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  1. Championship transfers could be a huge game of swap. Lots of out of contract and out of favour players. Not much money to spend and loads of teams wanting to refresh their squads. If as seems likely Warnock and his team will run the transfer side of things, we could be in for a big turnover of players. I think only Fry, Hall, McNair, Bola, Dijksteel, Tavernier, Howson, Watmore and Morsy are in the 'want to keep' folder. Of these Fry, McNair, Dijksteel, Tavernier and Bola may attract bids from elsewhere over the summer. They have all had very good seasons for us. So there
  2. It would be hilarious if the results went for us today and we go and beat Barnsley next week. Warnock would be fuming I think. He's given up on this season. Clear now Fletcher is off as well as Britt. Akpom did ok when he came on. Running with the ball is obviously his thing, not winning headers.
  3. I think Warnock in his interview with Boro website is trolling us. Says he enjoyed and thought we would win once we scored. Then says he's going to play 11 defenders on Monday. Not funny Neil if your reading.
  4. That looked like a performance where Bettinneli Kebano Bolasie NML Fletcher all know they will not be here next season. And why does Warnock insist on playing Coulson on the right?
  5. Such a shame it never really worked out. But the time he has been here has been awful for Boro in general. I'm fascinated to see what we actually end up doing this summer. Gibson might well just go hell for leather again. If FFP has been binned to all intents and purposes Gibson can go all in again. Here's hoping.
  6. Sounds like we have a few injuries. Mostly in midfield perhaps. All the attacking lads playing? Could be fun to watch.
  7. I think it was when they got new ones and I was used to the old ones. Great days.
  8. In normal times I would definitely have treated the family to an Easter break on the south coast to coincide with this. Again, nothing to lose. Get our attacking players on the pitch. If McNair not able to play as not back from internationals my team would be. Bettinneli Fisher. Hall. Fry. Bola Howson Morsy NML. Bolasie. Tavernier Fletcher If Tavernier injured Watmore in. Might actually play him up front. I've not been to Lightwater Valley since Adam's Dad was
  9. My money is on a back 3 Hall Fry Bola Spence. Johnson Howson McNair Tav. Bolasie Akpom
  10. Latest accounts lodged today. Will be interesting to see the impact of COVID on finances at end of last season. Available in 10 days to have a look.
  11. Is there any chance that following another 25:positive tests - Rotherham are unable to complete their season? With all points from their games removed? That would mess with things.
  12. Discovery+ app has quest as a free channel. You can watch the programme on there.
  13. I wonder if we get another Cockburn might get 10 minutes?
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