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  1. Think it will be more because it suits Hull better to do a loan-to-buy in the summer.
  2. Agree with this, Fry is the epitome of a ball-playing centre half and will be a key player under JW, if he stays of course. Comfortable on both feet and can step out when he has the opportunity - I actually think him and Gibson are similar in style when in possession of the ball. In terms of fee's, the benchmark is obviously Webster at £20m - I get the comparisons to Gibson, but fees have become significantly inflated since then. Gibson had a very impressive full season in the PL too, which reduced Burnley's risk considerably. From the clubs point of view, and the player too, I think another season makes the most sense. In a years time Fry could increase his value significantly - he's definitely not at his zenith in terms of a championship clubs selling their biggest asset.
  3. There were a lot of obvious positives last night and lots to be optimistic about, but in balance I hope we don't get carried away too much. Success for Luton will be survival and I think it will be a tough season for them, although they did well in long spells against us. We are still 2/3 short of where we need to be in terms of a team that will be anywhere near trouble the top six and I hope we don't lose some of the pragmatism needed in an effort to be good to watch. Last nights team wasn't the biggest and I understand why JW went with Fletcher and McNair, partly I think for that reason. Having said all that it was great to see us play on the front foot, after probably the worst 18 months of football Ive seen as a Boro fan.
  4. I suspect we're are waiting on outgoings to see what we need to bring in and what money we have to play with, apart from one or two deals that are close. Seems a couple may be moving on unexpectedly from what I'm reading here and elsewhere.
  5. We absolutely need another centre half, even if Gibson stays.
  6. Wasn't there a story in the Gazette about de Roon leaving linked on here earlier? The EG story about De Roon was from an italian report. It does seem like the Echo are currently the clubs weapon of choice, so to speak.
  7. He is *** dreadful. Hope this is rubbish. Ha! No chance, he was awful at Derby and this is probably the most unlikely rumour so far this summer.
  8. Im not sure I see it as a failed experiment, many of his signings added value to what we already had, with the exception of the last window when I recruitment was awful, when it needed to be spot on to keep us up. All managers (or accurately clubs) make poor signings, but overall I actually think the signings made under AK were predominantly successful.
  9. I think the current situation is not an all together unhealthy one, given that there should be some tension between the club and the paper, otherwise the latters reporting of all thing Boro becomes less objective and less challenging. I think the Gazette would want to protect and promote journalistic integrity and the club would want to maximise positive PR and an opportunity to promote their brand. Both can be achieved. The relationship should be respectful and mutually beneficial, but that requires some tact and comprimise from both parties.
  10. Yep, because all we need is 2 FB's. :rolleyes: didnt say i'd be happy for him to go. but if we got the 2 million we paid for him would buy a better fullback anyway. they seen to be about the cheapest position to fill. Out of curiosity - do you have anyone in mind who is a better (and available) full back for 2 mil? we just got christie for that and gunter was for even less. i bet we could get pretty much any fullback in the league for 2-3 million. now fabio might be a decent option but if he wants out then our hands are tied and we'd have to buy a replacement. i'm not saying sell him for the craic. i thought that was obvious really, why sell someone from first team squad if you dont need to. bit vague and open for interpretation what i initially commented so i guess i deserve the interrogation :D To be fair Gunter had a release clause in his contract and Christie was in the final year of his contract, so both fees were artificially low.
  11. Could you rely on Gaston, Traore and Bamford to track back and help out with the defence effectively? It's all good having a seemingly fluent attack on paper but I feel like we'd get done on the counter, especially if Howson was pushing up too. I don't think the wingers have to track back as much in a Monk system, The defensive side of things are a natural side of his game, so I don't think thats too much of an issue.
  12. If he does go with the diamond formation then you'd expect the first three of the midfield four to be Clayton at the base with De Roon and Howson in the central positions.
  13. Watching him in the play offs he didn't look that great in either game, less technique than friend but I guess it depends on what monk wants from his full backs. He's pretty meh to be honest. I thought he was Readings best player in the Play off final and nearly all their best moments came down the right hand side (albeit there wasn't lots of them to be truthful). He's technically very good, but better coming forward than he is going the other way. One of those players who never reached the heights he was expected to as a youngster, but he's come back into form in the later stages of his career. Im a little surprised given he seems to be a similar type of player to Fabio, so I'm guessing Monk wants his full-backs to push on into midfield.
  14. It's not being dissected to the nth degree, it's pretty clear what Gibson meant when he said it. There is a hell of a lot of discussion about it over the last few pages for something that's pretty clear People are frustrated with the lack of public transfer activity and are taking it out on the chairman. For all we know he's spending all day on the phone to clubs and agents trying to get deals done. Yep, a pretty straightforward and honest statement has (not for the first time) been used as a rod to beat him over the head with. He wants us to go up and with style, who doesn't - it was an honest (if slightly emotive) answer to a direct question?
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