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  1. Not a clue mate. He certainly doesn't look "weighty" but I'd guess he wouldn't be fully match fit as he has barely played. Hope what I have been told is true and he signs with an option to buy at a given price. Can't imagine it would be huge. Have no idea on that either though.
  2. No I've been told the same but the wages wouldn't be a huge issue. From what I've been told the percentage isn't enormous and the amount wouldn't be a huge issue for the club. Again I can't say more than that. (other than it shouldn't cost the club more than 10k per week apparently)
  3. If the gibson deal goes through, and I'd still be massively shocked if it doesn't, it won't be a bank breaker for the club.
  4. Always thought the question was "what samatta?", not "who's samatta?"!!
  5. Nmecha looks like that player that will either really annoy the fans all game, or score a hattrick
  6. Did we drop Randolph or was he taken out because of injury. If its the latter then pears knows he is filling in at the minute. The transfer rumours may mean he thinks the spot may be his but he surely knows that he is playing because the guy he replaced isn't fit, not because he is better than the guy he replaced. Randolph is the best keeper in the league. He has to play if he stays
  7. The attention to detail. There were certain rooms of the house that had to be decked in certain materials. The prices of which are just mind-blowing
  8. Aspects of that place are scary. And some people think he's broke 🤔🤔
  9. If it is his you're absolutely right. Renovating his house would prove nothing. Certainly wouldn't prove he is coming back, irrespective of the size of the renovations
  10. It's a damned site bigger than a house!!
  11. Sceptical about it being true or sceptical that it would mean he is coming back?
  12. Loopholes mate, loopholes 😂😂
  13. That's why I'm very confident. I'm not concerned about the wages at all
  14. I really can't say any more than I have, but the reason I suggest he will be signing is genuine. And the person that told me I would absolutely stake my life on. After my parents and wife this person is the person I trust the most with anything Edit... On a separate note, Lawrence shankland being scouted by qpr. Scored 25 goals this season (granted for Dundee) so he knows where the goal is. Should be relatively cheap replacement if britt was to leave.
  15. There are definitely loopholes that can be used. Not sure if this is one of them but they are there. If selling a stadium to yourself is deemed legit then buying season tickets at inflated prices to pump money in, use the club as an agency and sign a youth player using the club as an agent and demand an agent fee of 10 million etc.
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