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  1. Probably came across a bit headless in my last post. I hope Warnock is ok.
  2. Warnock tests positive for covid. Wonder what impact that has.
  3. My son is really missing the chips and curry sauce. Need to understand if that is going to be on the menu.
  4. Heard from ticket office. It is down to seats being moved to fit covid rules. Will reappear when seats allocated. Makes sense.
  5. I don't imagine Ayala being one to wilfully try it on. I'm sure he had pains that were genuine. Probably when he retires a doctor will diagnose something that has been missed up to now Great player for us who has now moved on. I don't begrudge him a nice final contract.
  6. 10 years after we originally went in for him. League 1 Southampton outbid us for him at the time.
  7. Makes feel a bit better. Might ring to see what is going on.
  8. Has anyone elses renewed 2020/2021 season ticket disappeared from their online account? Renewed in April but now only showing 2019 season ticket.
  9. Derby getting stuffed at home. Which is nice
  10. Warnock said I'm press conference before the match that it's now obvious that mistakes were made earlier in the summer. I'm guessing let Friend and Shotton go may now not look so good.
  11. Watching the game last night we just looked slow in midfield. Howson and Saville just couldn't live with the Watford players for pace or strength. Hopefully Morsy can help a bit there. It's going to be interesting to see what we end up with up front. It's hard to see what we want - power and pace I guess. Bournemouth next week will be equally hard. Barnsley in the week will definitely be the kids/2nd choices - Pears, Fry, Wood, Coulson, Liddle, Bola, Browne, Walker, Wing, Folarin,???? - made into some sort of team I think. Fingers crossed for some success in the market.
  12. I think our starting 11 is pretty much our strongest only option would be Coulson for Marvin.
  13. I would guess Warnock is hoping Watford don't know who will be playing in goal, in midfield and up front on Friday. Pull all these deals off and their opposition scouts have to rewrite their reports. If nothing else it's an inconvenience and might give us a bit of a tactical advantage. I would guess their approach if Stoj is in goal is loads of long shots and early balls forward. If Pears it's pressure him at corners. But what if we have a new GK?
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