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  1. Gestede done more in 10 seconds than full game from Britt. He has been truly awful.
  2. This is far far worse than anything Pulis served up, regardless of how anybody feels about him they can't deniy it. We look like relegation fodder, these are bang average and we can't get close to them.
  3. Clayton has been dreadful here, chasing shadows and can't stay on his feet. Browne back tracking non existant also.
  4. We are absolutely woeful. Randolph saves us again.
  5. Saville is decent in the air, and will cover Johnson a little better than Wing would if he gets caught upfield.
  6. This idea that Ayala is a red card waiting to happen is a little confusing, he's only had 3 red cards going into his 7th season with the club*, that's hardly prolific. He also plays far less suicidal balls than other players do, Shotton included. If he's fit, he plays. Comfortably been our best defender this season. *He got 1 against Preston that was a joke and rightly overturned* I think because he is physical and gets into battles with forwards people have this misconception that he is a liability, when in reality he gets away with it the majority of the time as he's very cute with it, he rarely gives pen's away for example.
  7. Being honest I am completly numb to this season already, I'd be very surprised if we got anything here and I think that is going to be the case for large parts of the season from what I've seen so far unfortunately. Some games might end up being more entertaining than last year, Luton for example, but if we aren't playing for anything its just a season of nothingness for me sadly.
  8. Like others have said I think Wing needs a rest, he looked absolutely cooked on Tuesday night. If he does rest Wing I'd imagine Saville will play in his place and Howson to continue at RB. If not, Howson into midfield and Dijksteel in at RB. I don't think Fry will feature personally so Shotton keeps his spot for now.
  9. I fully agree with CT on this, that performance tonight was absolutely turgid and nothing like what Woodgate has said he wants his teams to play like. I'm personally of the opinion that I don't really care about performance aslong as we win, but we were getting results under Pulis mostly and played much better than what I seen tonight for the most part. Confirmation Bias is definitely effecting peoples positivity on Pulis football vs Woodgate football. I have absolutely no doubt we would have had more points on the board so far and been through in the cup if TP was still in charge, but as has been said, Woodgate might just need time, but if anybody can sit and say what we produced tonight was better than 'Pulisball' they aren't being subjective at all and are purely basing it on a dislike for Pulis. FWIW I thought it was time for Pulis to go so this isn't me defending TP, but what we're seeing isnt much different to last year.
  10. Happy with the team, Howson back into midfield, was always going to be Clayton dropping out I'm afraid Brunners ?
  11. Bola only looked good in the last 15 minutes because we were camped in their half so he had zero defending to do, he finished his goal well but by and large he was awful. Dijksteel was better but he still looked very apprehensive and nervous. I'd be gobsmacked if when everyone is fit our defence isnt Dijksteel-Ayala-Fry-Friend. From seeing both Bola and Coulson so far, Bola is 3rd choice LB for me, by some distance. He looked like a competition winner who got to play with the pro's in that first half.
  12. Mcnair coming on at HT I think, Tav moving to the left and Walker off. Tav is never a central midfielder looking at this. He can't influence the game at all, his decent attributes being his finishing and aniticipation around the box are completely negleted playing CM. Also, Bola isn't getting anywhere near the first team watching this so far, he looks devoid of confidence completely and players are cutting inside of him with absolute ease.
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