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  1. I think we delight in the points total because expectation was pretty low mainly because of squad size and a poor transfer window. In reality we have won 3 games in 8 and when you put it that way it’s not so impressive. But then you could look at it and say if just one of the draws turned a win we would be in the playoffs or if two draws were converted into wins we would be second.. Looking at the table statistics supports your statement of how tough the league is, but it’s just the season starting and expected. Our squad size worries me and it’s only a matter of time when managers work out each other tactics so lets see the table after 15 games and hopefully we might even see a bit of exciting football. OK ignore the last part ....
  2. Well I think this game is hard to call because we are hardly prolific scoring goals which is a shame as Forest have coincided 10 in 8 games double of what we have. Defensively we are 8 & 5 so we edge it here so given we have conceded less and scored a few more you would expect 3 points. Somehow I can’t see us breaking down a Forest defence who have drawn there last 3 games so I’m going for a draw..
  3. That is pretty dam good, a new career perhaps?
  4. I suppose we can’t ignore Marcus stinging shot at the keeper and Sam hitting the bar. Had one gone in we could possibly have seen a bit more excitement.
  5. The argument can be made that it’s 3 points and that’s all that counts and do you know, 9 times out of 10 I would happily agree. The points total is not at all bad but the game ending with 2 goals belittles the most awful football to watch. I don’t think I’m going to put myself through this and next time will watch something else while watching the latest scores pop up. It’s going to be a hell of a long NW season. I simply can’t take it, I can’t.
  6. Could you face a easier team then Coventry, no! We making basic football look at a scientific calculation.. sorry this game has pulled me down no end...
  7. Well utterly pathetic wasted first half which must now give Coventry a extra step in there belief they can at least take a point.
  8. Jesus what is wrong with us a Sunday morning team would be 2 up by now.
  9. Well given what NW has stated we will need the 3 points to achieve his projection, mid table and a bonus if we are 3 points from the play offs. Fact he thinks with the squad size mid table might be optimistic. Well it fairs what I had predicted which I thought with the players he wanted a mid upper finish was on the books, and without, mid lower. So we can I’ll afford NOT to take 3 points when the opportunity presents itself, and here it is on a silver platter.
  10. Dodgy one to predict but aren’t all BORO games. So both teams have scored 6 for with BORO conceding 5 and Coventry 14, so the odds are on for us to take 3 points, or or are they. Possibly not as it suggests both teams struggle to hit the target although it also suggests Coventry properly get more up to the half line, but only because they kickoff more then we do after conceding more goals. Surly if there was ever a game for a midfield or strike force to showcase there skill, this is one they must be licking there lips at and demanding to be picked. The squad must be thinking, finally a game we can loosen up a bit and be creative, finally a chance to rack up a few assists or goals and look a bit more respective in the stats table. Or will they? I think we will concede but I also think we are capable of 3 goals so I’m going with 3-1 and 3 more points.
  11. I’d rather my piles played up then watch us play the game again. Careful what you wish for..
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