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  1. so now we cant even protest, the riverside has become a dictatorship :funny:
  2. dont forget lads, its all martin braithewait's fault :D
  3. robbed a living hugill , almost as big a con man as TP
  4. i honestly dont see the point in setting up so defensively when we have absolute clowns in defense.
  5. yellow card for ayala, wonder what the odds are he gets a second hmmm
  6. hard to say what the exact score will be but no doubt a loss. norwich are head and shoulders above us atm and play with confidence. sorry for the downer but just being realistic.
  7. Just not going happen is it realistically , gibson doesn't give a *** about us fans anymore. He does as he pleases because this club is nothing but his little toy to play with. If pulis was going to be sacked it would have been done weeks ago.
  8. adomah with the cherry on top... an actual living nightmare.
  9. I think gibson is Theresa may in disguise , ***ing clueless.
  10. past caring just want this season to be over and a new manager
  11. ***ing hell britts missed an absolute sitter, one of the worst misses iv'e seen
  12. this trash will never change until he's gone, players have had any attacking sense coached out of them.
  13. this is like being in an abusive relationship with no way out. tony pulis keeps beating us to death, but you cant stop watching because you love your club.
  14. its gone already damn it. its working again, but since its on twitch it could be banned at any moment. edit: jinxed myself its banned.
  15. haha, im done we are so ***ing ***e its unbelievable. see ya'll when tony pulis is gone.
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