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  1. Surely if he is there he plays. Any "injury" would suggest a deal is close
  2. I can see someone taking him for a "nominal" fee. No clue what that ever means. Imagine him in league 2.......easily top scorer playing 60 mins per game. Does that get promotion? Or top 6? Worth 100-250k just for the promotion or chance to go to Wembley. I reckon top end league 1 though. Maybe a Derby type team
  3. I can't see watmore being here after the window closes. Two huge chances in two games squandered when we need to be clinical. He must know he is going to 5th choice at best. I'd guess there will be interest from lower championship clubs or high league 1 teams where he can start games. He may even end up in Scotland
  4. We should throw in a bid for him matching the Italians, and make it very very public. Never getting him for that if Burnley have offered more and would maybe make Groningen think about our bid more seriously. We should have a word with his agent too to tell larsen this is the alternative. Maybe push larsen into agitating more, and handing a request in
  5. Nope. 1 has scored a few goals for a few big teams and has bundles of potential while the other is a big prolific Norwegian lad. #feedthelars
  6. I'm gonna be cautiously optimistic. He said we were close to getting two in time to play last week. (That's the cautious) He's not going to be wrong twice....do, smash the league time ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Reckon it's more an indication of cov. Especially if they lose gyokeres. They were awful against Sunderland, and now getting thumped off a team that were awful against Sunderland!!!
  8. So we have Matthew and Marcus, maybe we could sign lucas jaoa and Jorgen Larsen and complete a biblical transfer window 🤣🤦‍♂️ I know, Jorgen is George, not John 🤦‍♂️
  9. If its available, and it's in his twitter handle...... If he doesn't, suggests we have another lined up? So I'm hoping he takes 99 🤣
  10. No problem with that at all. I've never hounded anyone. I've pointed out that some are clearly made up but it's meant to be a rumours board. We can all make up crap and post it on here and the board becomes an absolute farce. Every single one of us could post today that Neil bowser spoke to one of our mates and said we are after (insert name). What would be the point in that. We know some rumours are rubbish. But if they are from papers, twitter or whatever then its open for discussion and can be debated. But just to make up crap rumours for the sake of attention is sad and pointless. If
  11. I don't hero worship anyone. I believe some people because they have been seen to be on the mark on more than one occasion. However I also reserve the right to not believe someone in the highest positions at the club told a random (or even a mate) that then passed it on to this board. I haven't lambasted anyone. I haven't said anyone's info is false. I've simply pointed out to a person that someone they feel is trustworthy is clearly not.
  12. What? You think a guy that let's say polishes the players alloys at the training ground and sees a new guy and passes that on is divulging "club confidentiality". Treat him the same way as Gibson if you want
  13. Not really. If your source is a tea lady I don't think that them seeing a guy and passing it onto a friend is breaking anyone's confidence really. Not to this extent anyway Edit. I'm pretty sure that Lurker and other itk people have sources that tell them stuff knowing it's going on here too.
  14. Not trying to be funny, but maybe he shouldn't trust the guy!! After all that guy he trusted has now ensured its on a fans forum. Seems quite untrustworthy.
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