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  1. Yeah some injury that, over 18 months before hes even fit to train. Payero's injury record is starting to look really poor
  2. Is there radio commentary anywhere?
  3. It's odd how many differing opinions the various journos have on this one
  4. Wilder might think Watmore/McGoldrick can fulfill that role but yeah I do agree with you
  5. I'd be happy with Armstrong and Gayle as our first choice front 2, obviously doesn't solve the problem long term but would be huge upgrade on what we had last season.
  6. Don't Wilder and Pep have a decent relationship? Probably counts for something
  7. Only time I've watched him was the FA cup semi last season and he made Lumley look a good keeper that game Not too say he's not a good keeper and obviously he won't be running into Liverpool in the Championship
  8. +1 on the irritating ads Get a car ad covering half the screen a lot on mobile that you can't close
  9. Was there ever any mention of a fee for Wood or what way that deal worked?
  10. Aye he's definitely no Martin Braithwaite
  11. Would be up for trying to get a few lads to Laverys next season for a game if the interest is there
  12. Lumley let's in 90% of those so its an improvement on that
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