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  1. I think Ripley needs to drop down to League 1 if he wants to re-establish himself. He did well on his loans there, but has not achieved with any of his Championship clubs. He made very few appearances for Preston.
  2. I know nothing about the lad, but a striker who can score penalties is an improvement on one who skies them and then grins as if he thinks it is clever.
  3. Given the transporter bridge theme this year, I wonder whether we will get transporter blue for the away kit again. I loved that away kit, until Sunderland went and copied it a couple of years later.
  4. I like it. The background image, lower badge and lower band seem to make the sponsor logo less glaring.
  5. Is the audio distorted for everyone, or is it a problem with my tablet?
  6. I'm guessing the black lines are the transporter bridge, then...
  7. I suspect that it may just be a bad picture of the outgoing kit with the lines people have mentioned being caused by bad lighting.
  8. Remember that if Woody is involved in the game it is more difficult to play against ten men
  9. Looks like Brentford are going to bottle the playoffs again. When was the last time all three relegated teams got promoted? Edit: Brentford back in it now
  10. It says it is by mutual consent. Not sure which party has someone/something else lined up. If Wolves have pushed him out that could come back to bite them. Not sure they'd really be able to do better.
  11. I'm going to go and watch some cycling on catch up to get rid of the taste of today's football.
  12. Don't know as I was watching us. There was a Waghorn injury, but not sure how long that took.
  13. They finished the first half about ten minutes later than everyone else.
  14. Oh well. Rubbish from us, and not the results I wanted elsewhere.
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