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  1. If Scott is staying then Farke
  2. Could probably do with a stint as super sub. This is the one criticism that blades had of wilder, the strikers he bought didn't work out. its too early to write of connolly and I'd like to think having Scott on board would negate the issue of signing bad strikers. We've been brilliant at that before they came lol.
  3. I agree with you, putting a player on who can create a chance for a striker makes more sense to me. But I guess he think more numbers up top means more chances to score.
  4. Yeah, I think he was channelling prime Steve McClaren.
  5. Hope he still has a future here, I think last night he just wanted strikers on rather than midfielders
  6. Markus Gisdol with Lars Kontka as his assistant. Both at Loco Moscow and Gisdol's contract runs out in June, Kontka also worked under Rangnick. Although he only took over at Loco last month I need something to look forward too boro wise, even if its fantasy. Edit - current PSV manager is also out of contract in June
  7. Surely it just has to be whoever Scott identifies inline with whatever club strategy and playing style we want to implement. I hope its someone we haven't heard of personally, no preconceptions that way. And I do think its vital that Scott tells the fans what that vision is once the appointment is made.
  8. The Gazette putting out a lot of negative stories at the minute, usually that means the manager is on his last legs. Gibbo probably given them the nod.
  9. Hope the Sporting Director new is true, massively overdue!
  10. SmogInSheff


    Really sad news, he was a lovely man. Condolences to his loved ones. R.I.P.
  11. Well a year before Woodgate got the job I posted on here that he would be our next manager, hoping I'm not correct again lol.
  12. Leo is choosing the players he wants in the squad next year when he takes over from Warnock 😜
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