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  1. We still need to ensure Championship survival for this season, and have not guaranteed it yet. At the moment we have one fit centre back and he is a 17 year old who made his league debut last weekend. We have two midfielders who can cover at centre back and have been doing a respectable job there when called upon to do so. It would only take a couple of losses with otger results going against us for us to be teetering just above the drop zone again and at risk of a relegation battle. Going into the next phase of the season with one fit CB would be very risky. We have no idea when any of the injured players will be back in the match squad and if they will stay fit. All four of them have already re-injured this season.
  2. I'm not convinced it's the best move for either him or us, and have said so from the start, but I'm very much in the minority. Everyone seems to be expecting things to be the same as they were before he left, and I think both Ben and fans are going to end up disappointed. Coming back will not magically solve everything for Ben, and there is a lot of expectation and therefore pressure being built up around him. It will take a while to regain match fitness and the level he was at in our promotion and premier league seasons, and there are no guarantees he will regain his former level. I would love to be proved wrong, but I think people will end up disappointed like they were after Downing and Woodgate came back as players. It will only take a couple of poor performances for the Facebook fans to turn (some of which would be anger directed at Dyche) and then the crowd gets nervy and he's under more pressure. I think he would be better rebuilding his career somewhere else out of the spotlight, rather than trying to turn back a clock which won't go back to the same place it was.
  3. In that case Fry stays and Gibbo goes on loan elsewhere. I'm not sure what Dyche thinks he would gain from bullying us into selling him a player who doesn't want to go there. Does he really want to sign someone who doesn't want to play for him?
  4. Brum scored but I think the ref had already blown whistle?
  5. Can we finish now? I don't want them to score again. Don't trust the ref either
  6. Wing struggling as well now. I'm concerned we could end up playing with 10
  7. I'm afraid the ref fancies Birmingham... every decision is going their way.
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