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  1. When's the press conference today? Is it not normally in the morning?
  2. If Britt and Fletcher don't sign new contracts soon I would guess Warnock will move heaven and earth to get a new striker. I know they're not great but they're decent enough and to lose for nothing would be terrible.
  3. Mel Morris knows very well Gibson will not give up. He will find a way of getting some pay back. It sounds like his threat of action is enough to out off buyers. That may in turn send them down. If he wants to carry on going for them let them keep having to push back. Gibson generally wins. On the game, surely we should win. I would go with Watmore and Roberts. Morsy still out I think. Bettinneli Bola Fry McNair Dijksteel Saville Howson Watmore Britt Roberts Akpom
  4. A good challenge this. I really hope Paddy is 100% and Saville's family are all safe and well. Those 2 are huge for us. If we want to go for the win, we need to find a way of Roberts playing. Warnock has had 2 weeks to figure it out. In the training video he is different class to anyone at finishing. Early team guess: Bettinelli Dijksteel Fry Hall Bola Howson-Morsy-Saville Roberts Akpom Coulson If McNair is fit I think he will come in for Coulson and we will go 5 at the back. I think Hall plays if fit for his heading ability. I suspect he wasn't 💯 before he got injured. Pure guess work but he didn't play like someone at the top of his game.
  5. I think Roberts and Akpom might be in here. Bettinnelli Johnson McNair Wood Dijksteel Spence Morsy Saville Howson Roberts Akpom
  6. My only thought on changes today would be to give Akpom more support up front. But who? Wood or Browne for Roberts? Also wonder if Bola might come back in but unlikely. Big game in terms of seeing how resilient we are. A win really would set us on the way up.
  7. Reading are full of confidence. That's obvious. We stopped them playing. We had chances to win the game. We actually scored a goal too don't forget. We are 100% better than last season. Roberts will make us even better. Our defence looked super today I thought. Morsy removes the need for any other defensive midfielder. We are turning this thing round. One game at a time. Keep picking points up and getting better bit by bit.
  8. Them following each other probs means he's already here and training I hope. As someone said earlier, we've done our business quietly this window but have filled most gaps.
  9. No way Britt isn't playing. And I doubt Fletcher is fit.
  10. Team for me tomorrow is Bettinnelli Johnson Fry McNair Dijksteel Spence Tavernier Seville Howson Britt Akpom Would prefer Morsey in there but a great sub to have. Think we will win 2-1 And it's s-con.
  11. Getting Roberts in would be a grand addition. Fingers crossed.
  12. Would all make sense. Hope no one else comes down with it this week. This is the last full week of training we have before the games really kick in.
  13. Not sure if mentioned but I didn't see Leo yesterday. Anyone know if anything has occurred? He didn't do his usual sub duties.
  14. Probably came across a bit headless in my last post. I hope Warnock is ok.
  15. Warnock tests positive for covid. Wonder what impact that has.
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