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  1. All of the next 3 are hugely winnable too, we'll find out very quickly whether we have actually turned a corner or not
  2. If the lad went down its a red all day long, not sure what he was at there
  3. Actually look like we are playing with at least half a game plan tonight Massively improved so credit where its due
  4. Hall probably not 100%, much of a muchness out of those two anyway really
  5. Gonna be a long night watching Bamba and Peltier get torn to shreds
  6. Maybe he is but they are all also rans for a reason lets not forget
  7. Why do we care if a new manager knows the club or the area? Get someone in with fresh ideas who actually wants to play football and can make the most of the squad we have.
  8. Lumley should actually score that Who cares anyway though
  9. I think I'm at that stage also, which is a bit sad really Not sure I even want us to equalise as it will only paper over cracks
  10. At what point does getting beat every week become the manager's fault?
  11. Who was that who literally just passed it straight to a reading player from about 5 yards? Dreadful
  12. Only silver lining is Payero looked a lot brighter when he came on. Shame he will probably be blamed for us not getting an equaliser and be back with the U23s next week
  13. Whether it was a free kick or not doesn't matter at all, they scored because no one was looking at the ball when it was taken and then Fry got turned inside out Sick of the same excuses every week
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