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  1. *** poor strikers the lot of them, actually make me want to tear what little hair i have left out. literally get rid of the lot of them and maybe loan coburn out as a development. Rest i couldn't care less about sporar,connolly and balogun all not good enough, i dont class watmore as a striker either he was more effective on the wing imo. honestly the entire team needs sorting because its not just the strikers, we need a keeper, defense needs another CB and probably another LWB and the midfield just looks so flat there's just no spark what so ever its so pedestrian
  2. Imagine half the people in there probably don't remember when our most successful manager ever had a season ticket launched at him in the dugout 😂 that's the bar i use to Gage toxicity levels now days
  3. Tell ya what we need a huge overhaul in summer , only a few players are even good enough in this entire team to push for promotion
  4. Connolly making lee dong gook look like Ronaldo.. Absolute howler of loan, at least with balogun you can see he has potential. Coburn/watmore should be on for him all day everyday
  5. Think we just need to remember where we were heading under warnock and were we are at the moment. Atleast we still have a chance at the playoffs, under warnock that wasn't possible. If we go up great fantastic BUT i honestly would prefer another full season before we go up,get to the summer clear the deadwood out and bring in some quality that were desperately lacking in key areas and start on the front foot next season and not have to play catchup because of all the needless points we've thrown away under warnock. remember wilder is here for the medium/long term because theres
  6. this right! multiple moments during the game both of them had the ball and were taking impossible shots instead of just playing in another man in space for an almost certain goal. wilder will 100% be miffed because its just pure selfish gameplay from players who so far are not good enough to go at it alone.
  7. It's just frustrating that most of our goals come from crooks and our striker's can't seem to finish anything. We don't even have a 10 goal a season striker ATM never mind a 20+
  8. Not convinced either Connolly and balogun are an upgrade on sporar+watmore. I'd even take big uche over both of them at this point
  9. is it just me that misses having a big physical presence upfront? Like our strikers just seems so weak its unreal, there is literally zero chance of any hold up play because they just get sent to narnia everytime the balls played up to them.
  10. Any links for tonight don't usually ask if someone could PM or something would be greatly appreciated 👍
  11. big problem is our formation i'd be playing with a back 4 against these because as you can see dijksteel is way off the pace and getting caught out of position leaving isiah to clean up. there just chipping balls over the back line for fun and we cant stop it. Taylor very lucky also played bruno onside whilst rest kept a tight line. Just need to be brave now and try get at them because there is space in behind united but at the moment we are *** about instead of playing it early into space. and the less said about lumley the better what a liabili
  12. actually pisses me off. Theres games getting called off left right and center even upto the day of the game, but nope we have 19 players and staff out with covid and still have to play and if we dont they'll deduct us 3 points just to make us an example again... absolute *** the EFL are, they've always had it out for us and always will.
  13. Jesus christ how has he missed that! Our nanna would have finished that 😂
  14. i'd personally go for farke over wilder but sounds like its already a done deal, but atleast its an improvement over warnock so cant be disappointed. What's weird is scott being norwich's DoF and farke being sacked same time as warnock and having worked together previously plus the fact nothing officially has been announced yet has my tinfoil hat thinking people are saying wilder to deflect attention from farke. either way glad warnocks gone cant take anymore of those shambolic team self implosion performances and blame the ref's anymore. onwards and upwards!
  15. It has my friend, ever since pulis my passion has slowly faded, I still lurk and watch games I just think I lost my energy to rant about the same mistakes in appointments over the last 3-4 years.
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