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  1. Removing the "give jobs to family and friends" is a really good place to start. Hire people who know the job, and how to succeed in it. Granted a rookie manager of any level is a gamble but there were "apparently" options before we appointed woodgate. High earners like Jokanovic or lesser known managers from lower leagues like stendel or cowley. I honestly don't think we are sitting in the relegation zone with any of those managers at the helm.
  2. There is a huge reason to sack woodgate. We can still survive relegation, but I personally don't think we can with him at the helm. And where does this confidence come from? Well, in order to win games in general, the team needs to have confidence in the manager. If ours do have confidence in woodgate then we are already doomed. I'm sick of having managers that play players in their wrong positions. It's like you have to answer that question incorrectly in the interview to get the job. Just get a manager in that will play players in their best positions and give them a chance to play their best game.
  3. We had a chance to get into the playoffs last season. Pretty much everyone recognised that a change of manager with 10 or so games to go would have given us a chance, and most recognised that even if we did get into the playoffs with the guy in charge, we didn't have the tactical noise to win promotion through them (see the previous season). The one man that didn't recognise any of this was the only person that could make that change. Mr Gibson is sleepwalking into relegation. Most recognise it. Again, the one man that doesn't is the one that could (and should) make the change.
  4. Remember when people kept saying we shouldn't waste any money on certain players on loan because we "aren't going up but aren't going down"?
  5. Sorry guys, I'd have put my life savings on gibson being here today. Glad there weren't any markets on him. He will be gutted. Will be interesting to see what happens now. They've allowed him to be up here and not train with them. Will that stop just because the window is now closed. If so then he was here with there blessing expecting him to come here. Will he return or does dyche want him away from the team. Its very sad for him.
  6. Ben fully expected to be wearing a boro shirt on 1st Feb too. I'm starting to accept its gone now but still hoping.
  7. Coming out of the EU man. Politicians (and their friends) will be making or paying for some new laws. Itll be fine 😂😂
  8. Many ways. A larger salary when we aren't so close to ffp limits. Hell he could give him part of the club after retirement if he wanted to.
  9. Remember it's very special circumstances with Ben. He has a relationship with the chairman that no other player has. And that could mean taking something that will help the club now that could be repaid in the future. This would depend on massive trust that only a family member could offer.....
  10. Get the feeling it will come down to a simple choice for Burnley. Keep a guy who could potentially upset the apple cart despite never playing or get the best you can for him given what the player wants. I follow American football where the player has no say in who they get traded to. I'd much prefer that in football given the huge sums of money players earn but players have all the power. Good for us in this instance I guess but it has bitten us on the butt before
  11. I had a chat with the guy that gave me the info today. Says its the same as my previous post. Expects it to go through today still. I still have faith in him given he said it would be a deadline day deal a week ago and that he still only wants to come here. Gave the impression there may be some digging in of heels (in not so many words).
  12. I was thinking the same with @liquid and Morrison. Checking in to the best forum to see how the fans feel about him 😂😂
  13. Morrison has the feel of a maranelli. I would have happily paid just to watch him doing skills in the warm up, and then he rarely performed in the game. This writeup gives the impression that he doesn't have a particularly bad attitude, just that he doesn't put everything in that he should. For people to say he is genuinely a nice lad in an era when players and clubs tend to have a pop at each other when they part gives me hope. Fingers crossed if it does actually happen. If he shows his true potential in the championship he would tear it a new hole.
  14. As a player I'm still a big fan of maddison. Yes he has only done it at league 1 level but he has done it fairly consistently there. No move for him probably points to his attitude but if we could get them both for the same price wages wise I'd rather take a punt on maddison than Morrison. The attitude thing can seemingly be pointed at both of them but one has produced recently. He won't get 18k anywhere. And I doubt he will when he's a free agent. I'd be pushing for him at a decent outlay. Maybe a million quid.
  15. Well done for minding your p's and q's there. Something that was called while the lady of the public house walked through. Meant mind your pints and quarts.
  16. Don't get this "loans are a waste if money" thing. We have to pay wages to players here. We don't have enough players. We aren't guaranteed to stay up. We aren't guaranteed not to finish top 6. Play the best you can. Finish as high as you can. Don't annoy the fans by accepting 19th when they have paid for season tickets to watch a full season. Finish high and make us a more attractive club for players who may want to sign next season.
  17. Paddy isn't a cb. He can play there as a stop gap but it's not his position. If it was I would be annoyed that he is our free kick and corner taker. *ducks for cover expecting abuse and names of other teams free-kick taking centre halves*
  18. Aren't all of our signings Steve Gibson "undisclosed fee" things. People keep calling for transparency in football and we keep signing players for undisclosed fees. Not wanting to derail the thread or rehash an old argument but I hate them. Wish the authorities would make it a rule that all fees had to be made public, regardless of how complicated the deal is.
  19. Yes. He Wants to come home, and only home. As SDS said, he has made that clear to all parties. He had his best times here. He wants that again. Im still confident it will go through just because of this desire. I wonder what the owner will think of Dyche keeping a guy that doesn't want to be there.
  20. He only wants to come home. Has his heart set on it, regardless of the cost
  21. Erm.... No, not an anagram!!! Just spoke to the person that told me about the gibson thing originally. He reckons it'll all go through on deadline day. Reckons loan with the amount of loan with view to a permanent. Still saying it will cost the club no more than 10k per week.
  22. Either way, selling the stadium (which most fans consider to be "home", and part of the fabric of the club, to another company owned by the same owner) just seems wrong. It should be banned. I understand that if a club is in massive financial difficulties then the club may need to sell the stadium, but if the club is using the sale of the stadium to its own owner as a way of adhering to ffp rules then that is just wrong imo. I think a rule should be made that the club cannot sell their stadium to anyone associated with the club.
  23. Not a clue mate. He certainly doesn't look "weighty" but I'd guess he wouldn't be fully match fit as he has barely played. Hope what I have been told is true and he signs with an option to buy at a given price. Can't imagine it would be huge. Have no idea on that either though.
  24. No I've been told the same but the wages wouldn't be a huge issue. From what I've been told the percentage isn't enormous and the amount wouldn't be a huge issue for the club. Again I can't say more than that. (other than it shouldn't cost the club more than 10k per week apparently)
  25. If the gibson deal goes through, and I'd still be massively shocked if it doesn't, it won't be a bank breaker for the club.
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