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  1. Then in that case I don't know why you responded with a ? I didn't mean sweeping wholesale changes, but freshening the side up would certainly do no harm.
  2. If you just watched that midfield for 90 minutes and thought yep that looks great don't need to change anything there then I don't really know what to say.
  3. People are always going to overreact after a defeat but there is certainly nothing wrong with being critical. The vast majority recognise that tonight was never make or break either way but to say we couldn't make some changes for the better would be looking at things with the good old rose tinted glasses.
  4. They got better as the game went on but he can't beat the 1st man 90% of the time. I usually think Tav is ok but thought tonight he was well off it, probably his worst game under Wilder.
  5. I know he's been a scapegoat for a lot of people recently but I thought Tav was well below par tonight, offered very little if anything going forward and the less said about his corners the better. Tonight isn't a season defining result by any stretch but it would be nice to see Wilder freshen up the side for the next couple of games.
  6. Connolly simply has to at least hit the target with that one into his feet towards the end.
  7. I thought Balogun looked bright when he came on, would like to see him start the next game.
  8. To be fair we created 2 or 3 really solid chances towards the end and just didn't take them. At least he knows how to throw the kitchen sink at a team late on. Would say it is more concerning how poor we have been especially in midfield over the last few games.
  9. Tackle on Jones looks a penalty but as someone else said its one youd be gutted to get given against you
  10. Grim that. Payero has to come on for one of the midfield 3, could really be any of them. Connolly been poor but both strikers been feeding off absolute scraps so hard to be too critical.
  11. You're probably right with the squad designation thing, that's usually the biggest issue although its quite hard to get players to agree to anything other than first team when negotiating. Half the time I just let them be unhappy and they usually get over themselves eventually.
  12. Nothing wrong with healthy debate on any topic including this one, just important for a few lads to remember that we're all on the same team. Not everyone is gonna agree on every subject and that's more or less the whole point of a forum isn't it, to have reasoned discussion? Also important to remember the benefits this place has, as the thread from Youngy228 the other day highlighted. There's a pretty good group on here for the most part and is miles better than any other forum I've posted on and it's the only one I've ever really stuck with over the years.
  13. Just a victim of not fitting in to the system as Wilder says. Good player at this level and gave us is all so can't argue
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