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  1. They don't mate, the opposite infact. Most loans are highly rated youngsters leaving a parent club to get minutes to develop. Very rarely do they have permanent options.
  2. I'm not disputing that, I know he's not a natural defender and overall his defensive input is a strong aspect of his game, but he has spent a decent chunk of time now playing in that role, and he needs to stop diving in. Its strange really because I don't recall him doing it much last year, but this season in the first 2 games he's done it and today it cost us the lad getting a shot off. Great finish but if Jones doesn't go to ground he doesn't get the shot off IMO.
  3. Not a good first half and gave ourselves too much to do. One thing that needs addressing instantly is Jones diving into tackles. He did it last week on the half way but we got away with it, he did it again today when he absolutely didn't need to and Willock went on and scored. Its the first thing you get taught about defending, do not sell yourself. If you are going to ground and you don't get the ball, make sure you get the man.
  4. I thought Dijksteel was our clear MOTM tbh, playing against decent players and they got absolutely no change out of him. He is made for that RCB role.
  5. Enjoyed that...Bola and Steffen the pick of the bunch for me. Thought Lenihan was steady away aswell. Guendouzi is an unlikeable *** though isn't he.
  6. Say it quietly but Chuba has looked sharp since he came on...
  7. Giles also fast asleep not seeing the runner. Bola has saved us twice.
  8. Boyd Munce is left footed and has played off the left a few times in his career. Much like Mcgree, don't think he is an option for the RCM slot mate. With Payero leaving i think we will definitely sign atleast 1 central midfielder, most likely a defensive one as you said, Howson could comfortably play as the RCM if needed also.
  9. I was just going to say the same thing, not sure how a video of someones best bits could be tosh. He looks a pretty good player to me from that, comfortable finishing with both feet, links play well and seemed to have a decent turn of pace. Granted the league isnt the strongest but he did score 9 in Serie A, in the worst team in the league. More goals than Ings, Adams, Broja, Jiminez etc scored last year in one of the top leagues and we would all snap hands off for one of them. I understand Serie A and the Prem are different but the lad clearly has ability.
  10. I honestly can't see him being allowed to leave unless we sign another couple of midfielders minimum. As it stands we have Crooks, Tav, Mcgree and Payero as first team midfield options. I've not included Munce or Conteh because I'm unsure if they're ready, and obviously Howson hasn't made his mind up. Mcnair could be pushed into midfield now we seemingly have Lenihan signed but not sure on that either. I do wonder whether things might have been spoke about regarding him going back home on loan, but the 5 sub rule coming in has made it more worthwhile keeping him ? Wilder seems to change
  11. Seems like Payero will be involved as CT has said. The other first team players who we think will be out the door but not on international duty are nowhere to be seen. Akpom/Ikpeazu/Hall etc.
  12. I agree, Fredericks had a very productive season for Fulham when last in the Championship. He will come in as a starter and Jones would go to the left, I'm pretty convinced. He played alot of football off the left before this season and speaking from personal experience (not football league, but not amateur level) I played as a winger and always preferred to be on the left as a right footed player. You lose a bit defensively that way, but if we have a left footed CB it will balance it out, along with the midfielder (Tav or Mcgree) being left footed. I can't see us shifting from the cu
  13. There is that much money in the PL they can afford to give average squad fillers/rotation options massive wages id suggest CT. 40/50k isn't much to affluent Premier League sides but that wage is skyhigh for the Championship. Regarding Payero, i would have quite liked to have seen him given a crack playing off the main striker like Gibbs-White has done for Sheff United. It gets him out of the hustle and bustle in the middle of the pitch and lets him have a bit more freedom. We haven't seen alot of him but we have seen he is able to pick a pass, roll a player if they're tight and also has a
  14. Fredericks could play RWB with Jones moving to LWB theoretically. Jones played on the left before joining us and he made his first contribution from the left against Fulham. I know its not ideal from a defensive view but if we have an actual left footed CB at LCB then that balances it out of sorts. No way does Fredericks join to be competition, id have him back also I thought he was good first time round and he will have improved and matured since then. Just a thought. Would definitely give us more impetus down both flanks.
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