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  1. And back to 1 - 0 to us. Goal disallowed.
  2. Any claim that the Gazette is "actual facts" and not just the story the club wanted to sell is nonsense.
  3. Obviously it depends on the squad. But I was responding to the suggestion that anything more than 60 points with the current squad would be "very good".
  4. I don't. But suggesting we sacked a manager to hire a new one and yet expect him to do worse with the same resources is odd. Surely we hired a manager in the expectation that he would achieve the bare minimum the squad is capable of - which, given the dire football last season, would be 7th for me. Particularly as it was Pulis' negative tactics that cost us repeatedly (taking off strikers then losing/drawing games).
  5. So worse than Pulis managed playing dire football? And that would be very good?
  6. Thank god for Forest. A 31 year old winger with a contract running way past his prime, who's just had his least productive season, who happened to play for us previously. I suppose at least it wouldn't be £7m quid or whatever, but it has Downing 2.0 written all over it.
  7. A decent championship goalie or a retired goalie who hasn't played in 2 years and is now managing a nothing youth team? Not a tough call.
  8. Probably shouldn't put that in the advert.
  9. Is the Southgoat thing supposed to be funny or just a repeated typo? Woody is head coach, not manager. And a manager's main job is not to make transfers.
  10. We'll just blame you.
  11. Ridiculous. Any attempt to equate the racism, prejudice and long term suffering of PoC under the hegemonic white systems of power is laughable. But how about we get back to manager talk.
  12. White people do not suffer from systemic racism. They are not historically oppressed. So, no, that would be stupid.
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