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  1. Ha. Yeah, Redbull, right. You think we're an attractive proposition at the moment? Honestly? We're a small club with a small fan base. Investors are looking for a return, a source of profit, or at least a publicity machine. Thinking there's a long line of billionaires who want to buy us - and Gibbo is not listening - is deluded. As to why bother; the fact that we are badly run, poorly managed, have thrown away millions on rubbish, doesnt change the fact that it's my team. I can still point out that rich people are not invested in Boro like we are.
  2. That assumes that there's anyone with any interest in taking over a relegation facing Championship club with one season in the premier league in the last decade, in a depressed area of the UK, with a limited fanbase, no great history, and which needs a complete overhaul in staffing throughout the organisation, from scouting to manager. Oh, and as a bonus, you need to sink a million quid a month just to keep it running,
  3. So, Strachan should have stayed on? No. Woodgate is out of his depth; sure he's got excuses piled up now, but the entire season has been a mess. No tactical awareness, no game plan, no improvement from pre-season. He had a decent enough squad from last year, added a couple of players that he specifically wanted, and has somehow come up with a sluggish, inept mess. There's enough quality in the squad that we shouldn't be near the bottom. Yes, Gibson shouldn't have hired him. No it's not his fault he did. But he surely knows by now that whatever his grand powerpoint plan was, it
  4. Wouldn't be on the back of it though, it'd be on the back of one win in 12 (which was against the worst team in the league), no clear plan, no tactical awareness, etc. Not that it will happen. Woodgate should walk though.
  5. McNair just wasting a rare attack with a terrible cross.
  6. That should have been 2 - 0. Our defense is a shambles.
  7. Hull had Bola and Coulson on the bench, with Clayton, who've at least played a game for us. Barnsley are the worst team in the league, so put the kids out, fine, regardless. Not entirely convinced that fielding the same weak subs as against Barnsley 3 days ago means I should be used to it. Or happy with it against one of the best teams in the league. And I know it's because we have no-one else, that's whats worrying.
  8. Which, on recent appearances, is terrifying in itself.
  9. Wing one was a foul, but it wasn't high, it wasn't studs up and wasn't dangerous. Coulson one didn't look, from the replays, like anything much. Coulson possibly got kicked by their player, possibly trod on his toes, but nowt more than that. He did drop like he'd been shot mind.
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