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  1. Fulham would be out of sight if it wasn't for Brentford's goal keeper
  2. Don't think Charlton are really in a position to do anything. They don't have an official owner, so no-one has the authority to start that sort of thing off. My friend who is a Charlton says that they are on the verge of being chucked out of the league due to repeated failures to follow EFL rules and meet EFL requirements.
  3. And two of those players do not currently have contracts and we do not know for certain that they will be offered new contracts on terms which are acceptable to them.
  4. We currently only have Fry and Wood as central defenders. Fry is best with someone more experienced alongside him. Wood has hardly any first team experience at this level. Dijksteel and McNair can cover there, but it would weaken other positions. Right/left back we have Dijksteel, Spence and Coulson (with the latter two being better as wing backs) plus Howson can cover there. We are as short in deference as we are on the wings. I would actually consider an experienced CB to play alongside Fry (or two CBs if Fry moves on) to be our top priority for recruitment.
  5. Perhaps the purple one will put strikers off by mesmerising them with its beauty.
  6. If you look closely, it does have a black band on the front. (I think - unless my eyes have been tricked by some sort of optical illusion)
  7. Same stripes as the front. Can't add it to basket, though - think too many people are trying
  8. Grr. Club website can't cope with traffic. Have been trying to add to basket for 15 minutes now.
  9. I wonder what our third kit will be. I assume that we will need one for Bournemouth as both would be deemed as clashes?
  10. Will it be Brentford's first championship play off final?
  11. Think it's going to be a Brentford v Fulham final. Could go either way between them.
  12. I love the home kit and love the away kit. Might have to get both. Can't remember when I last got an away kit (the turquoise one which they called something else?)
  13. I hope Bristol City don't do a white band this year. It really irritated me the year they did that. I know it's irrational, but it felt like they had stolen part of our identity.
  14. I love that top. Just a shame that the sponsor and tagline spoil it. Wish there was an option of paying a bit extra to get it without. My favourite kit ever was the year we had the monthly sponsors and the shirt was sold without one. I notice that we are being told to set our limits (? = don't expect to achieve anything?) whereas the other 32Red teams have more positive tag lines. Did the club get to choose which tag line it wanted?
  15. I would expect him to have better options than us. Why would he want to sign for a bottom end Championship club when he's been in a club targeting the premier league?
  16. I think it's a sensible appointment given the circumstances. Our first competitive game of next season is less than seven weeks away. Trying to find a new manager, rebuild the squad and implement a new playing style (which seem to be the three things people were wanting) would have been unrealistic in the time available. I think Warnock will be able to stabilise us - we were in freefall before he came. I am not expecting us to be challenging for promotion next season (Cardiff had much better foundations when Warnock took over there) but I also don't expect us to still be fighting for survival on the final day of the season.
  17. I've been having the same dilemma. 😃 I hate Villa, but also hate playing against them. Couldn't decide whether them staying up was better or worse than us having to play them.
  18. Can't help but feel that serves Watford right. They would have been more likely to hang on if they'd kept Pearson. The point Villa gained from Hawkeye not seeing Sheffield United's clear goal has kept them up and relegated Bournemouth. Still think it was an appalling decision for that goal not to be given.
  19. Are Bournemouth about to do a Swansea and pull off the unexpected in the final game? Wouldn't mind them staying up and Villa coming down.
  20. Watford a goal down already
  21. Didn't realise it was a playoff today. Thought it was just the prem. I think Swans will probably win their playoff because Brentford seem to be choking. Premier league I think it will be Bournemouth and Watford coming down with Norwich. Think Villa can probably get a point against West Ham. Bournemouth and Watford have trickier matches against Everton and Arsenal, especially as Arsenal are going to have a point to prove after their last game. Even a win wouldn't be enough for Bournemouth if Villa get a point. That goal which wasn't given due to Hawkeye, which gave Villa an extra point, could have made a difference to who goes down...
  22. Bola was only eligible if we were unable to name a full team due to injuries.
  23. Perhaps Brum are on a mission to retire all their one and two digit numbers so that they can confuse everyone (refs included) with three digital ones. 🤣
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