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  1. Brilliant result, probably looked a better side after the changes. If Spence could play like that every week he'd be some player.
  2. From the direction the ball went after he hit it it looked to me that it was double hit but from the replay angle it was hard to tell either way, its a weird thing for a ref to just make up and go with though unless he saw it. The reaction from Tav says an awful lot to me though
  3. It looked like he hit ours twice and at no point did any of our players complain so clearly they knew rightly. As for the 2nd yellow yeah he probably should have gone but we could have played for another 2 hours against their 10 men behind the ball and not scored.
  4. How is it the refs fault by the way? Rightly ruled our pen out and theirs was stonewall...
  5. Never looked like scoring aside from the penalty, less said about that the better. Seem to be playing for a 0-0 every week.
  6. As good as he has been he isnt exactly swamped in competition
  7. Assombolonga really is a dreadful striker. Can't wait until he leaves at the end of the season
  8. Taken off literally our only chance of creating something. Wow.
  9. Roberts does look head and shoulders above every other player we have
  10. Easier match than tonight that's for sure, although we tend to do better when we are up against it. Would be very confident if it's at Windsor, no idea if its a neutral venue or not though.
  11. What a result that is, despite Saville's best efforts. Would be delighted to never see him again in a red or green shirt
  12. I'm sure everyone will be going straight to their own house in a socially distanced manner...
  13. George Saville is an embarrassingly bad footballer
  14. I consider myself as British as anyone from Middlesbrough is, but the Republic can hardly be considered a foreign country, whether it literally is or not.
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