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  1. we are complete garbage, honestly deserve to be in league 1 at this rate.
  2. how the *** is that not given. clear attempt on goal blocked by his arm????
  3. Good lad paddy ,.well deserved after the performances he's put in
  4. Nice to see we have some competent referees again ?
  5. impossible to find links anymore, all the main sites and discords are shut down
  6. in the words of tony mowbray , It is What it is. Gibson showed zero backing for woody in transfer window and this is what happens.
  7. can't fault woodgate and the staff. It's gibson and the recruitment team that have let the club down and ultimately will lead us to a mid-table finish.
  8. 8M lmao what for his left toenail. Behave burnley ya tight gits
  9. hope to never see shotton in a boro shirt ever again. honestly never seen a worse defender in all my life, he can't pass ,can't defend literally the definition of useless
  10. swear to god if i see shotton launch another ball to no mans land im guna neck myself.
  11. I Mean the whole thing is a complete farce, all you can do is laugh and accept that gibson has lost his *** mind. enjoy the rollercoaster fellas.
  12. Please god no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. Just gutless again man... im so sick of this genuinely the only good thing that can come of this season is if leeds bottle it. that's how depressing it's become to support boro.
  14. very lucky to win, as soon as we play a decent team we get exposed and fortunately got away with it today.
  15. hahah that team has got to be a wind up. my nan is more an attacking threat than that line up.
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