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  1. Agreed. He doesn't move his feet at all and just dives, ball was comfortably a few yards from the post when it goes in.
  2. Anything on target you always feel will go in. That was about 3 yards inside the post.
  3. We won't finish above Brentford or Swansea IMO. Our battle is with Watford, Bournemouth, Reading and the chasing pack. So for me, Swansea and Brentford winning would be more beneficial to us.
  4. I feel like the controversy around VAR will take much of the attention away from that result Brunners. That Che Adams disallowed goal and the straight red, utterly ridiculous decisions. The David Luiz one in the Wolves game was equally ridiculous. As Ferdinand said after the game, better off going through the back of players in the box in a false attempt to win the ball than accidently clip them. Hacking them down is a yellow and an accidental trip if the forward runs across the path is a red. Bizarre.
  5. Crazy that Britt and Diedhiou have pretty much the same stats over the course of time with their respective clubs. Britt has 47 goals and 4 assists in 154 games, Diedhiou 49 goals and 8 assists in 151 games. Might well be like for like ability wise, but we could end up saving around 10/12k wages per week. Which would give Diedhiou a nice raise from his current 20k. Can't argue with that in this climate. (Assuming Britts on the reported 38k).
  6. Fisher just mouthed something about his hamstring, hopefully just tight and nothing pulled.
  7. Fisher bullying Cantwell in this game, good to see he has got a bit of needle.
  8. Burke been playing pretty consistently, won't be him. Vydra seems like the most likely now that Barnes/Wood and JRod are all fit. Not sure on the other one.
  9. Debateable, Cheltenham goal might well have been ruled out with VAR also, swings and roundabouts. Good game though.
  10. Anyone mentioned Jahanbakhsh as the possible winger/striker ? He fits the description as being involved in the squad and playing the 2 positions. Doesnt play all that often either so could be a possibility ?
  11. Roberts doesn't play often enough to notice BD, Britt plays some part nearly every week and constantly loses the ball and stands offside. Akpom gets loads of stick but him and Britt are basically the same player. Completely ineffectual in performances like this.
  12. Saville absolutely quality once we went down to 10. Broke everything up.
  13. I think I've got the jist of the info anyway, Britt chases long ball into channel and lays it back, rinse and repeat.
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