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  1. Should never have got that far. Pears has to come collect the first ball, Fry shouldn't have had to make the clearance.
  2. Everything breaking down when Tav gets on the ball, started very sloppily so far.
  3. Not unless his contract runs out it won't. Fairly sure you can't offer reduced terms and need to wait for the contract to expire then resign them on reduced terms.
  4. Gestede made a MASSIVE difference to that game. He starts on boxing day now for me.
  5. Need Walker off, Bring Johnson or Gestede on, somebody who has actually played mens football, he looks woefully out of his depth.
  6. Gk - Randolph RB - Fredericks CB - Ayala/Gibson LB - Friend CDM - Leadbitter/Robson RW - Traore LW - Adomah CAM - Gaston CF - Bamford Didn't include the premier league season same as CT.
  7. Howson right sided CB, surely Dijksteel is better suited to that.
  8. Gestede done more in 10 seconds than full game from Britt. He has been truly awful.
  9. This is far far worse than anything Pulis served up, regardless of how anybody feels about him they can't deniy it. We look like relegation fodder, these are bang average and we can't get close to them.
  10. Clayton has been dreadful here, chasing shadows and can't stay on his feet. Browne back tracking non existant also.
  11. Saville is decent in the air, and will cover Johnson a little better than Wing would if he gets caught upfield.
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