challenges would be horrific the costs to everyone outstanding as the exam boards n schools would rightly appeal every decision taking longer than it would to delay things till amore appropriate time. Personally I think the summer exams will be taken either before or after new year depending on the circumstances we will face, expecting a return to academic timetables by September is very optimistic based on most projected maps of this viral outbreak. Even the optimistic Americans now planning for schools not to restart till new year, and leaked PHE plans projected potentially this time next year before the virus is controlled enough to expect a full return to normalcy as antidotes are months away still and the big fear is the more cases we have the greater chance it mutates meaning we back to square one.
  11. There seems to be two schools of thought regarding how to deal with the virus from what I’ve picked up, lots of countries are doing the limit this as much as we can method, get over the peak then hope things settle down. The society needs to have a community resistance method is slightly different, every virus has a level where society needs immunity measles needs society to have 90% yet corona is only about 60. This virus is going to be with us in some form for ever so until we get natural resistance within some of the population we reliant on hoping a quick pill/lotion/potion or jab will be available to stop multiple spikes happening. So whatever is the best answer to deal with this I don’t know cos frankly the first seems the obvious one, but when argued with a cure maybe a year away, the second does have some merits to it. I only know I’d not want to have to make the decision based on all factors not just the health n popularity ones. It makes the passionate views on the merits of 4-1-4-1 vs 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 seem less important,
  12. Or we can scrap the season, Get a new manager and Gibson doesn’t need to feel any loss of face by appointing Woodgate. 😆
  13. Does an official suspension automatically help financially stricken clubs? Or will this need common sense from authorities and maybe exhibition games to rais much needed funds.
  14. It was always said by my grandpa n his mates that the interruption of the league during war ruined boro’s best chances of winning it. If this season gets suspended maybe things will balance out and one of the worst Boro teams with a fear of relegation are spared some ignominy.
  15. This season will probably be finished during the autumn, then with postponed euro2020 happening in the summer I think the FA cup and league cup will be played new year till Easter. with all things being good full season 21/22 as normal. with all nations being at different stages of the crisis and no one wanting any second peak, I think expecting a normal season to start in August not impossible but likely improbable. The nation will want football back but a full season may not be possible so might be used as a test of how to run a league with World Cup slap bang in middle maybe.
  16. I think this will be the last Boro match for a while, this season even with games played behind closed doors won’t finish within the usual time frame, A possible route forward for clubs will be postpone the league and finish it in the autumn. A full preseason and a regular season start in August is an optimistic one imo, as such I expect a similar crowd to go to the match on Saturday as to previous ones, but with the situation being fluid who knows if it will take place.
  17. It’s all about money and knock on contractual obligations in everything nowadays not just sport, acting unilaterally is out of the question for any sporting team as there now little sympathy as almost every club hangs by a very precarious financial thread. solicitors will be combing various contracts with an eye for which clauses allow them to be broken without financial penalties. With La Liga acting in the way they have I expect most other top leagues will follow their example and once stopped they won’t start again till everything ok. The Olympics will be the big one to watch, how they act will be the benchmark for others as they probably the richest organisation with the most urgent need to postpone/cancel followed by UEFA.
  18. Each country is at a different stage in their cycle of misery,France n Italy at the start of the nastiness and the Chinese are hopefully coming out of the other end, all nations will be stretched on this, but once our cases start to spike and the nation starts to shut down, the only timescale we have for how long this could take is China atm and they have been shut down since new year. so if this follows the same sort of time scales as China we looking at 3-4 months of shut downs, then hopefully we an start to get the systems back up and that’s based on how China is now, others will still be going through hell while some hoping he’ll doesnt start again. season 20/21 will never get played imo it will have an Astrix like the war seasons, I wonder how many clubs will be in a position to still compete then after over 18 months without a home game.
  19. Not since the end of WW2 have the populations of the world been asked to change their habits and practices on such a wide scale, and like post 1945 societies for good or ill never fully return to how things were before. your question is the obvious one and it’s answer obvious but unpalatable to any government until it’s forced to act, sadly it’s up to every individual to asses their own personal safety but imo by now there is no more safety eating a sandwich made at home than a sandwich bought from a cafe. But the big thing is we all in the same boat and panic and selfishness are not going to speed up a cure.
  20. There is increasing evidence to suggest that the origin of this current nasty isn’t from the Chinese food markets, but rather from more laboratories making mistakes. Cultural eating habits and consumption of certain products can cause localised problems, the outbreaks of corona type viruses in China and their spread due to food eating and across the world due to travel make me more likely to suspect that the origins are much more Lab based than Labrador based. The proximity of labs doing work with bats seems to me a much more likely source of this and other previous corona types. However what ever the source things are going to get nasty for some people and it’s going to be a scary time, all we can do is try to be understanding and not cruel or cowardly when we all get asked to make very unpalatable sacrifices, remember it’s not the end of the world and we are not being told MFC is merging with NUFC.
  21. I expect UK and Ireland to mirror each other in actions, due to neither country being part of Schengen area and island nations, Coordination between certain blocks of countries taking certain actions could see splits between nations. The US ban on flights specifically mentions that UK is exempt and so is Ireland, but as Ireland in EU it’s government will be under immense pressure to side with EU in both opposition to this and tell US Ireland is in EU so if no travel from EU then no travel from Ireland.
  22. According to the tv news reports, most epidemics like the current corona 19 usually have 2 spike periods, this is comparing them to Saars etc. The current unprecedented actions taking place may mean this double spike doesn’t happen, but I don’t think restrictions when they are announced will be lifted to allow a full return to normality for longer than many expect. Im beginning to think that normalcy regarding sports will not be seen for quite a while, no country is going to put its peoples through restrictions just to see them go off to Japan for the Olympics in 3 months or have fans swarming across Europe for Euro 2020. Once these big things are postponed by 12 months I’d expect domestic competitions to mirror them, so maybe no new league till 21/22 skipping the entire 20/21 season.
  23. Does anyone feel that when the EFL finally decides if punishment to clubs that broke FFP will be rushed through just before an announcement is made that the season is being suspended and promotion and relegation are not taking place... That way no appeals by multiple clubs to EFL, punishment accepted and once again Steve Gibson left looking like a mug.
  24. It’s all to do with who gets landed with any bills for the cancelling of events etc. it would have been prudent to advise folk not to travel abroad before the last half term, but had the government done so it would have been liable for the costs unless it could prove its actions were justified. The same will happen regarding sporting/cultural events here too, there will be an agreed procedure of events that trigger responses and it will only be then that such things as cancellations of league fixtures etc will happen. The big one regarding cancellations or postponements will be the Olympics, personally I think behind the scenes the decisions have already been made, it will be either a full postponement till a later date, or it goes ahead but with no spectators and athletes and judges officials kept isolated. Japan already saying it has the right to the games anywhere in 2020, however I think we will be looking at a years postponement or we skip this one and Japan does 2024 and Paris 2028. But it’s all down to who will pay any compensation if events cancelled, once governments and sanctioning bodies off the hook watch em shut all down.
  25. I think your being very generous, at most peak times I think the service on the concourse is “ just stuck “ 😁
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