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  1. Does anyone know if SG was to sell MFC today would that sale include Rockliffe Hall hotel? If so then I guess him separating the hotel from MFC would be a good indicator of his intention to sell if it were ever to happen.
  2. Definitely a Gibson type manager
  3. Linked with an interest in Hughton this morning https://www.90min.com/posts/6511348-chris-hughton-turns-down-watford-move-as-middlesbrough-consider-approach
  4. 1) Match Result? - I think we will win this one purely because they have a worse injury situation than us atm. If we don't beat these on Saturday then that will be shocking imo. 2) Should Clayton be starting more games with our current injury crisis? No - he's been awful this season, but with McNair out suspended and Howson having to play right back I think he will start on Saturday. 3) Was it a mistake to sell downing after he makes the Championship team of the Month? - We couldn't afford to keep him. 4) Do any of the U-23 team step-up after winning against Palace 5-1 midweek? - I thought Liddle did well when he came on, showed some passion. Had a great game by all accounts midweek so I'd play him ahead of Clayton tbh.
  5. Yep, just looked back, he said in May that Pulis was leaving and that was always the case, he didn't say that Woodgate was getting the job though. He got his info straight from TP he said.
  6. Didn't also mention on his show that Pulis was leaving and Woody was getting the job before it was announced too?
  7. Same team as QPR for me. Can't see us being able to handle Bowen and Grosiki so think we will lose by the odd goal. Just hoping to see a good performance again and to better defend those crosses.
  8. Can see us playing with 3 cbs and I think that would be wise against Cardiff. Let the wingbacks provide the width and I'd drop Wing. He's been a shadow of his former self although still carrying a goal threat. Randolph Shotton Ayala Fry Djiksteel Bola Clayton McNair Johnson Fletcher Britt Fancy a win here, Cardiff haven't got going and we are playing them before they get back their better players.
  9. The request a bets on sky where they are over 1.5 goals, 3 corners each team and 10 booking points each and other similar variations come in 8 times out of 10 in the championship. Odds are usually around evens so not big gains but finding them a consistent form of winnings at the moment.
  10. Would definitely look at playing 5 at the back for away games atm. Randz Shotton Ayala Fry Djiksteel Bola Howson McNair Wing Britt Fletcher If we go with the usual formation can see us getting a hiding.
  11. Like you say, Gibson makes all the decisions and that is the major problem. I don't particularly want him to leave but I would like him to employ someone to make the footballing decisions for him. But I guess until we are self sustaining we won't be an attractive proposition and until we aren't costing Gibson and GON any money he will still continue to have the final say. I do feel he is looking to sell though, Kenyon back in the fold, reducing wage bill etc... I'm sure in January more of the higher earners will leave. Don't blame him, I don't actually see what's in it for him anymore.
  12. Just hoping Fry is back for this one. The whole defence has been shocking. Can't see Clayton or Gestede playing after last night's effort or lack of. Going to go with (based on Fry still being unfit) Randolph Djicksteel Ayala Friend Bola Howson McNair Wing Johnson Coulson Fletcher Going to be tough, think we will lose again, going 2 - 1 to Blackburn. Dack, Downing and Fletcher with the goals
  13. Still think Peter Kenyon is involved with the club again for this reason. He brokers deals for clubs now, that's his day job. Just my opinion.
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