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  1. There's a similar post over on FMTTM. Rather than rewrite I'm just going to copy and paste my thoughts. My take on Boro world at the moment: 1. I've gone off Warnock this week. He is now willing to throw anyone - players, scouts, medics (Fletcher fitness) under the bus. Not nice to see and is not what an experienced manager anywhere should be doing. 2. Our tactics recently have been awful. We have decent footballers being asked to hoof it. Pointless. 3. Coaching. Why on earth has Warnock and his team not been able to coach simple skills like heading clearances? Aitor fixed that within weeks for example. 4. Stop banging on about Keifer Moore. It's embarrassing. You have enough in the squad if you use them correctly. But none are going to win header after header. Oh and Moore was shocking yesterday. Did absolutely nothing. So what have we missed? 5. All other teams have no income but some well coached teams- Barnsley, Swansea, Reading - are doing very well. Stop making excuses. 6. Pick a keeper. Bettinneli is hopeless. Has to be priority in the summer. 7. Gibson decide what you want in terms of style. Stick to it long term. 8. I'm not sure another season of Warnock is what we need. I'm hoping for a Paul Cook type - unless Ipswich nab him first.
  2. Gibson should look at our young players and realise how good they are with the ball. Long ball doesn't work. If Warnock cannot play to their strengths he should leave. Otherwise the likes of Tav, Spence and Coulson will decide to move on. Which will be a terrible shame.
  3. He has indeed just thrown the all the players under a big bus. It's clear tonight he was outthought but he obviously won't admit that. Why he played Fletcher I will never know. I guess we really don't have anyone else up front - he basically said that in the TV press conference. Plough on and see what happens. But I do now think we need a rethink next season. And I think Gibson watching on might agree. He surely must know that was avoidable and could have been changed during the match.
  4. Get Fisher and Howson off. NML and Johnson on. Pure 442 and see if it was the wind.
  5. Surely the simple answer is Paul Cook. He seems such an obvious option. Unless I'm missing something.
  6. Fry will definitely be playing at Reading. After tonight hard to change any of Watmore, Kebano and Fletcher. Assuming McNair is banned might be Fry for McNair. Dijksteel to right back. Kebano and Tav on the wing. Watmore and Fletcher up front perhaps.
  7. Be interesting to see what Warnock says. He cannot excuse that performance. Dreadful from back to front.
  8. If as looks likely we are in this division for another season and we lose Britt, Fletcher, NML, Kebano, Bolasie and the GK we have a lot of slots to fill in the first team next season. On a good day that's half the first team. We have Bola, Fry, Hall, Dijksteel, Fisher, Howson, Saville, McNair, Tav, Morsy, Akpom, Coulson, Wing, Watmore and kids. So again we have to find creativity and strikers and probably a new goalkeeper. Scary. That was dreadful. We looked knackered. Might have been the pitch. Might just be we've hit a wall.
  9. I would guess McNair is injured. He's the only one in a position we have absolutely no cover.
  10. If you read the document on FA website it seems he had 2 bans last year. One for an offence in 2019.
  11. Watford look like they really don't want to be in this league. Strolling around the pitch.
  12. I reckon Betts Bola McNair Dijksteel Fisher Morsy Saville Howson Kebano Assombalonga Watmore
  13. I think the Bournemouth dream ride is over. Such a small club reliant on Russian money was always going to have its limits. Expect a steady fall down the league now.
  14. What must Woodgate be thinking. He will probs be off too now after 1 game.
  15. I'm surprised we never sorted a loan for Folarin. Would have been good for him. Brilliant for Wood to get game time. I guess Dijksteel must be fit now and be cover centre back.
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