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  1. It has my friend, ever since pulis my passion has slowly faded, I still lurk and watch games I just think I lost my energy to rant about the same mistakes in appointments over the last 3-4 years.
  2. Don't even care about the result , this is one hell a depressing display. Feeling rough off first vid jab and this isn't helping at all 😟. Time to call it quits Neil and give someone else a crack cuz this is diabolical.
  3. i now understand why wing hasn't been anywhere near the first team playing like that, he's so wasteful and does nothing to break up play in the midfield.
  4. come on neil get some subs on man half the team look dead on their feet
  5. honestly britt is so bad it hurts watching him miss sitters every game especially tight games like this... drop him and just run akpom instead.
  6. yup entire defense needs demolishing they are complete garbage
  7. already accepted that its probably a very low finish/relegation and i blame no one else but gibson for it. his constant bad decisions have led us to this point and its unfair to blame woodgate its not like he was going to say no to the job. Then the shocking transfer window just adds to the dross we see now...
  8. we are complete garbage, honestly deserve to be in league 1 at this rate.
  9. how the *** is that not given. clear attempt on goal blocked by his arm????
  10. Good lad paddy ,.well deserved after the performances he's put in
  11. Nice to see we have some competent referees again ?
  12. impossible to find links anymore, all the main sites and discords are shut down
  13. in the words of tony mowbray , It is What it is. Gibson showed zero backing for woody in transfer window and this is what happens.
  14. can't fault woodgate and the staff. It's gibson and the recruitment team that have let the club down and ultimately will lead us to a mid-table finish.
  15. 8M lmao what for his left toenail. Behave burnley ya tight gits
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