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  1. Spence has looked atrocious all season, Hoilett would actually be a decent signing on short term deal
  2. This is a mental game, could you imagine the state of this place if we were involved
  3. At least we arent Millwall...
  4. Someone on here was wanting him for us next season. Looks finished
  5. Looked on from the other angle
  6. Its not negative to be annoyed at getting turned over at home by a side that is going to be in League 1 next season. We've seen nothing this season that suggests next year will be any better.
  7. Do they need a draw or a win for the play off spot?
  8. Even if Rotherham beat Cardiff they need Sheffield Wednesday to avoid defeat to Derby.
  9. Thats exactly the kind of thinking that gets you managers like Woodgate and co. We don't need a manager to bleed boro we need a manager with an actual plan and vision for success, its not sunday league football.
  10. Its dangerous play on both occasions to raise your boot that high, whether its accidental to make contact or not. Shouldn't even be a debate
  11. I just think its too easy to criticise VAR as an idea rather than its implementation. Stopping those egregious decisions makes it worth trying to improve the system rather than getting rid entirely.
  12. That was the idea in the first place though. I'd rather have 20 of those marginal offside calls than seeing a perfectly good goal ruled out for no reason.
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