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  1. This is on Gibson. He's done the same as he did with Southgate and Mowbray - appointed a fan favourite, turned the cash off and walked away. Soon only mercenaries like Pulis will be his only option. This squad cannot play how Woodgate wants them to. Players like Clayton have run their course. I expect plenty of sales in January. Off the top of my head Randolph, McNair, Rudy, Howson will all probably be subject to either offers or in Rudy's case offer to leave. Britt if he scores a few will probably attract some interest. We will probably bring in a few more league one types. We will probably survive a relegation fight this season. But what about next year?
  2. Going off what was said after Crewe I cannot see Bola starting. Will be Friend I think.
  3. First time in a while the team doesn't pick itself. I think Woody will go for Randolph Friend Shotton Ayala Howson Clayton Wing McNair Fletcher Johnson Assombalonga
  4. Downing making sure he gets a reaction with these interviews. He does sound like a spoilt brat at times. Why slag all and sundry off now. Burning all his bridges. He obviously has no interest in returning as a coach or anything like that.
  5. edinboro

    Steve Gibson

    I would guess at the end of this season with Friend, Howson, Randolph, Britt probably gone the club will be almost sustainable. That might be the point at which the club can be sold. It will be interesting if we get some genuine folk interested. We are a decent bet and have good infrastructure.
  6. Woodgate said Dijksteel is his first choice right back both in terms of who he wanted to buy but also in terms of within the squad. So I think he'll play. I think it's interesting that the logical midfield is Clayton Wing. Saville As Saville is left footed. But he's not doing it. I think team will be Randolph Coulson Fry Ayala Dijksteel Clayton McNair Wing Fletcher Johnson Assombalonga
  7. Will we get any free transfers in do people think? Hutton for example?
  8. Success would be ok by me. Don't know anything about the other two.
  9. I thinks it's more Boro are not paying stupid loan fees and wages for loans with no long term benefit. I'm chuffed with what we've done so far. One thing I'd expect is one of McNair, Saville, Howson or Clayton to go. We have way to many bodies in the middle of the park. And on decent wages. Unless we get another RB and CB I don't see Shotton going. He's valuable for his versatility.
  10. I think he's just written the 2nd tweet really badly. He's following up the first one saying he'd heard we were making a 3rd bid. That's the one that's been accepted.
  11. I think the one thing we know is they are trying. But we are stymied by mistakes of the past re wages. We will get a few players in and will probably ship a few out. For me getting Fry fit and not selling him or Randolph is key.
  12. But he could have been told to wait. Come Wednesday Gibson may have signed it off. Agent just wanted his money I guess.
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