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  1. Akpom was actually missing that header from 3 yards. Jesus.
  2. As opposed to the liquid football we play every week? At least they have a game plan, more than you can say about us
  3. The hoofball into the box against 9 foot tall centre backs is going to make for a long afternoon
  4. Who though? Zero faith in the club to appoint anyone other than another elderly English fella
  5. Ref having a mare Nice of the commentator to let us know it won't be a 0-0 now that we've scored
  6. Hall has been excellent too, looks like the proper CB we have been missing in Fry's absence
  7. Playing 3 holding midfielders and playing our most creative midfielder at CB is our biggest issue. Until that changes we will have the same problems.
  8. Think Wolves nearly hit 100 points the season we finished in the play offs under Pulis
  9. Would rather have a fully fit Fletcher up top over those two, think he'd win just as much in the air but would actually be some use with the ball at his feet. Think 4-2-3-1 really does suit this group though (sorry to use a Monkism)
  10. It was less of an issue in those days as we always played with a proper number 10 which helped bridge the gap, nowadays we essentially play with 3 holding midfielders and a huge gap up to the forwards. It's honestly far bigger a problem than any striker issues we may or may not have
  11. I can't remember that last time we signed a manager that actually suited the group of players we had at the time unfortunately
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