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  1. This is up there with the worst half of football I've ever seen us play
  2. Shotton just looks so uncomfortable on the ball, absolute liability
  3. No but making at least a push for the play offs is surely the minimum
  4. Seems night and day from last season. Actual chances? Forgotten what that felt like
  5. Anyone want to share their preferred VPN?
  6. Shotton isnt the worst but he simply doesn't suit the football we are trying to play and would end up being a liability, it's a good signing for Wigan in all honesty
  7. Catastrophically hungover and dont have it in me to scroll through pages, could someone give me a quick rundown on the likelihood of ins and outs?
  8. This is much less doom and gloom than I thought it would be. The club seem to be a lot more switched on this window and aren't allowing themselves to get bent over a barrel and sell players for *** fees.
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