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  1. Not nice to say but Wood has been absolutely shocking here. We have got away with it a couple of times but not that one.
  2. They have zero hope of staying up, they do it every season. They will come down again, keep most the squad, hoover up premier league money then likely win promotion again. Eventually the cycle will stop but can't see it happening anytime soon.
  3. This has been a great performance but our finishing is truly terrible.
  4. The keeper has came flying out in the rain, just drag it past him and its 1-0, no way he can slow down intime then. Poor decision making.
  5. Hopefully if Payero is playing that takes Tav away from set pieces. For all his strong points his delivery from corners and freekicks is generally woeful. Think he delivered one good freekick against Forest when Uche nearly scored. Him floating around on the edge of the box to pick up the scraps will be much more useful.
  6. Morsy has retired from International duty I believe.
  7. He doesn't speak any English at all it seems. They were communicating with him through a translate app on his intro video.
  8. Got far too much time on your hands Newy. Lets get Sporar and Van Bergen over the line before we put all our eggs into the Nile Ranger basket ey.
  9. Come on guys its pretty obvious whats happening...Bolasie and Sporar played together for Sporting, clearly they became best buds and Yannick has told Neil if he signs him then he will sign on aswell 🤷‍♂️. In all seriousness though, id be curious to see what the Sportings fans made of Bolasie, he didnt pull up any trees over there and only scored a couple of goals in 25 appearances. I think the vast majority on here want him back as he was decent for us, regardless of his motives, so Sporar might well produce better numbers over here also, worth thinking about.
  10. I agree with most of this, but to say he looks quicker than Traore is pushing it a bit Doc. Traore is the quickest footballer ive ever seen. He is a freak of nature and would absolutely blow Jones away over 20 metres.
  11. The number he wore when he first broke into the barca side all them years ago.
  12. Great play from Howson. Rush of blood from Tav. Looks like it took a slight knick also but was never going in, big chance to take 3 points.
  13. Patrick Cutrone possibly ? Been playing in Europe from Wolves and hasn't done very well by all accounts. Probably take a decent transfer fee to get him but loads of potential ?
  14. This has always been my feelings with Tav. You can see he has bags of ability, he has a cracking left foot, is a good finisher and plenty of energy to get about the pitch. He always seems to be playing within himself to me however, and sometimes lets games pass him by, he should be aiming for double figures in terms of goals and assists with the ability he has but he can't keep himself fit and I think he lacks a little on the mental side, as others have mentioned. Stats obviously don't tell the full story of a player and his impact on the team but if we were linked with an attacking play
  15. Brewster is probably comparable ? Pretty prolific for the youth teams and had a decent loan at Swansea, still only played roughly 20 games before being bought for 23.5m ?
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