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  1. Akpom been given a couple of days off to recover as he has played alot of football recently.
  2. I think Howson might be RWB in the 3-5-2, takes a little bit of defensive responsibility off Bola who is likely short of confidence. Could be wrong but don't see us changing formation after a couple of decent points in the last 2 games.
  3. Dijksteel comfortably MOTM for me, not sure what others think but I'm fairly confident he will move to RWB once Fry is up to speed and the back 3 will be Mcnair/Hall/Fry. I don't see a best 11 that doesn't feature him now. Be very interesting to see what happens with Morsy. A few people have said for him to replace Howson in the starting 11 but I just don't see that happening at all personally. Will have to be Saville but Warnock has sang his praises on multiple occasions and being left footed brings a natural balance.
  4. Not so much a criticism of Tav as I do rate him as a player. It might be more down to tactics etc but everything good about us that half was from long balls into the channels and winning the 2nd ball. I may have missed a few moments from Tav admittedly as I was cooking and watching haha.
  5. Tav completely ineffective for me so far. Be looking to get Browne on in the second half if it continues. I like Tav but he just needs to do more for me.
  6. If he is a free agent would insurance be an issue though ? If he belongs to another club then insurance will obviously come into it but if he's a free agent trying to impress he's playing by his own volition surely ?
  7. We need to be speaking to WBA to sound out some of their younger players coming to the ends of their contracts. Jonathan Leko was performing well for Charlton until his injury, Kyle Edwards is also a promising winger but they have ample competition, not to mention Oliver Burke also. I'd even take Grosiki on a short deal tbh. He isn't getting in the WBA team next season. Edit - Transfermrket could be wrong on contract length but thats what I'm going with*
  8. Come on mate, Oliver Burke is a full international and has spent seasons playing in the top flight in Germany, Spain and Scotland. Granted his progress has stalled since he burst onto the scene but Luke Williams couldn't get a game for Hartlepool and Chapman can barely move without a hamstring going. He is still a big unit with pace to burn and would be an immediate upgrade on anything we have. Still young also. I'd be delighted if we brought him in.
  9. Wing's positional sense is absolutely none existent and there are some parts of his game no better than northern league. His tackling and heading for example are absolutely atrocious. He has obviously never had to develop that side of his game by being technically better than most in the non league, especially his shooting. So for the majority of his career to date he will have been able to just float around and not have to contribute defensively at all. As others have eluded to its because he is new to the professional game and its far more tactical than non league is. Thats why Saville plays, he knows where to position himself, he's a bit nasty, wins tackles and headers. He hasn't got any of Wings ball striking ability but he's much more tactically sound.
  10. Happily get rid of Howson but offer Johnson another contract because you know him ? Have a word mate.
  11. I think Dijksteel will come good next season. Got all the attributes you need as a full back. Quick, strong, decent in the air and tackle. Can't take any of the signings performances under Woodgate into account because he was an absolute clown. Under a decent coach Bola and Browne will most likely offer more aswell.
  12. Yoanne Wissa looks a good player from France. Plays off the left or through the middle.
  13. 3-5-2 nailed on, why isnt Moukoudi starting at CB ? He's the only defender we have with a physical presence and they have Matt Smith upfront, strange decision.
  14. There was 40 fouls in that game. 40! The ref has been absolutely awful. Its Sunday league stuff, whoever shouts gets a freekick. Every single time a player went down it was a freekick.
  15. I think the entire defensive line is quite weak and needs looking at. Getting Moukoudi would be a good start as he is young and will develop and has excellent physical attributes. Both full back positions need strengthening IMO and a couple of players who are now free agents would be ideal, Chris Gunter and Morgan Fox. RB and LB, both have stacks of experience in this division, Fox especially is a very good age and has been one of Sheff Wed's best players for a while now. We have had interest in Gunter in the past and he still has a few years in the tank so would be a shrewd signing. Further forward I would love to get Roberts back on loan or even permanantly if he was willing and cheap enough. After that I would move Heaven and Earth to try and get Eze from QPR. Might be out of reach but if rumours of Gibson willing to have a go again are true then I would put as much as realistically possible into signing Eze. Outstanding player.
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