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  1. Isn't really anyones fault that he has had such bad luck with injuries
  2. We may hope Fry isn't out for any length of time as Wood is just nowhere near ready for this level of football
  3. Kienan Davis has looked woeful every time I've seen him play
  4. Reach would appease our fetish for signing former players
  5. Traore would have went for far more if it wasn't for that clause
  6. Must have some pain threshold to continue playing with his hamstring gone...
  7. He looks like he should still be down there to be honest, seen nothing from him
  8. Bola got done very easily there, bit of a disappointing goal to give away
  9. Is that sarcasm? It was his shot that was followed up on for the goal
  10. Looks like an awful injury, haven't seen this much concern over someone in a while
  11. Are there really that many strikers we have moved on that have ended up banging them in for someone else? Only Bamford comes to mind but he was excellent for us as well so doesn't really count
  12. Must have a lot of confidence in Brynn to be number 2
  13. There really isn't a need to be negative after that. Yes we should have won and on paper its a dreadful result, but their 2 goals were very uncharacteristic from our defence and we could have had another 3 or 4 going forward with sharper finishing. People need to remember where we were this time last season with the same squad. We have a real chance of making the play offs this season compared to a relegation scrap last year, with the squad we have there will always be off days but there is hardly a need for doom and gloom. Referee was dreadful too.
  14. The standard youtube comp, good looking bloke if nothing else
  15. Losing both Fletcher and Britt at the end of the season would be a bit of a kick in the teeth financially, although I doubt either would be happy to take a pay cut to stay so it looks likely
  16. Any mention of when Fletcher is back? Would be quite excited by our forward players with him fit and Bolasie coming in
  17. Sean Morrison is an absolute monster in the air, seems to win absolutely everything
  18. Hall and Fletcher will be like new signings when they are back, as much of a cliche as that is Those two plus Bolasie and we will actually be in a reasonable spot in terms of depth
  19. Only one I've heard of there is Frank Swift, not sure I'd have pulled it out of thin air if asked on the spot mind you
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