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  1. Please share this link to help raise money for lots of charities that Ali Brownlee supported. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/322076981738?_mwBanner=1
  2. I'm happy with our dealings. In total 10 new players brought in who are quality, most if not all Championship managers would love our squad. Now it's down to Karanka to get the best out of them and make sure we finish in the top 2 this season.
  3. Reading have paid a £2 million fee to have him on a season long loan. Big bucks.
  4. The thing is though if no other team does come in for Adomah what does it tell us. Basically no other club rates him... Adomah is going no where apart from Costa Coffee. He is out and about in Yarm at the moment.
  5. Boro fan who follows me on Twitter reckoned he was sat opposite him at Schipol airport. I've asked for a picture but as yet he hasn't replied.
  6. Just waiting for picture confirmation.
  7. DePena is currently in Amsterdam waiting to board a plane to the UK.
  8. Gibson and some ex Boro players go over to Singapore every year for a tournament and this lad is involved in it. He gets on with Gibbo.
  9. Are you confident on it coming off? (I know things change) but for me if this comes off and Downing aside this would be the best signing of the window I'm not confident tbh, From what I've been told there are plenty of clubs in for him and Spurs want to wait a few weeks before making a decision on him going out on loan. But as we all know things can change quite quickly. I would love him at Boro.
  10. Apparently we have had discussions with Spurs over Pritchard on loan , if a deal is to be done it won't be done today but in the loan window.
  11. West Ham were willing to pay his 70k a week on loan and I very much doubt we can match that and we can't match their 15 mil evaluation so that's also not us. We are not the team gazumping west ham. Spurs Where did you hear that? 8/1 on betvictor to be spurs.... Both Spurs and Palace are keen on him but the latter club can't afford his wages. Spurs now 6/4 to sign Moses.
  12. Not sure mate but the info seems to have come from someone who was in the medical centre at the time. He did say "Discreet back door scan, no one seen him except main Dr for MRI" so not many people will know. The majority if not all of Boro's Medicals are carried out at Woodlands private hospital in Darlington. Their staff sign NDA's , my friend is high up there and he will never jeopardise their client MFC's confidentiality relating to players otherwise they are dismissed.
  13. Spurs Where did you hear that? 8/1 on betvictor to be spurs.... Both Spurs and Palace are keen on him but the latter club can't afford his wages. And we can? We wanted him on loan when no other club showed any interest, Chelsea would have contributed towards his wages. Then West Ham got involved . Spurs willing to buy him for £15 million.
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