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  1. Surely it just has to be whoever Scott identifies inline with whatever club strategy and playing style we want to implement. I hope its someone we haven't heard of personally, no preconceptions that way. And I do think its vital that Scott tells the fans what that vision is once the appointment is made.
  2. The Gazette putting out a lot of negative stories at the minute, usually that means the manager is on his last legs. Gibbo probably given them the nod.
  3. Hope the Sporting Director new is true, massively overdue!
  4. SmogInSheff


    Really sad news, he was a lovely man. Condolences to his loved ones. R.I.P.
  5. Well a year before Woodgate got the job I posted on here that he would be our next manager, hoping I'm not correct again lol.
  6. Leo is choosing the players he wants in the squad next year when he takes over from Warnock 😜
  7. Hopefully playing in the Olympics is enough to warrant one.
  8. Pics in new kit maybe? 12pm tomorrow? We can hope anyway.
  9. Yeah, I guess it depends what his motivation is now, doubt he will get one last big payoff in the current climate. Not in this country anyway.
  10. "The Athletic understands that Bolasie is set to hold further talks with Middlesbrough after the 32-year-old enjoyed a productive loan spell with the club in the second half of the season." Pretty well informed this lot, guess it means he's not had any other offers, be surprised if we could afford his wages.
  11. Ha ha, I bet this it true. Who is your top target then Neil. Oh I forget his name, striker used to play for Arsenal youth team. Chu something. Who is it Dewsy lad? Chuba Akpom? Yeah that's him, I've always liked him.
  12. "advisory capacity (Jepson and Blackwell anyone?" This is actually what I think will happen. OK - I'll say non-british manager. Hope I am wrong, just don't think he will after AK/Orta etc... Which I agree was a success in my opinion and I wish he hadn't ripped it all up after AK left.
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