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  1. I think, unfortunately, that our defensive and midfield players are mostly brain dead. Unless they've been threatened with castration by Warnock, why else would they persist in lumping the ball forward at every opportunity when it was patently obvious that we were hardly ever going to win aerial battles against their defence?
  2. The outcome of this match can, in my mind, be attributed to three things : 1. Our previous two performances/results and Bristol City's recent run of form led our players (perhaps unconsciously) to believe we would win without trying too hard. Whereas Bristol City players all had to something to prove to their new manager. 2. We didn't seem to approach the game in the same way as the previous two matches with man marking and an emphasis on making it difficult for them to break us down, perhaps because of reason 1. 3. Our style of play is governed by the unfortunate fact that we
  3. If you sign up to mfc.co.uk you get about 10 mins of highlights and, if you can wait a day or so, the full match (not sure if this is just the home games).
  4. The fact that we've got transfers is exciting. 😀
  5. Perhaps not, unless cover in midfield is required.
  6. That might depend on how the defence is organised, given recent signing and return to fitness of Hall. It makes McNair available to step back into midfield.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe many of our recent defeats have occurred when Dijksteel wasn't playing.
  8. Gilmour not going anywhere? https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/transfers/tuchel-suggests-billy-gilmour-will-not-be-leaving-chelsea-this-month/
  9. Glad we're showing interest in Fisher; if only because the news has disentangle this thread from the matchday thread.
  10. Is Diedhiou just being mentioned as an example or is there a firm rumour (bit of an oxymoron) to that effect?
  11. If it can be watched online why can't BBC Tees do the commentary from that?
  12. Having only read back through the last couple of pages of comments there seems to be the view that we should have beaten Sheff Wed because of their current position and recent performances. People seem to be overlooking the effect that getting rid of Pulis will have had on them, somewhat raising their spirits no doubt and thus the quality of their performance. It was enough to earn them a win on a night when our performance dipped. As gets quoted often, "In the Championship anyone can beat anyone else"
  13. If both Morsey and Saville are fit for the next game he might get a rest, or a spell on the bench.
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