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  1. Absolutely dire performance. Just awful to watch. Far worse than a Pulis game, even, where at least it looked like we knew what we were doing, even if it was horribly defensive. This looked like kick and chase, playground nonsense at times. Reliant on mistakes being made by Wigan under the press. No real passing game. And not even a reliable defense - we were lucky in extra time not to ship a goal or three. I appreciate Woodgate is new to this - but after a couple of months as head coach I'd expect to at least be able to see what he's trying to do - but so far it's a more disorganised Pulis long ball game plus pressing, which isn't exactly inspiring.
  2. http://cricfree.live/watchfeeds/demand/178
  3. https://daddylive.live/channels/stream-4.php
  4. Hardly. He'll be 31 at the end of the season. This is a cash grab season for him, last of the big contracts. Best he can hope for after this is a 2 year contract on 30% of his current pay at a low/mid table club with no great aspirations.
  5. Same team, largely, as Pulis had. With deadweight shifted. We should still be able to play.
  6. Ayala on a yellow. That's a red waiting to happen.
  7. Definitely filled out Woodgates "thin squad".
  8. And there's the problem. Fletcher still isn't a wide player.
  9. Again with this. All it demonstrates is he gets into positions to score. 1 in 2 last season, in a defensive horrible team, with no support and no creativity. And in 5 hours?
  10. No idea why people think we can do better. This whole 'misses chances' thing of a striker who scored 15 odd goals last season in a Pulis side. Play to his strengths and we've got one of the best in the league.
  11. If you reckon you have a story, how about telling it?
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