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  1. Sky have finally mentioned us. Verdict was that the physios had had a better run out than some of the players. Sounded pretty damning!
  2. I'm not sure Sky have even mentioned our game today...
  3. Another 2nd half comeback from QPR but didn't manage to get the win. Barnsley had been 2-0 up at half time. Perhaps Tuesday hadn't been quite as bad as I'd thought.
  4. When was the last time we had the same two players score two games in a row? Oh dear. ...
  5. We are doing a good job of proving Woodgate's theory at the moment, and I would prefer us not to...
  6. That was an eventful couple of minutes!! Time to take advantage...
  7. Goals from two new signings. Can't complain about that!!!
  8. I think it was a good result - but I thought I was in the minority!
  9. Fulham 3-1 up already. Our point could end up looking like a very good result.
  10. You needed to post this earlier so that we got a goal earlier! 😅
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