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  1. Ha ha! I know football is an emotive issue, but the fact is Boro are no different to most clubs when it comes to signing players, especially when money is tight. I'm not suggesting the club are perfect when it comes to recruitment, but they're nowhere near as bad as some of the meltdowns would suggest. I still say its been a decent window - we've signed a number of players who all (so far) look to have improved the spine of the team, which is what the manager wanted and within a very modest budget too. If that's not an envelope for sustainable business I'd like to see what is.
  2. The fact that the belatedly disclosed information was important enough to force mfc to pull out of the deal, strongly suggests it was important enough for the player/agent to disclose it from the outset.
  3. Whilst I don't question the info that was passed in this case, I have to say it just doesn't make sense to me. The club may, or may not, have failings when recruiting and negotiating new signings, but the suggestion that the relevant documents not being sent off is a scenario I can't buy into. I don't know Bauser well, but enough to know he is infinitely more capable than that scenario suggests. We've had a relatively decent window by any measure, with no major outgoings. One or two more would have been great, but that was mostly down to injuries to Hall and Fletcher. Many clubs have done less business than us Its the same after every window; petulant meltdowns everywhere you look on this board. The club is working within a very limited financial envelope, even before the impact of COVID-19 and if it means pulling the plug on a couple of deals then so be it, because the long term financial stability of the club is all that matters.
  4. There is, as long as you are happy to sift through pages and pages of navel gazing.
  5. I think this thread's title of 'transfers' would be at odds with the trades description act!
  6. I think under Karanka, which was his best football, both he and Leadbitter were under strict instructions to keep possession at all costs, which invariably meant they often turned back and recycled the play through the centre halves, or a lot of passing across the back line. Clsyton showed in the PL what a good player he could he, once he got to grips with the pace.
  7. I'm pretty sure he was with Gary Gill this afternoon, so he's on Teesside at least.
  8. Maybe its down to money then and Blackburn have offered a bigger contract than us?
  9. I think the tone and message from Warnock is clear, not sure why some people refuse to accept it.
  10. I hope this recalibrates some peoples expectations and the misplaced view that the club has been at fault fir not landing their targets. This passage From Warnock is the reality of where we are.
  11. The main reason why I don't post on here more often is the naval gazing that seems to permeate through many comments. Frankly its at times embarrassing and whilst I'm always keen to hear rational and objective debate (with a little passion thrown in too) it often borders on hysteria. We start will a decent squad and a manager whose track record is second to none, at this level. Its strange times and id rather the club operated sensibly, than threw good money after bad. We know the manager wants a few more in certain areas and its obvious the club ate working hard to achieve that. Beyond those facts everything else is guesswork.
  12. I'd be surprised if any of them were close to that, with the exception of McNair; Saville was on a very modest contract at Millwall, Wing came from paret time football and Howson has just signed a reduced terms contract.
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