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  1. Not a meltdown. A discussion based on what happened re Burnley and some very strange behaviour and comments on current players, and lack of progress in signing people and progress in selling people he wants shot of.
  2. Sounds so like when AK Walked and then came back. I'm guessing Gibson is good at convincing people to change their mind. If his mind was set on leaving I don't expect him to stay long - another reason letting him get rid of so many players is quite odd.
  3. I was too! I am slightly worried that Wilder is a bit of personality cult. We've been there with Karanka. It doesn't end well. He seems to burn bridges. I'm not sure just casting people aside whilst we pay their wages for example is a good luck. What happens if Hall, Uche and Akpom don't find another club? Do we just let them rot down south for a year? Strange that Gibson seems happy for this to happen.
  4. Is he not only leaving because Wilder has told him to? Don't get the impression he initiated this.
  5. I'm not sure I see the need to force Bola out. He's a better than average player at our level. Why seemingly make a need to buy another player. If Bola goes who is cover for Giles and LCB? Means we need at least one more player. In theory he could do the same to Dijksteel - if McNair is his first choice RCB, is Dijksteel not needed? All seems a bit odd and unnecessary to me. And what if we get off to an awful start and Wilder leaves? We are back in the position of having a squad that only meets his needs. I thought we were moving away from that.
  6. Just cannot see it. Would expect a deal to get done. Strange it's not been sorted really.
  7. Fair enough but Spence not being around meant he had the time and space to learn. Just so rare for something to work well for everyone - the selling club, the club taking him on loan, the player, his replacement and the ultimate buying club.
  8. Hopefully the delay allows us to get some players in before folk see the ££££ on our balance sheet. Its worked well for everyone. Particular Jones. Would probs have been on loan in League 2 if Spence had stayed last season.
  9. I wonder if the next set of signings won't be until the new contract period starts - 1 July. Would make sense of it going quiet apart from the City goalkeeper out of the blue.
  10. I think people like McNair are way too comfy being good Championship players. He was the one I was thinking of. Perhaps Bola might have a limit in terms of ability but I don't think he is a bottler. Our squad excluding the likes of Hall, Uche, Coulson is tiny. Bombing people out is a risk when you don't know who you will be able to bring in. Colin Todd tried it and it pretty much tore the squad apart. Edit: Sorry quoted wrong message in my reply.
  11. Reading the Gazette and Echo articles I would think we have a few more deals done than have been announced. I reads like the goalkeeper is done. But that he's pretty sure are nearly there on a few others. We certainly seem to have got things working. Hopefully it lasts longer than the Orta and Karanka model. That did well for a while and fella apart when we got promoted.
  12. That's all pretty common knowledge or at least widespread rumours in the press.
  13. Well, Spurs and him better get their acts together. I wonder how much patience we will show if it's costing us deals. Gibson vs Levy at the end of the day.
  14. I really cannot understand why Ameobi is on the Free Transfer list provided to the EFL but wasn't in the comms out out by the Boro comms. Surely they cannot just not say anything ever again about him. The Gazette really need to be asking for a public comment of some sort.
  15. United would ruin him. Really hope he stays to help us get up.
  16. Rob on FMTTM has been told it's up on last year's early bird. I'd expect 16k+18k and then around 20k in total by the time the season starts. We should be going up this year so crowds will be up I think.
  17. I'm more perplexed about why season tickets aren't back on sale yet. Seems bonkers to not be trying to sell them. Maybe waiting for some signings to create a buzz.
  18. But it seems we need the price playing down. Business is tricky. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks I suspect. We are 10/1 3rd favourites to win the league. Get this sort of business done and we will be favourites.
  19. Anyone think the Gazette have been asked to play things down so we get deals done before it's announced so we can get better deals for incoming transfers? As has been mentioned clubs will ask for a few quid more if they know we are cash rich. I reckon we will get a few deals done this week and then Spence will go once international games are done.
  20. Looking good. https://www.footballinsider247.com/tottenham-spence-talks-advanced/
  21. I just don't see why people are happy for Fry to go. He's a class player, loves the area and gives his all. And would probably pay for free. Do people really think we'd be better without him. McNair has to be the one to ship out if it's one of them. For me Dael can stay his whole career and become a proper legend.
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