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  1. I think he only went as we needed the money. Same as when Wheater went to Bolton. Don't think either wanted to or asked to leave.
  2. Wow. Fair play. He deserves a move to a top team. Who are we talking here?
  3. Surely Leeds aren't selling him? Would be madness
  4. The football this half has been lovely. These boys can play.
  5. Trialists are not normally named on the teamsheet. I wonder if we've actually signed him.
  6. I think he played every game bar one that he was suspended for did he not?
  7. Oh go on cheers us up mate. Juninho has a much younger brother who is a bit better?
  8. Twitter saying Payero off to River Plate.
  9. I said at work today he was due a howler. Hope he's got it out of the way.
  10. The transfer isn't even confirmed yet so they are hardly going to be banging on about the fee - I still find their problem with the Britt fee reported in the EG as a proper weird thing. They were definitely spoiling for a fight then.
  11. It was a few years ago now he issued new shares and converted the debt.
  12. Gibson has made mistakes but: We've never gone down to League One like several clubs He has already written off one set of £100m in debt. We've had longer in the Prem that nearly all the club's you'd compare us with. Looking forward hopefully we do get a DoF and build a model of Academy+bargain transfers. Let's see how this summer pans out. Get off off to a decent start and we could have a decent season.
  13. I reckon signings will start to come through soon. Just a feeling. More like Bola and Dijksteel would be my guess - probs reading too much into today's Gazette piece but it seemed to be hinting at certain types of players.
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