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  1. I visit this site probably once a season..............it used to be a classy little site BUT then they allowed or attracted people like you, then I remember why I left
  2. now I just came back on to say that Radio Tees has dropped off the air and so the people across Teesside don have to be subject to this sh!te .....oh dear, the commentary just came back
  3. I've had enough people.....goodbye, but nice chatting to you again.
  4. Yes we were, but not really.......we got there by accident, GD and even then we were only visiting weren't we?
  5. Pity they pulled down Symphonia stand ....Boro could be playing there next year
  6. I wouldn't mind if Gibson came out clean and said that our aspirations were just to be a steady away mediocre Championship club....but he won't cos he wants season card revenues
  7. Well at least, next week I can watch the Rugby League Challenge Cup final and at least have some entertainment .....just a pity Rhinos aren't in it
  8. I have to say, that if Gibson was in charge of the NHS and picked my doctors, I'd be dead now............he's an even worse chairman than Mike Ashley and you know what N/cle fans think of him...............it is time he went along with all of the board. I think Woody is going to be another Mogga............local hero to bluddy zero
  9. How long have you been a boro fan flower....don't answer that, long enough to no that nothing changes under Gibson?.......it hasn't been any different for years, has it?
  10. Gibson has been the problem for years..........the so called best boro fan of all time should just sell up and bugger off and look after Gibson/O'neil holdings
  11. I hate to say this, but it's the same old same old from the so called "saint" Gibson
  12. Yes Yes Yes.....pity about the ref last week but onwards and upwards....we are going up under Pulis people
  13. Get in Traore.....it's been coming.....well done Tony Pulis.....we are going up
  14. @ladyspite.....Karanka was manager when we were promoted....however, I believe when he failed the first time he should have been replaced....any other chairman would have got rid then and let's not forget, we limped over the line wit a 1 goal GD...hardly a convincing stake on our claim to membership of the Prem. However....now is now and I believe we have a good and proven manager in Pulis...time will tell
  15. Well to all, I was happy when AK came....new blood a fresh approach BUT I soon found out he was not the man for Boro....anyway I have said as much in the Gazette over the years so I'm not going into those arguments again.....some loved AK I hated him....Charltongate should have told you what he was.
  16. @ladyspite so how come every football pundit said we weren't scoring enough goals....or was it that there were better clubs at defending that us....maybe AK was the defensive master he though he was....or shall we blame it on Agnew or the rest of the team...........I hate to drag up old games but AK failed to take advantage of our fairly easy first 6 games where AK could have attacked and put a few points in the bank.....However, that is history and this is now
  17. @Brunners....For some reason, I cannot reply to you answer..... But I could not agree more with you.....this is why I am looking forward to AVR becoming a feature in this game.....I'm a rugby league fan too and video ref works well there.....so maybe it wasn't offside and should have been 3 up now.....just like out pen shouts last week....still Mighty Boro are leading up to now UTB
  18. @DZ.....I cannot agree with what you said regarding goals scored under AK....we didn't score enough...so there is the proof. Strangely today, the same thing was mentioned in the BHA v Chelsea....and I paraphrase......BHA has the least goals against them in their position in the league, a cracking defense record BUT they are where they are because they aren't scoring goals.
  19. You cannot be "how far offside" it's like being pregnant....you either are or you aren't... have a look at this A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by: interfering with play by playing or touching a ball passed or touched by a team-mate or interfering with an opponent by: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or challenging an opponent for the ball or clearly attempting to play a ball which
  20. Forest leading 2 nil.....has Karanka realised that it's goals that get you points?,,,,,pity he didn't realise that at Boro we may not have been in the Champs
  21. Tony Pulis it would seem....he's always had a liking for GF :D
  22. It doesn't matter how much we spent on Rhodes, if this t**t of a supposed defensive minded manager ROFL won't play him, we could have spent 5 times that much and he still won't score goals......wonder how he got injured cos it wasn't in games since I don't know when. This team is a Championship team with a Championship manager, simple as that........BUT this so called defensive manager could at least go out and try to win a game by changing his set up
  23. It's not Rag, it's Carole. I just want to tell you all how much I have appreiciated you kind wishes. If anyone tell you that kind wishes or just telling someone that you are thinking of them doesn't do anything, then tell them they are worng. When Rag used to show me the posts from people I didn't even know, it filled me with tears. We see too often in the newspapers about how society is going down hill fast, well I suppose it is in many ways, but when people I don't know, can send me their wishes and support, simply because my husband and niece were part of a fan's forum, then certai
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