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  1. There was 40 fouls in that game. 40! The ref has been absolutely awful. Its Sunday league stuff, whoever shouts gets a freekick. Every single time a player went down it was a freekick.
  2. I think the entire defensive line is quite weak and needs looking at. Getting Moukoudi would be a good start as he is young and will develop and has excellent physical attributes. Both full back positions need strengthening IMO and a couple of players who are now free agents would be ideal, Chris Gunter and Morgan Fox. RB and LB, both have stacks of experience in this division, Fox especially is a very good age and has been one of Sheff Wed's best players for a while now. We have had interest in Gunter in the past and he still has a few years in the tank so would be a shrewd signing. Further forward I would love to get Roberts back on loan or even permanantly if he was willing and cheap enough. After that I would move Heaven and Earth to try and get Eze from QPR. Might be out of reach but if rumours of Gibson willing to have a go again are true then I would put as much as realistically possible into signing Eze. Outstanding player.
  3. Ah Transermrket must have all the wrong info on it. I was on there looking at possible free transfers this summer and had a glance at our squad contracts. Said that the ones I mentioned along with Mejias and Britt are only contracted to 2021.
  4. On the topic of contracts, I feel like we need to address 1 or 2 others asap. I'd be looking to extend Fletchers contract for sure, he's finally starting to look like a capable player at this level. Still young enough to improve. Same goes for Fry and Tav. All 3 only got 1 season left. We will save an absolute fortune getting some players off the wage bill this summer so should be able to offer them some decent contracts. On another note, I'm looking forward to seeing how some of Woodgates signings perform under a decent manager. There's definitely a player in Browne and with some decent coaching I imagine Dijksteel and Bola could both improve massively as they have the physical attributes to be ideal full backs.
  5. We didn't look at all promising IMO and I voiced it at the time. We were absolutely wide open and had no real pattern of play other than pressing onto a poor Luton back line a little recklessly. There was massive alarm bells going off after that game for some others on here aswell as me. As plenty of others have alluded to, Woodgate was completely out of his depth and his 'Boro lad' enthusiasm was never going to cut it. As you say though, clear improvements today and 7 to go. 2 more wins and a draw will do it. All the better if one of the wins comes against Hull.
  6. Powell is ridiculous. He deserves to lose this game just for that last dive.
  7. If Fletcher plays the pass across the face instead of pulling it back thats 2-0. The centre back gambled on the pull back and left Britt completely unmarked. I'm not confident in the clean sheet so we need another.
  8. I think Mcnair is going to end up back in defence under Warnock. I don't think thats a bad thing either. Similiar to Wilsons team I think Mcnair will end up at Right Back with Howson in midfield over Clayton. I'd hope for something like this. Stoj Mcnair - Shotton/Fry - Moukoudi - Johnson Roberts - Howson - Saville - Coulson Morrison. Britt. Johnson at Left Back isnt ideal but Friend is absolutely done at this level. Coulson and Johnson have looked decent when playing together as they can both cover one another comfortably. Including Morrison is just my personal preference as we need somebody who can link up with Roberts as he is on a different wave length to our other players and i think maybe Morrison offers that. Could easily be Wing but we'll see. Shotton or Fry you can flip a coin as far as I'm concerned. Don't think either are particularly good.
  9. Don't think anybody got that team...
  10. Might not be the same for all teams, but on the Man City documentary the club actually had a hair dresser/stylist who worked for the club for when they do photoshoots etc. I'd imagine the other clubs would probably have something similiar.
  11. Should never have got that far. Pears has to come collect the first ball, Fry shouldn't have had to make the clearance.
  12. Everything breaking down when Tav gets on the ball, started very sloppily so far.
  13. Not unless his contract runs out it won't. Fairly sure you can't offer reduced terms and need to wait for the contract to expire then resign them on reduced terms.
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