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  1. Perhaps we are just where McClaren is supposed to be. Let's be honest, we cannot get much worse so nothing to lose.
  2. I'd be happy to have McClaren on board. He's only our most successful manager ever. Get the next two games done and then sort things out. I'd get him in now personally.
  3. I would expect statements from Boro, Durham Police and the hospital in the morning. It sounds like all the authorities have been involved and Boro dealing with the situation in some way. She mentions her X giving police interviews in Feb. So this is still ongoing. Clearly a horrible situation that needs resolving.
  4. Given the weather again we have to play it on the floor. I would go for Pears Spence Harold Friend Coulson Saville Howson Ravel Wing Tav Fletcher
  5. I think Friend needs to come in to give us a left sides centre back on Saturday. And some experience in the middle. Makoudi saved us so many times tonight that the own goal is forgiveable. He's starting to do charging runs from the back - one just before our 2nd goal. He looks unstoppable when he does that. Morrison obviously a very good player. Britt seemed very rusty. I wonder how much the wind impacted things. We were pretty awful but seemed not able to do the basics. Need to be much better on Saturday. We need that one win at the moment
  6. We need to win on Tuesday. It's a huge game for both teams.'Arold looks a winmer to me. I'd love to see Morrison start. I also wonder if the new GK may get a game. Surely he will be on the bench at least soon. Pears Spence Harold Fry Coulson Howson Clayton Morrison Nmecha Britt Fletcher Not sure how to layout the team but I'd go with those players. A strong spine and some pace on the break. Other than one good game at Preston Rudy really has done nothing. He tries but there really is nothing there.
  7. On the marking point ...... Paddy seemed to struggle positionally yesterday. I fully expect it to be an adjustment to moving back to midfield. He kept dropping back to centre half when we were defending. But with quick attacks he was all over the place. I think it will take him a couple of games to adjust. In hindsight we may have been better not switching formation at Brentford. Hopefully it works better at Wigan.
  8. I've seen the extended highlights now with the goal decision. I still think Brentford were appealing for handball against Saville rather than the goal.
  9. I'm the same. At the match I thought the ref gave us a free kick. Seen nothing in the replay to show the ball anywhere near the line.
  10. Loads of Premiership clubs desperate this Window. The relegation fight might mean we get some panic bids for Britt etc. Amazed noone is in for Paddy.
  11. Problem with Shotton is he seems to be taking longer and longer to recover. And Friend just seems like he has run himself into the ground for us. My worry is we go on another bad run and slide down the table again. I really think we need 2 centre backs to allow Paddy and Howson a break and to play in midfield. Howson must be knackered.
  12. Didn't realise Fry was ok. That's a relief.
  13. What's worrying me is there is no real chance of anyone coming in this week playing on Saturday. If Fry is injured and Britt not 100% fit we are very short of options. Team might be Pears Spence Coulson Howson Wood McNair Saville Wing Tav Britt Fletcher I guess
  14. I still think there will be some last minute interest in someone like Britt or even Fletcher. Loads of clubs going for promotion will be looking for someone to get them over the line. Also would be a surprise if no-one has an interest in Paddy or Howson. Saville also playing much better all of a sudden. It will be a few days of rumours with one or two actual deals I think. I would be amazed if Gibson doesn't end up here given he seems to have moved in at Rockliffe.
  15. First rule change is as of 1st Feb UK clubs cannot sign under 18s from Europe. Not sure why that particular one but it's a start. I hope it gives teams more encouragement to invest in local players. Team like Boro seem to make a difference to a lot of kids in the region. I don't think Brentford have an academy do they? I don't think the Government can give football a free pass, and the EU certainly won't for players going the other way. It will be interesting if many UK born players abroad apply for different nationalities eg if they play and want to stay in Germany.
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