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  1. edinboro

    Boro V QPR

    If we don't score with that team we never will. Shock and awe.
  2. Clayton is out of contract and not looking like getting another. Up front is an absolute must. I expect Britt to leave. We need to find someone who can score 20 goals in this league. It's going to be a huge job. I suspect Warnock will help in some way. I reckon Kenyon may get involved once more. I hope Ben Gibson comes back and Moukoudi. I would suspect McNair may get a move and/or Saville. Do we know if Spence definitely has one more year? The more I think about it the harder it gets.
  3. As mentioned Priceoffootball there is a force majeure clause in the 12 point deduction. I would guess Wigan will use that and then half the championship will go into administration. COVID used as a means to wipe out all debts.
  4. Wigan will claim Force majeure for covid and appeal the deduction.
  5. Who's going to spill the beans on the problems behind the scenes that Warnock mentioned in his Gazette interview this morning? Is it transfers? Is it players not wanting to play? Is it next season?
  6. Does anyone think any of the young strikers will get in the squad now? Britt and Fletcher cannot play every minute of every game. I wonder if Walker and O'Neill will get a look in.
  7. Sheff Wed apparently not paid their players. That plus a potential points deduction could really mess with their plans. Players can refuse to play if not paid I believe.
  8. Alex Neil is a great shout. We need a DoF of some sort as well. I hope Gibson is looking at those he looked at last summer before settling on Woodgate. I bet the same people would be interested.
  9. Friend gives us a left footed centre back. I think that is a huge advantage. I'd play this team Stojanovic Coulson Friend Fry Spence Howson McNair Wing Tavernier Britt Fletcher Be interesting when the games start coming thick and fast whether Friend, Shotton etc last the pace. Spence, Coulson, Tav, Wing, Fletcher I think will play pretty much every game in some way. Friend, Shotton, Howson, Britt, Roberts and Johnson will be in and out I think.
  10. Very good news. Perhaps Warnock found his perfect role after 4 days. I wonder if we will hear the same about Friend soon as well.
  11. Aye. Warnock said he will know on Monday. Obviously if someone makes one of them am offer for next season they may decide it isn't worth it. Tough position to be in. Must be hard for clubs and players. The PFA seem to be trying to make it harder for everyone banging on about offers of lower wages. They may end up with no wage at all.
  12. Anyone have any idea if any other players will leave before Thursda
  13. I think his football is better than Pulis. He plays it down to build his reputation and distract I think. He does like a big lad up front but also plays wingers who cause mayhem. Some big calls tomorrow. Will be a good insight into what he sees as our strengths.
  14. I don't think he adds enough in midfield Vs the others. Probs best at right back but I would love to see Spence start there but that is doubtful. Shotton is decent there. Him or Howson equally effective in different ways.
  15. It would be fun if he went for Dyche when he leaves Burnley.
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