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  1. Ha, if you'd mentioned him two season ago, you would have got lynched :D
  2. Karanka could always sell nugent and rhodes and have stuani rudy and negredo as the strikers leaving adama GD fischer ramirez and downing to fight it out for the wide positions, not saying it would happen but it certainly wouldnt surprise me. Don't forget that we have Nsue for up front too! ;)
  3. I still reckon the bottom five will be us, Hull, Sunderland, Swansea and Burnley. Don't care what order as long as we are 16th or 17th :D
  4. I miss these meetups. I haven't been on the forum in months due to crazy work volumes and I haven't been to a game since last May. :( And in March, I'm going to be a Dad so funds may be a little hard to come by. :D Hope yous are all keeping well and enjoy the match. Make sure it's a win! ;)
  5. It will be very exciting if we get Delafe-whatever - he's a smasher when he's interested!
  6. H Tottenham v Liverpool H Chelsea v Burnley D Crystal Palace v Bournemouth H Everton v Stoke D Leicester v Swansea D Southampton v Sunderland A Watford v ***nal A Hull v Man Utd D West Brom v Middlesbrough (Ramirez) D Man City v West Ham
  7. D Stoke v Man City A Burnley v Liverpool H Swansea v Hull H Tottenham v Crystal Palace D Watford v Chelsea A West Brom v Everton H Leicester v ***nal A Sunderland v Middlesbrough (Friend) H West Ham v Bournemouth A Reading v Brighton
  8. A - Hull v Leicester 12:30 D - Burnley v Swansea D - Crystal Palace v West Brom H - Everton v Tottenham D - Middlesbrough v Stoke (Ramirez) H - Southampton v Watford H - Man City v Sunderland A - Bournemouth v Man Utd A - ***nal v Liverpool H - Sheff Utd v Rochdale
  9. Oh sorry I didn't mean Stuani going, I meant Nugent. As in, Fulham looking at Nuge, now Stuani is 3rd choice striker, I can see Nugent going. Sorry!
  10. Pretty sure Fulham will be looking at Nugent now and to be honest if Stuani is considered the 3rd striker now, if Snodgrass rumours are true, then I can see him going. Would like him to stay though as I think he could be handy.
  11. Amen to that haha. Money does not win the Championship!
  12. NEWCASTLE XI: Sels; Janmaat, Hanley, Lascelles ©, Dummett; Anita, Hayden, Colback, Ritchie; Perez; Gayle. FULHAM XI: Button; Odoi, Kalas, Madl, Malone; Cairney, Tunnicliffe; McDonald, Ayite, Aluko; Smith
  13. WHAT A DAY TO BE A BORO FAN! Nothing better than new contract updates! In saying that, a common occurrence for those in demand with clubs lurking with moneybags ;)
  14. Lucky Baptiste there. RE Commentator, definitely heard him before, don't know where though.
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