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  1. Rooney has left. Seems ominous. Either they are doomed or have soon to be new owners who don't want him (or who he doesn't want).
  2. When I chose my username I wanted something Boro related which also reflected something about me. White Band reflects our kit and my playing in a band (pre-covid - we didn't restart because a couple of key people had moved on).
  3. 🤣 at least I'm honest about it.
  4. The white band is instantly recognisable as our kit. Not Liverpool's, not Forest's, not Northampton's, but ours. Without a band, it isn't really a Boro top to me - it's just another generic red top that half the teams in the country seem to play in.
  5. I'm quite happy to have Downing as our manager at some point in the future IF (and only if...) he has already proved himself in management at the same level. I don't want a repeat of Woodgate (brought in as cheap option without experience and only because of his connection to the club). It wasn't good for Woodgate or for us.
  6. When he signed, I expected Bamba to be a 0. He has totally surpassed my expectations. I am disappointed that he isn't staying on - I'd hoped we would keep him on in a player-coach role as I think he would have excelled in that sort of role.
  7. Bye bye Forest. Thank you for adding to Spence's value.
  8. I don't think it's that unusual for people to have a second team. Darlington and Spennymoor are my second teams (which hasn't worked quite so well since Darlo's mega relegation - it was much simpler when one was lower league and the other non league). Rangers are my Scottish team. However, they are my second teams and in a match against Boro I only have loyalty to one team.
  9. We seem more likely to concede than to score again, and that is nothing to do with Connolly coming on.
  10. I've been saying for a while that I have two concerns about Wilder: 1) Inability to motivate the players. This has been a problem with previous managers as well, but I had hoped Wilder would solve it. 2) Lack of a plan B.
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