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  1. Completely agree ... It had been coming not out of the blue at all. FFS
  2. Be happy when the window closes ... Hopefully the trolls will vanish with it!
  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm not a regular poster here but the atrocious drivel I'm reading here these days is very tedious.... its the sort of childlike 'banter' I expect from FMTTM
  4. Not fussed about Vossen, don't quite understand the Twitter meltdown because we haven't signed a player who was quite mediocre for us last year.
  5. I don't understand the thinking behind this. The GRFZ is a great way for families to get to the match at a fair price, attendances are up because of this.... With an average attendance of less than 20k it's a no brainier to expand it imo. It also engages the next generation of boro fans with their local team, rather have them at the riverside than growing up wearing a Liverpool shirt
  6. Spoke to Leeds supporting mates about Bamba few days ago, they said hes a bit of a maverick. When he's on form he's an absolute beast, (as we sadly already know) however he has too many dodgy moments ..... Sounds like a bit of a Bikey
  7. RE: Gestede - can forget about him, isnt he the chap who was racially abused by one of our fans after the Blackburn game? Even if we were in for him (which I doubt) he wont come here in a million years
  8. From one of the Gazette reporters: @JonathonTaylor1 · 2h 2 hours ago #NFFC have sold just over 1,300 away tickets for Boxing Day's showdown with #Boro. No tickets will be available to away fans on the day
  9. @_manishbhasin 26m26 minutes ago And with #Boro v #Ipswich our main game, our special studio guest tomorrow is Tony Mowbray.. #FLS #hopingforgoals Be nice to see what Tony thinks of us.
  10. Decent player, think he will do alright for them.
  11. Absolutely :D I'm feeling that confident about today that I've just shot a tenner on Blackpool to beat Leeds haha ..... got a feeling won't be seeing that tenner again ;)
  12. I hope we are all still this happy and optimistic at 5pm tonight :D
  13. Just finished work in Whitby. On me way the match. Can't wait, would love a big win today like Tuesday night but going for a hard fought 2-0 . Attendance 21877
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