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  1. This must be the longest ever without a single rumour surely. Is nothing happening at all or are we really close to some deals?
  2. Sheff United wanted Wing in the summer. McCabe has just lost his appeal over the takeover by co-chairman. That will be who is after him I would think.
  3. If he does go does that mean we need 3 defenders with at least 2 being centre backs? That's a heck of a lot of transfers to see through. I guess we keep Shotton just to see us through to summer.
  4. I reckon Ben would just cover the £30k difference between what we can pay - like Gaston did.
  5. My guess in order of likelihood of happening McNair - bid too good to turn down - goes Gestede stays until summer Shotton - goes for nominal fee Spence new 3 year contract with £20m release fee Gibson - comes if one or both of above happens Britt - goes in last minute loan to Villa for £1m with guarantee of purchase for £7m in the summer Ayala and Howson new contracts Friend to be academy coach
  6. Derby based their valuation on the ground having a roof and retractable pitch. Which it doesn't have but could be added. That would allow them to use it year round and during the season for non football activity. It's total nonsense and they know it. Gibson threatening to sue the EFL has forced this and I'm very pleased. I bet all the other chancers are getting very nervous.
  7. They offered £3m for Wing in the summer didn't they? Could well be him I guess.
  8. Google browser works on Android. Once it gets to 2:55 it should be there. Took me a while to get my head round it.
  9. The way we finished at WBA didn't show tiredness. I hope everyone has one more game in them. McNair on the bench if everyone else is ok to continue. I would expect one or two changes though. Big call for Woody. Get it right and our season suddenly looks a lot more hopeful.
  10. 50 mph winds in Swansea during the match. Will make it interesting. A point or 3 will give us a good return this week. Interesting to see if Wing comes in or if he leaves the middle 3 the same. I'd like to see Walker given a go from the start after how aggressive he was on Tuesday. Pears Coulson Ayala Fry Howson Spence Saville McNair Tavernier Walker Fletcher
  11. This is on Gibson. He's done the same as he did with Southgate and Mowbray - appointed a fan favourite, turned the cash off and walked away. Soon only mercenaries like Pulis will be his only option. This squad cannot play how Woodgate wants them to. Players like Clayton have run their course. I expect plenty of sales in January. Off the top of my head Randolph, McNair, Rudy, Howson will all probably be subject to either offers or in Rudy's case offer to leave. Britt if he scores a few will probably attract some interest. We will probably bring in a few more league one types. We will probably survive a relegation fight this season. But what about next year?
  12. Going off what was said after Crewe I cannot see Bola starting. Will be Friend I think.
  13. First time in a while the team doesn't pick itself. I think Woody will go for Randolph Friend Shotton Ayala Howson Clayton Wing McNair Fletcher Johnson Assombalonga
  14. Downing making sure he gets a reaction with these interviews. He does sound like a spoilt brat at times. Why slag all and sundry off now. Burning all his bridges. He obviously has no interest in returning as a coach or anything like that.
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