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  1. He said they were on the bench tonight so don’t think it was Vydra. Probably Keinan Davis and Kebano?
  2. Who would you rather watch on the wing? Bolasie or Jed Spence?
  3. Shame there isn’t a queue though. Wonder why?
  4. I don’t think it is a good thing. We spent loads of money when we had poor Managers. Now we have a good Manager and are in a good position to get a chance of the vast riches of the Premier League. The squad is thin and we are overachieving. The league this year is wide open. We need to add a few players to give NW a chance to get us up.
  5. I hope he hasn’t used the strikers that we have had over the last few years as a yardstick. Comparing himself with their transfer fees, wages and goals Watmore will think he should be on £100,000 a week!
  6. Any Premier League winger, who was worth £25M at some point in his career, must surely be welcome here at the moment as, apart from Johnson, we haven’t got one?
  7. NW says he has been training at Rockcliffe for the last couple of weeks so his knee must be ok now. NW wants to get him so who would argue with his judgement? Not me.
  8. If we stay away from major injuries NW will still get us up.🤙
  9. I have never known a player like Bolassie who has been talked about so much over the last few years without even playing for the Boro!
  10. So we were already short in the squad and we let another two players go without bringing anybody in? Unbelievable. 👎
  11. The signing most fans wanted this transfer window. Paddy, the Championship Messi is back. Come on Boro. 👍
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