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  1. True I see your point but I see it that change may not yield imediate results because change needs time to mature. I base that on not just mine but many posts you read on here with the appointment of any new manager. However, given the statistics and Woody has been given more than enough time, and there is little to nothing to suggest he can make a difference, then I am swayed to your way of thinking.Lets face it, can't be any worse than what we have now.
  2. After 35 years working overseas I’ve been back a year adjusting to being cast aside because of age. I’m job seeking with not much look but enjoying adjusting to live in the UK. I have a lot less pressure and spending time with family, what could be better. Now if I could be blessed with a large lottery payout it would be icing on the cake. Live life, be happy..
  3. I’m well awear of what it is and where we are and adjusted accordingly years ago. So basicaly I don’t let it get to me anymore, I have more important things to do that I enjoy, however I do like the forum banter. Oh and I smile a great deal after all my teeth cost a packet and I like to show them off. Sometimes I look like a bulldog with wind but the grandchildren love me..
  4. The 11 games is not enough for an incoming manager to assess and change tactics and mentally. The players are out of contract and moving on. Basically it’s to late for change to be effective. I now think the plan was, Woody comes in, we remain in the league, run out the contracts, rebuild with Woody to remain a championship club the town can afford. It’s over mate..
  5. SG puts money into the club, possibly to offset his company tax but never the less he does. If he has lost interest which I fear he has, why not sell. SG Bulk Haul and Rockcliff are making him money, the club does not and is just an expensive toy SG can ill afford. The club is dying and a funeral is near..
  6. With 11 games to go its to late for change. The players see the 11 games as count down to departure, a break and are focused on booking holidays, removal vans and house hunting. It’s over guys. The dark cloud has being building and hovering over the riverside for some seasons and it’s about to drop its load and wash away any sense of belonging or hope. The merry go round creaked and groaned but was ignored and now it’s finally broken down. What was once an ambitious club envied by many is now just a shell of its former glory. I don’t see Woody leaving now would make any difference, fact it could get worse.
  7. That sounds about right. I think people are living in hope of JW departure but I believe we are stuck with him.
  8. Woody stated over the next 24 hours he will take a long look at himself and the players so surprised at the conference. It’s can only be to announce, his departure, incoming assistance, or a declaration of support..
  9. I agree it was much, much better but we were still so far behind Leeds it was an indication of how far we have fallen. The team would still need to improve in all games until the season end to get the points tally to survive and I don’t see that happening. Facts are facts, 2 shots on target in 3 games, 8 wins and the lowest amount of goals in the league. Facts! Boro were better in this game than they have been most of the season and still could not flow or string passes. They huffed and puffed, and they ran about but there was no shape or form. i don’t take any heart from the game because it was obvious Leeds were not having a good day but still ran us ragged, still found gaps and cantered to a win. Don’t expect the same from Forrest, oh no, they are coming for all 3 points and the slaughter could be embarrassing. With 11 games to go its to late to bring anyone in simply the team won’t adjust in the time left. Players know they have just 11 games left before packing up and moving on. Most will be booking holidays and removal vans. The only question SG has, do I support Woody hoping we survive and save face, drop him put the coach in charge and hope. As obvious Woody will be staying.
  10. Well it proves Woody is eccentric or delusional!
  11. Will the real SG stand up. This is a team that was challenging for the play offs only to be handed to a tea boy and have the lowest goal scoring record and lowest amount of wins. A team who has managed 2 shots on target in 3 games now tell me again it’s all going to plan.
  12. Huffing and puffing but surly this is a team with relegation written all over it. I’ll give some credit because the score line is better than I imagined it would be. The crowd says everything about the club and the empty seats must surly send a message. Woody is out of his tactical depth and unless there is some devine intervention we are favorite for the drop.
  13. Missed 😂 listen let’s face it, I thought we would be 4 down by now so credit to BORO..
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