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  1. If he gets us results do you really care what his view on Brexit is?
  2. If it actually happened she should have reported it to the police and left it at that. Accusing someone of XYZ on social media should be a crime by itself.
  3. Gestede is absolutely woeful. Miracle he wasn't hooked at half time.
  4. There were a couple of crosses I think a more confident keeper would be coming out and claiming however he was really solid aside from that, would be happy enough if he had to fill in for a few games in the league.
  5. Think all of those would be after decent money and probably not happy to be 2nd choice, would sort of defeat the purpose of selling Randolph in the first place.
  6. Fail to see how it would be the end of Spence?
  7. This is up there with the worst half of football I've ever seen us play
  8. Shotton just looks so uncomfortable on the ball, absolute liability
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