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  1. The government should have acted sooner, as had been the case all the way through this Pandemic. They were caught on the back foot at the start and then squandered the opportunity in the summer to better prepare for what the experts told them to expect. It didn't help that they also saw it as an opportunity to give favours (at our expense) to their mates and party donors, who weren't up to the job either.
  2. Not wishing to be too pedantic, but should the horizontal white chest band be horizontal when the player is too? Too much of an artistic liberty for my sensibilities.
  3. I suspect Woodrow, the guy we're reputed to be after from Burnley, will fill that position if things work out.
  4. Birdie


    It also doesn't help that lots of people enter this country legally and aren't tested.
  5. Assuming that clubs are having to reduce their outlay in the current circumstances and If the worse should happen that we don't get the cover we require by the time the window closes I wonder whether there is likely to be any decent players still be available on a free?
  6. It would be a miracle if we could get Christ to sign for us 😏
  7. Yes You'd think they'd have got the hang of it by now. Bloody frustrating.
  8. Also I believe Woodgate rates Gibson. I recall an interview with Gibson in which he related that after Woodgate left the club he used to watch him in matches and contact him with critiques of his performance.
  9. Thought I read somewhere in this topic that we're close to tying down a 3yr contract with Howson?
  10. Still all quiet on the transfer front then...
  11. Wrong time to do it if we're leaving Europe at the end of this month πŸ€”
  12. Listening to his interview following the match last Sat he did say that he would prefer to remain here and he was aware that any contract offered would not be as good as his current one. Maybe he doesn't consider money to be the be all and end all, and is happy with his lot. Time will tell of course.
  13. Has anyone mentioned Lee Dong-gook, or is the memory too painful?
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