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  1. I would change it slightly. Tav to LWB, Payero on right mid and Coburn up top. Watmore to come on and get the 4th.
  2. Lovely day for last day of the season. Hopefully everyone on and off the pitch gives it their all. We know something odd will happen. Probably Bournemouth not getting promoted but you never know. Worst case scenario Mackems win the play offs and we play them twice next season. Which would be nice. Bizarrely Sunderland and Newcastle are 2 grounds my 13 year old has never been to.
  3. Mini season tickets and a return of Boro Pride would be good I think.
  4. Not so long ago people were saying the window where we signed Bola, Dijskteel and Browne was a disaster. 2 out of 3 of those are now key first 11 players. The sort of signings we make now take time. So I expect Payero, McGree and Boyd-Munce to have the same sort of return if things go well. The summer window will be interesting. 3 or 4 first teamers and 4 or 5 potential stars would be good. Plus 3 or 4 loans I reckon. Most money will be spent in the first and last groups.
  5. That's what I think has happened. Once this season is done - maybe after Wednesday or Saturday I would not be surprised if Wilder left. The one advantage we have now is a director of football. I would expect the next manager to already have been identified to cater for exactly this scenario.
  6. My son reckons their GK saved Connolly's shot. Tav was very poor today. I really hope Payero has a good game on Wednesday. McGree has set the bar today, he was fantastic.
  7. We seem to have no energy and or no confidence going forward. Like we are running through treacle.
  8. I've always used the football park and ride. It's a DVLA site I think.
  9. Divide the top by the bottom.
  10. If you replace Wilder with Tomlin it's the same article they wrote 2 hours before Tomlin was paraded at Bournemouth. Its dragging on too long. Wilder should have put it to bed. He will now just get asked again pre match for Swansea.
  11. Until we sort out the supply lines all our strikers will have awful stats. But Connolly seems to struggle with being in the wrong place a lot. Watmore always looks busy. Sprorar can link up well. I don't know what Balogan is good at. I do know that Coburn scores goals and should be playing. That's the real mystery. The time has gone to manage his minutes. He needs to be starting and given chances to do what he does.
  12. I would be starting Coburn today. He needs a start
  13. Blimey, but what about all the wins and general really good play? Anyone can focus the negatives but we're a pretty good team. Not convinced we will get anything but having Jones back and Bola getting fit gives us a chance. And Bournemouth really are no great shakes. Get a good start and it could be the start of a fab few days.
  14. Never known so little buzz about a match that means so much. 1 bad performance and everyone seems to have given up. Very strange. However we have just left Waterloo in glorious sunshine. So if nothing else a day out, a few beers, a sing song, a night away and a walk on the beach.
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