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  1. No, the fat cats in boardrooms of major companies do the rounds too. Perhaps other than those who get a big payoff, retire and have all their investments in offshore tax havens.
  2. Quote fro Reading fans' website: I'd also like to make a shout out to Middlesbrough as a much better than expected away day. Its consistently voted the worst place to live in the UK, but it's a nice walk from the station to the ground. There was also a great pub next to the station showing the cricket and early and late kick offs. Boro fans and punters very friendly and good chat. Also saw Middlesbrough were giving free advertising to Zoe's Place, a children's hospice in the area which is due to close because of funding. I'll happily be contributing a bit.
  3. Why try to stop the ball when he was obviously offside. No trust in the officials?
  4. I agree with you regarding Fry's positioning for both goals. Bit surprised that he was playing on the right and Shotton on the left.
  5. Birdie

    A bit of fun

    Gets my vote too.
  6. Birdie

    Steve Gibson

    I did clearly state that it was optional.
  7. Birdie

    Steve Gibson

    Hmm, that's probably why he didn't reply to my offer of £50 and a lifetime season ticket.
  8. Birdie

    Steve Gibson

    No doubt there should be criticism, but it needs to be tempered with realism. Unfortunately, because of our location in the country, it costs more to attract decent players. This puts the club either at a financial disadvantage or footballing disadvantage (in terms of the ability of the players we can attract for the same outlay as other clubs). In the past the financial disadvantage was acceptable because it brought periods of success, something I imagine Gibson was hoping to achieve when he threw money at Monk's purchases in an attempt at a quick return to the Premiership (as Newcastle had recently achieved and as had worked in for the Boro previously). His failing has perhaps been not to notice that other clubs had been having success on smaller budgets by investing in talent from the lower leagues. It also seems that comparison with Burnley and others might be a little unfair because they all are somewhat nearer the cities of London Manchester and Liverpool. We are near Newcastle and Sunderland (in better times) and, from either a family-centric or leisure perspective we are not as attractive because of our past association with heavy industry, 'it's grim up North' etc. This will no doubt be something considered by investors also. Mike Ashley has a Premier League club that he can't get rid of. Also, as has been previously mentioned, for every successful team there are plenty of others whose fans think the grass will be greener and success assured by a change of owner or manager, only to be bitterly disappointed. The Brentford match shows how fickle fate is.
  9. It's seems to be a problem generally for the Boro to attract players without having to offer inflated wages. Presumably this can be attributed to our distance from London and the bad press that the town and area itself is given, usually based on historic southern bias rather than good journalism.
  10. Does 'one more signing' simply mean that any others will be loans? Or is it that we can manage one more player on the wage bill without having to sell? Maybe it's a compromise. Woody keeps Assombalonga and Fry on the understanding that our finances can accommodate only one more player in, loan or otherwise?
  11. Wasn't something similar said about Braithwaite just before he left?
  12. It's already been announced on here. What more can they do?
  13. With the comments about Fletcher not assisting Coulson I think that put additional pressure on Shotton, causing him to be 'caught between two stools' on occasions, in addition to not being a naturally left-sided player?
  14. Depends on whether it's 20 years to the day, I suppose.
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