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  1. Has anyone found that MFC have made it increasingly difficult to buy tickets online? You used to just click the seats you wanted, pop in your email address, pay your money and print off the ticets. Then they decided that you had to have an MFC Digital account, which needed to be sync'ed with a previous ticket purchase, so after several attempts I managed to do that and all was well again. Now they've decided that you can only buy multiple tickets if you've got the other people in your online account, as My Friends & Family?! So I have to setup an online account for every person I'm
  2. I understand the point that if we get back into the Premier League then local supporter income becomes less important but we've been trying to do that for 10 years already, with substantial investment from Gibson at times. If we can get there then fine, but what if we don't? If your business plan relies on Premiership status then the first question to be asked is 'What if you don't achieve that? Every other team in the league is competing for that same goal, obviously with differing levels of ambition and success, but a lot of them can do it with a much stronger base financial position
  3. Without putting too much of a downer on the discussion...while some investment and some kind of longer term strategy of where we're going / how we're going to play would be nice... I can't see how we're an attractive investment opportunity? We've got a decent profile from our time in the UEFA Cup and we've got excellent facilities, but there's a definite ceiling to what a club of our size can do in business terms. We've got one of the lowest local populations in the Championship, I think only Preston would be similar or less going on catchment. Yes, we don't have any direct competition fr
  4. I've been trying to remain positive so far this season but after watching that I can't keep it up. That whole performance was lethargic and uninspiring, with no creativity or imagination from anyone aside from Tav when he came on. We take 3 or 4 touches where there's a first-time pass available and then pass back when there's a forward option, so it's no wonder that teams have worked out how to play against us. Burton barely had to work hard to stifle us, we did that to ourselves. They could just sit back, keep their shape and wait for us to punt a long-ball forwards or misplace a pass
  5. You're right, the Euro was around 1.2ish before Brexit and is now 1.13. This would actually work better for us if any release clauses were stipulated in Euro's: 10m Euro's would have been about £8.3m last year. At the current exchange rates it's £8.85m, so would be half a million more to us. This is all hypothetical though, as I doubt any English clubs are setting release clauses in a foreign currency.
  6. Well that's been a rather underwhelming window, I don't think we've improved the squad at all. Gestede is probably a similar level to Nugent, Rhodes is a better striker than Bamford and Guedioura has come out of nowhere into a midfield already covered by Clayton, Leadbitter, Forshaw and de Roon, so it's arguable whether he's an improvement. And we're still left needing someone creative with a long 4 months ahead of us. If either Ramirez or Traore pick up an injury we're going to be in serious trouble. Hopefully we can keep them fit and the new signings bed in quickly, but I'm pretty disa
  7. A point's a point, so I can't complain at that. A few bad decisions here and there against poor opposition, but both teams were obviously set up not to lose so it was never going to set the world alight. One thing I found odd was our subs, one at 84 minutes and one at 93 minutes? We're going into an international break, so there's no need to be resting anyone on the bench. We could have given Nugent, Rhodes or Fischer a run out much earlier without affecting the setup of the team. Fischer for Stuani could have given us something different against a tiring and lacklustre opponent. G
  8. This is starting to get worrying and I have no idea what the solution is. Far too many times we get done over by teams we should be beating comfortably. I get that this league is always competitive, but we've got the strongest squad in the division and we should expect to win these games. One thing I do wonder about is the players mentality, and their willingness to fight for the win. It can't be good for your confidence when there's a good chance you'll be out of the team for the next match, regardless of whether you've played well or not. It's one thing to drop someone who isn't perfo
  9. I too would like to know a bit more about this, because as far as I'm aware he has conducted himself professionally at Fulham and his transfer from Leeds was also pretty straightforward if I remember correctly. I don't think there's been anything currently from Fulham, my last line was just a 'What if' that I wouldn't be surprised to see appear in that instance. Previously he put in a transfer request at Cardiff because he wasn't happy, then him and his agent claimed he was allowed to speak to Prem clubs. He or his agent then started all that speculation that led to him getting a ni
  10. Yes, because if we signed him for 3 years then we're stuck with him and the potential shenanigans. And the last year of that contract could be back in the Championship. At this level they're all getting ridiculous amounts of money, so I'd just prefer someone who chooses a club and plays his best to win trophies and promotions. Not someone who doesn't really care about the team, just how much money he can squeeze out of them. Is he though? Bamford played on the left for us, Gayle has played out there for Palace, and neither of those two were lacking in the goals department?
  11. I really don't want to see McCormack at Boro at all. We've got a fantastic team spirit built up and the last thing we need is a toxic mercenary like him coming in at this vital stage in a promotion push. All that nonsense him and his agent cooked up just to get a better contract at Leeds, then to go and leave within 12 months for another pay rise? Didn't he try something similar years ago when he was at Cardiff? He's completely out for himself and willing to act like a knob to get what he wants. Bamford on the other hand seems genuine and honest whenever he speaks, and whilst he also w
  12. I'm just glad we were finally able to win after going behind, something that's a been a real problem for so long now and it must have been having a mental effect on the players. I was checking the scores from work and I thought the worst when Wolves scored, but things look a lot brighter now. A decent performance against Utd (win or lose), then two games at home where we can pick up the full 6 points and put pressure on Brighton up top. Glass half full again!
  13. Well that was a nervy one, we looked so different in the second half with a lot of misplaced passes and a lack of composure under pressure, but we held on and got the 3 points so it's all good. When we kicked off I was hoping to see de Pena get a run out but it was a shame the game didn't allow for it. Hopefully he'll get his shot on Tuesday night instead.
  14. Just to throw my two penneth in... you really need a set of rules laid out and posted somewhere for people to see. When you limit or ban people, you need something you can point at and say 'That's what you did, this is the consequence.' Otherwise it's just 'because Mod X said so...' which is always going to cause more friction. I run a forum, although not quite as busy as this one (1700 members, 100-ish posts per day) and one of the first things we did when we launched was a clear set of rules for people to follow. Now, our discussions rarely get as heated as when the Boro have lost or w
  15. I was chatting with a Chelsea fan a few weeks back who said that Bamford returning to us isn't going to happen. Chelsea have told him that he's not ready for them yet, so he's got to go and get another year's development under his belt, at a higher level than his previous loans. Either Premiership or one of the European leagues. Of course that's just the rumours from one guy, but I can't see him back with us either. A sale is always an option as well if the price is right, and you'd think there'd be a few Prem clubs looking to stump up the cash after his time with us.
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