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  1. Yes You'd think they'd have got the hang of it by now. Bloody frustrating.
  2. Also I believe Woodgate rates Gibson. I recall an interview with Gibson in which he related that after Woodgate left the club he used to watch him in matches and contact him with critiques of his performance.
  3. Thought I read somewhere in this topic that we're close to tying down a 3yr contract with Howson?
  4. Still all quiet on the transfer front then...
  5. Wrong time to do it if we're leaving Europe at the end of this month 🤔
  6. Listening to his interview following the match last Sat he did say that he would prefer to remain here and he was aware that any contract offered would not be as good as his current one. Maybe he doesn't consider money to be the be all and end all, and is happy with his lot. Time will tell of course.
  7. Has anyone mentioned Lee Dong-gook, or is the memory too painful?
  8. I think Parlour was signed in the hope/expectation he'd be another Merson for us.
  9. No, the fat cats in boardrooms of major companies do the rounds too. Perhaps other than those who get a big payoff, retire and have all their investments in offshore tax havens.
  10. Quote fro Reading fans' website: I'd also like to make a shout out to Middlesbrough as a much better than expected away day. Its consistently voted the worst place to live in the UK, but it's a nice walk from the station to the ground. There was also a great pub next to the station showing the cricket and early and late kick offs. Boro fans and punters very friendly and good chat. Also saw Middlesbrough were giving free advertising to Zoe's Place, a children's hospice in the area which is due to close because of funding. I'll happily be contributing a bit.
  11. Why try to stop the ball when he was obviously offside. No trust in the officials?
  12. I agree with you regarding Fry's positioning for both goals. Bit surprised that he was playing on the right and Shotton on the left.
  13. Birdie

    A bit of fun

    Gets my vote too.
  14. Birdie

    Steve Gibson

    I did clearly state that it was optional.
  15. Birdie

    Steve Gibson

    Hmm, that's probably why he didn't reply to my offer of £50 and a lifetime season ticket.
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