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  1. I went to the village coop. Still no meat at all (haven't been able to buy any from anywhere for around 2 weeks now). Very little fresh veg or fruit - managed mushrooms and grapes. They also had blueberries but they didn't look very good, and one bag of stir fry veg. There was plenty of milk, a little bit of butter and cheese and two cartons of fresh cranberry juice. Freezer section almost completely empty (chips, hash browns and ice cream were the main things left). Some rice available but I didn't need any. No flour of any sort, or toiletries or toilet roll (looks like I need to continue using bubble bath as soap!). There were some cleaning products. I'm in a vulnerable group on medical grounds and have been needing to do far more traipsing around to look for food the last couple of weeks than I ever have before. Was out for 4 hours on Saturday trying different places (I have several supermarkets which are around half an hour away, but they are in different directions from where I live) and came back with 3 courgettes, a butternut squash and some bubble bath to use as soap. Friday afternoon was spent attempting and largely failing to do an online food shop. Morrisons are booked for 8pm on Saturday 4th April which was the first slot I could book from anywhere. Tescos, Asda and Sainsbury's literally had no delivery slots I could book within the next month. I'm hoping I might be able to add to the Morrisons order before next weekend as it is currently a very weird order due to the amount of stuff out of stock. I keep a week's worth of snow supplies in over the winter (things that are non-perishable and can be heated up on a camping stove). Some of those have now been eaten and there is another lot of snow to come at some point. I would expect it next week as it is normally just after lambing starts round here. Hope it doesn't stop my Morrison's order reaching me!
  2. Northern league suspended until 3rd April as well now. Just the National League running, and lots of games postponed there.
  3. From a purely epidemiological point of view, it is a sensible approach. Time will tell whether it is a smart move in reality. The approach is dependent on the virus staying largely the same (enough for our immune systems to recognise that they have antibodies against it and for those antibodies to work correctly) and on our being able to keep those who are most vulnerable away from the virus until herd immunity has developed. If the virus mutates significantly (it is a coronavirus which is the same family as the common cold and the cold virus mutates a lot) then when other countries lift restrictions and get a second peak the new version could re-enter here and we'd be back to square one. If that happened, the countries with a second peak and mutated version of the virus would be totally screwed as it would go round everyone again if it was significantly different. The approach being taken also depends on people being willing to do things like reducing their contact with those who are most vulnerable to serious complications from the virus. I fear the old 'family first' motto may put paid to that if people are unwilling to stop visiting vulnerable relatives in care homes etc because they have a right to do what they want with their relatives and seeing them is more important in their eyes than protecting them from this unknown thing they haven't understood.
  4. The club opted out of iFollow anyway and chose to do its own thing instead. I'm not sure it would suddenly be able to set iFollow up at this point. Edit: I think a more likely scenario would be for the club to open the riverside live access to those in the UK, but I would be concerned about the site's capacity.
  5. I think Burnley want Ben gone because they feel he is a bad influence there but - just like us with Braithwaite - they want their valuation to be matched. I would be very surprised if Ben ever played for them again. If one of our players had acted like he has then we would be furious and people would be saying they didn't ever want the player to play for us again. In my view there are a lot of similarities with the Braithwaite situation except that Braithwaite was actually good enough to play for us. Yes Dyche has probably had a hand in it in mismanaging Ben, but Ben really has not acted in a very professional manner. If I was a Burnley fan I would be seriously hacked off with Ben.
  6. Thanks. Agnew was only caretaker manager, not permanent, so he doesn't count. Based on those statistics Woody currently has the second worst win percentage out of permanent Boro managers...
  7. The way we're heading the target for next season will probably be league 1 survival... 😞
  8. What is our lowest win % for a permanent manager?
  9. You mean it happened in the world of Woody and Steve Gibson?
  10. I thought for a minute that you were saying Nigel Clough and Viduka were being linked to coaching posts and wondered why on earth people thought Clough would leave Burton to come and work under Woody!
  11. Yes it did. Their substitutions and change of formation exploited our weaknesses and Woody did not have the tactical nous to know how to make substitions himself to deal with it.
  12. Most people seem to be expecting us to win against Charlton, Stoke, Hull and Huddersfield. I personally think that is rather unrealistic. We might manage a point off Charlton and/or Huddersfield. I don't see us getting anything from Stoke or Hull. Stoke are solid at home and O'Neil knows what is needed to exploit our weaknesses. Our home game against Hull showed just how much Grant McCann could outsmart Woody tactically, and that will not have changed.
  13. Sky are really sucking up to Woody. FT. 1 point better than none I suppose.
  14. We're going to completely throw away the points now...
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