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  1. I remember watching Davis play for Villa at the back end of last season and wondering how on earth he was a professional footballer, looked absolutely atrocious. No doubt being highly recommended by our scouts based off the same footage.
  2. He's absolutely rubbish though, wouldn't improve us at all.
  3. I thought we were really poor all in all. Same old same old as far as that goes, didn't look at all better than last season. Not sure if its harsh or not but Assombolonga has to score one of those 2 headers.
  4. Zoet has over 200 more games than Stojanovic, has played several games for Holland and has been PSV's number 1 for a few years. In terms of pedigree they are leagues apart.
  5. It was maybe a bit harsh but lets be honest he has been exceptionally poor for us since he was signed, baring the odd decent game towards the end of last season. He deserves a fair crack this season though and I'll happily eat my words if he comes good but a goal and an assist against a League 1 side does not really change my opinion on him whatsoever as that is basically his level as far as I'm concerned.
  6. The goal was a dreadful effort that the keeper threw in for him and the assist was a routine pass to the near post, I wouldn't be falling over to praise him.
  7. The last few pages have made for some very depressing reading.
  8. It makes it look far more favourable for the club though, rather than an accurate depiction of the situation. I get that its done the same for everyone but it makes absolutely no sense at all.
  9. How can he write that article and just include Friend in our list of outs?
  10. Besic was quality at this level, saying you would rather have Gestede, Guedioura ect back is absolute insanity.
  11. Clayton on the drink on twitter?
  12. Johnson is as bad a LW as he is a LB, just isn't anywhere near good enough for this level
  13. Johnson is genuinely one of the worst players we've had in years
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