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  1. Charlton losing at the moment. Norwich could be relegated in 2 hours time.
  2. Clotet has left Brum now rather than the end of the season
  3. We're still ahead of them. Just need to make sure teams below us don't pick up more points than we do. Some of them play each other, unfortunately, so we need to somehow make sure we pick up more points. A win and a draw might just be enough as long as losses don't dent our goal difference too much. Think we probably need to somehow get two wins, though.
  4. Bristol City held on to beat Hull. Good result for us
  5. They could easily get 9 points from next 3 games. Play Barnsley, Hull then Charlton.
  6. Wigan have won. Could stay up even if they get the points deduction.
  7. Where are people watching the hull game?
  8. Their next games are against Stoke and Charlton, too. Seem to have gone downhill since Clotet announced he was leaving at end of season.
  9. We need Bristol to win. Don't care about score as long as they beat Hull. Yes, dishing out a thrashing could boost their confidence - but it could also make them complacent.
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