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  1. Any called Jeffrey d'or, jules gonzalez or Bobby rimet??? Heck I'd take Dave carabou or Johnny 'golden' boot!!
  2. Mid table is fine as long as we don't play the same kind of tripe we did last season and we give up on the "we're in for this guy, we're in for that guy" just to peak the fans interests and then leave us disappointed. Stop trying to sell stuff to us via the media and be honest. If that happens and we at least try to play entertaining football then midtable is a success.
  3. It's a really interesting point. And it's one that is easily jumped on by those that aren't simply accepting the rhetoric that the club put out whenever there seems to be a crisis. Gibson clearly thinks that bevington has some value and skills to be on the committee. And many will say that is good enough for them. However, many have simply grown tired and cynical of this. It shows a lack of change. Gibson wants, Gibson gets. Of course that's fair, it's his club, but it doesn't scream "change" to me. In fact, it is much more status quo. Especially when it is clear that bevington skills have never included identifying suitable players, whether that be ability, attitude or personality. On the woodgate article, 1 genuine question. He is a boro fan, lifelong. As a fan, I wonder if he would have preferred a proven, yet expensive, manager or a rookie with a history that could certainly be considered chequered and a rumoured affiliation with some less than upstanding individuals.
  4. I love the sentiment, and as said I will give woodgate a chance, and hope the club do follow through on this "golden thread" thing. The only thing I would say is that the club are very good at putting out the correct narrative at the correct time. If this goes tits up, a lot of fans will be annoyed, and rightly so. We've just been told the new direction and we gave the club time because of it. We didn't moan as we wanted to because we "had to back the club" in its attempts to change. But rather than us all going loopy about it the club will sign someone high profile or set out a new strategy, saying all the right things at the right time again, and we will be told by the pessimist-turned-optimists to give the club time and a chance. That's what I mean by the pr machine working. Of course, if this thing does work then we all move on happily. Let's hope this is the case. If not though, how many times can we go on before Mr Gibson et all actually have to take some accountability. One final point, CT wanted a load of questions asked and I support many of his points, despite knowing that the club would dodge the questions or simply use the answers we all expect anyway. What I wanted most was some kind of apology. Or not even an apology, just an acknowledgement that they got it wrong. And that the fans were those that got the short end of the stick. Openly admit that the last 18months was a failure. (apologies if this was said during the presser but I don't recall hearing/reading it).
  5. Don't mean to be the pessimist around the upsurge in optimism but I'm still not taken by the whole thing. It just seems amazing how an interview can suddenly change everything for some fans. The club PR machine working its wonders again. I'm still more than happy to give woodgate a chance. However, the situation now is pretty much the same situation that many on here were worried about less than a week ago. The only differences are that Danny coyne and Robbie Keane are involved and we've had a press conference. The club have said some of the right things, as people really should expect. And now many are suddenly optimistic. Not going to be pulled in by the clubs rhetoric. I hope we do well, I will give my backing (despite the fact I don't like the appointment), but I'm not going to raise my hope higher than expecting mid table and a few 'solid' signings. My hope for the season, some decent entertaining football. Absolutely nothing more than this. Any kind of progress would be a massive welcomed bonus.
  6. It's not about being proved wrong. I hope he does well. I have zero idea of how he will do or how his teams will play. I would have renewed if we had taken Jokanovic as he has played good football, he has won promotions, he is proven and it would have shown some kind of financial commitment from the club. The kind they want us to make by buying season tickets. I can't do blind faith anymore. If we play well and wins games, and the club stop taking fans for granted then I will return. Right now though, I'm more willing to spend my Saturday afternoons and the money saved with my and on my son.
  7. I'll not be renewing. I'm not going to get on Woodgate's back as I was with pulis. However, I'm not excited by the appointment at all. The club need to win me back. They need to prove my doubts wrong. If not, I'll pick and choose the odd match from time to time. Shame because my little lad will soon be getting to the age where I would be taking him to the matches. I won't buy just to feel reconnected. I'll feel reconnected when the club starts giving back. We've had *** for 18months, crap soundbites, and a bloody price increase to top that off. We as fans are throwing more of our own hard earned money at the club (money that most of us can barely afford) with tickets, shirts etc while the club is making a huge net profit on transfers. Hiring a former favourite on the sidelines isn't going to cut it for me. Start winning games, play entertaining football, and invest as the fans do and it may pull me back. That's how the disconnect ends.
  8. Hold on fella. You claimed pulis (wrong), then you claimed the odds on favourite and do a song and dance about being right when you pushed and pushed about a DOF that would be Bebington or grayson. Neither appear to have been mentioned for that role never mind appointed. In fact, it's been mooted that we won't be having a DoF. Your "source" got 1 out of 3 and that was odds on. Let's see if one of the itk guys does a song and dance about being right if we don't hire a DoF. My guess would be they won't. In other news I had a winner in a horse race yesterday. Odds of 2/1. The bookies are now leaning on me to find out how I knew beforehand ? Only a bit of fun mind.
  9. We're gonna get, we're in for, bids have been made........ Unfortunately we couldn't get any of them over the line!!
  10. He's not the guy I'd have chosen but he is now the man. He gets my backing and hopefully it all goes well. If not, I will find it difficult to blame him. If it goes wrong then Gibson should be the one getting pelters, not woodgate.
  11. I'm going to go full Denzel Zanzibar on you and point out that I posted something along these lines a page before, and If it happens then I'm in the know, completely. It wasn't a guess, or a hope, it was my source. But I can't let you know he told me because he signed a NDA ??
  12. Me neither. Leo is a top bloke but has shown nothing to suggest he is a good number 2 and a proper mentor that someone like woodgate would need. As a gk coach he's OK, but again think we need to cut out the jobs for the old brigade thing. Having said that Heini Otto could be a great shout for DoF if we really are going to hire one.
  13. Most teachers are told they have the job over the phone. I have had 3 jobs confirmed over the phone. Can't see it being an issue tbh.
  14. How can we possibly know that. Because he told us he'll play attaching free flowing football in his interview? Surely others have said the same thing. And can prove it.
  15. So we appoint someone with zero management experience knowing he is going to fit this style. Makes zero sense.
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