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  1. "advisory capacity (Jepson and Blackwell anyone?" This is actually what I think will happen. OK - I'll say non-british manager. Hope I am wrong, just don't think he will after AK/Orta etc... Which I agree was a success in my opinion and I wish he hadn't ripped it all up after AK left.
  2. I think football will be in a state of flux for the next couple of seasons. Brexit could change the market completely for English clubs. There will be alot of out of work footballers out there and NW seems pretty good at persuading people to come play for him. I'd be happy with Warnock to steer us through for the next 2 years, then when things return to normal we need to look at a long term plan. I think he will stay with the aim of getting us promoted, if he can, then defining that plan may be easier with a few quid behind us. If he does leave, with the squad we have now I th
  3. It's what Gibson does when we are skint, appoints a player the fans love. Southgate, Mowbray and Woody.
  4. He seems to really like Paul Warne doesn't he?
  5. From his interview I felt he was saying if he can inspire the lads to go on a run till the end of the season and get in or close to the playoffs he would be willing to stay to give it go next year, if not he is off. I don't think he feels its worth staying if we aren't going to challenge. As for the advice he has for Gibbo, unless in there is to overhaul the recruitment, whether that's DOF or getting rid of the current incumbents then nothing will change for the better. Can't see where the club are going at the minutes apart from just surviving season to season.
  6. From the Derby telegraph. Mendez-Laing appears to be ready to return to the game and has been working with respected personal trainer Nic St-Maurice, who has also worked with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger, Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy. Could be fitter than we think but I get your point on being match fit. Same deal for Bolasie though.
  7. It's happening!! Adama is coming back!! Just to be clear this is NOT ITK info, it's a joke...allegedly.
  8. Yep, Gibson has lost 2 years of his career basically because the manager didn't fancy him. May not get another Prem team unless we get promoted. I think the average players who we are now in the market for will look at getting a 3 or 4 year contract personally and if the manager who wants you isn't guaranteed to be around after this season then that would be a factor I think.
  9. Grant Hall has played for him before, I just wonder for players who don't know him is a long term vision being sold by the club or is it we are gunning for promotion this year? Can't see may players looking for a any kind of job security seeing us as an attractive proposition at the moment.
  10. Newcastle fans seem to think Murphy is needed as they are weak on the right but I hope it does.
  11. Do people think having a manager that is likely only here for 1 year putting off prospective signings? There isn't much of a vision to sell is there. They must think what if the next manager doesn't fancy me?
  12. @Raf smog I've seen the email staff were sent a few weeks back when they offered a bonus to take voluntary redundancy. Do you know if many took that offer?
  13. Yep, looks that those 2 Wasserman agents to me too, good spot @Will
  14. Does anyone know if SG was to sell MFC today would that sale include Rockliffe Hall hotel? If so then I guess him separating the hotel from MFC would be a good indicator of his intention to sell if it were ever to happen.
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