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  1. Which Pearson? Nigel Pearson as manager (I'd rather keep Warnock...) or the Preston player that's just signed a new contract there (was mentioned on here before he signed new contract)?
  2. If we're including loans, did Kalas have two loans with us (or was it the other defender we had on loan around the same time)?
  3. Stuart Parnaby. I think Johnson resigned after his contract had already run out? Bamforď? Or does he not count with the first one being a loan.
  4. The lamp is confused again - it's aligned itself to the manager it worked for before...
  5. Leadbitter assist for his second as well
  6. Reading this thread, you would think we'd been beat 5-0 for the tenth game in a row!🤣
  7. I know. I wouldn't boo him either. I'm just cross we didn't recognise what his tactics would be. We totally played into his hands.
  8. Are we allowed to boo Karanka for that? Seems the Riverside is his fortress.
  9. Clayts and Juke coming on. You can just see a Clayton assist and Juke goal coming...
  10. No. But I recognise we might be lucky to get one, let alone 3...
  11. Seems that being back at the Riverside has inspired Friend... we need him to forget how to defend!
  12. The way Bettinelli behaves, I'm not sure we can really criticise other teams for time wasting.
  13. Go! Get us lots of goals! Tav looks like he's wearing tights under his socks.
  14. Was Walker on loan at MK dons last season as well, or was it one of our other youngsters?
  15. Tav's played fine but he's been booked earlier for losing his temper. He's normally more level headed.
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