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  1. Interesting people saying McNair played well. How many times did he commit to a tackle in midfield and miss it they were through. Last 20 mins Payero was class. Hope he can do more of that.
  2. Is it just me that thinks the players have been told not to pass to Payero?
  3. I reckon Tav McNair Bamba Howson Payero Crooks Hernandez Watmore Uche Sprora
  4. I think he has yes. Have you heard he's playing there?
  5. Is Warnock plain lying when he says the players have had 2 solid weeks training? It seems pretty obvious most weren't in until the Thursday of the 1st week and Payero for example has only been back for a week? I really hope Scott has got this in hand and just giving him enough rope but is starting to get a grip behind the scenes. If not it doesn't bode well for him being in charge of all football side of things.
  6. I'm amazed how little we have heard this week - no training pics or video, no build up to the game from the club at all. Total apathy from all concerned it seems.
  7. We should start to get some club build up today I would think - training videos etc. Be interesting to see who is involved.
  8. I wonder over the next week in the build up to the game what the messaging from the club will be. I'm guessing we will be told Payero is doing rehab in Argentina and Siliki isn't ready to play. The word on Fry will be massive. If the u23s have a game in the week who plays and who is left out will be interesting. I'm not convinced that just because Warnock hasn't gone yet doesn't mean he won't go soon. We have another break soon which is pretty close to the transfer window opening. If our terrible run comtonues and we are close to the bottom 3 I think a chance is inevitable.
  9. Well and truly sad that it looks like business as usual. How low do we have to sink before things change? I just do not understand the decision making.
  10. I unfollowed the Gazette weeks ago. Just follow Dom Shaw now. He's a bit more objective outside of the puff pieces published.
  11. That article is just quotes from Saturday. I asked them on Twitter if anything going on - the only thing they accepted was the FIFA game but that's public knowledge. So I really don't think they know anything or just aren't saying.
  12. I would think he is going they would want to announce replacement at same time - managed that well when Woodgate left. They've got 2 weeks and if there is someone abroad who they want getting them in the country is now much harder with Brexit and COVID. So if the button was actually pressed it might be a week or so. Warnock will be in Cornwall now so doubt we'd hear from him this week anyway. But if he's still here at Peterborough game I'm tempted to just avoid the game.
  13. Depends on who replaces him. It's a gamble but at the moment things are terrible.
  14. If this has been allowed to go on for any amount of time it's terrible and they should be ashamed.
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