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  1. I find it ironic people blame a leader for indecisive or bad decisions but refuse to give credit when they do there job, and lead. Given the world was / is learning and a rolling wave plan crucial to being able to best serve the nation as the virus spreads, then I believe the government to date has done its best. At this time of crisis when experts are still learning about the virus and stress testing theories, then I don’t believe its the time for propaganda, judgment or politics. I do believe we can all do our bit and act with dignity, remain calm and assist others less fortunate.
  2. OK so how would you handle the situation? I believe Boris is listening to professionals and acting accordingly. He has lead without fear and should be commended.
  3. I thought you better than your statement. I guess we can all misjudge others.
  4. I have visited China on business and can vouch they are far more civilized and business oriented then you give then credit for. They are very good hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and learnt a great deal about lean and JIT operations. There may be some truth in some of what you state but the media and activists love to paint bad pictures, come on your better than that.
  5. How weird our family had a cough that came back round and the coughing was instigated mainly from the throat which was a dry cough. The wife works in a school so to be fair I end up with some weird and s#@@y stuff.
  6. It’s not the cough that carries you off, it’s the coffin they carry you off in.. Take care buddy..
  7. Ironically my partner and I are just starting up a industrial catering business. Although we have family members who have had there own or managed catering, and some self professed cooks, it’s still been a steep learning curve for my partner and I. The thing is I am only doing it because I can’t secure a job in the oil and gas construction industry despite 45 years management experience. Apparently 62 years old is no longer employable. On Wednesday we traveled to Kent to view appliences and apart from trucks the roads were pretty quite, same on the way back. When we checked into the hotel it was pretty somber because the staff had been informed of closure the following day, which is not surprising because there was a total of 4 guests. Staff recounted stories of empty shelves and idiotic shoppers but the service stations we stoped at were all well stocked serving food. One of the guests we spoke with works for Waitrose and stated there is no shortage of stock despite the media stoking panic. They simply can’t increase transport levels by hiring hundreds of trucks to distribute fast enough. Like for like, week by week they are 110% up on certain products and staff are working mass overtime.
  8. The forum is starting to mimic the daily rags with conspiracy theory’s and speculative rumors. The world is gripped by a virus not witnessed before yet we have thousands of experts giving advice and the “I thinkers“ who claim not enough is being done. The people need unity, guidance and comfort that all that can be done is being done and the media should be condemned for the way it’s reporting and promoting hysteria. The virus which is not a flu, is going to be around for some time, it may even evolve and get more resilient and for sure the death toll is going to be horrendous but it’s not yet reached figures a flu has, not yet anyway. WHO. Based on current evidence, Covid-19 has the potential to kill more people and cause more hospitalisations than seasonal influenzas. However, it hasn’t done so yet, because so far it hasn’t spread as widely as seasonal flu. The WHO estimates that between 290,000 and 650,000 respiratory deaths globally each year are associated with seasonal influenza. Who knows where we are heading but if ever there was a time for community calm and unity its now. Support and help each other.
  9. No not quite but I lived through the times of labour rule and experienced it’s vice grip on workers and businesses, the incompetent decisions it promoted while lining unionists bank accounts, but I’ll give them credit for the NHS.
  10. Id have Tories in charge rather then incompetent communists.
  11. Just a thought. If more and more countries implement shut downs will the internet slow down or even crash. if you think about the amount who will be using the internet while in isolation, it’s a possibility. Just think we will have to start talking to each other again.
  12. Well sad to say we never went. Actually a Polish friend with family working in government had prior information of the country shutting down, so on the day of travel we decided getting trapped in Poland was not an option, and canceled. The point being if the government and airline knew it was closing down, which it did, why allow people to travel. To be fair the hotel extended credit until the end of 2020, Leeds Bradford airport stated they will review returning booked parking fees but Ryanair, well it’s impossible to talk or communicate with anyone so wrote the flights off. The virus is causing problems for individuals and officials and I would like to see a more stiff lip, unity, carry on British attitude rather than the embarrassment and mockery the media are promoting. If ever there should be a law introduced it’s holding the media to account for incitement to cause panic. People are seeking direction and advise they don’t need to be encouraged to go panic buying or looting shops. All media stories using suggestive words, possibly, could or may should be banned and they must prove statements of chaotic disturbance. i can’t help but feel this generation are mentally and socially weaker than past. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “someone should be doing something about this” or mis statements about the virus what it is, how it’s spread, it’s effects because they don’t research, yet, gleefully take to social media to promote rumors. I was actually told by one 28 year old the USA started the epidemic and a family member told me, the Iranians planted the virus. Well it’s only going to get worse so I guess people will be throwing themselves from windows in panic. So my advise, check in on those who may need help. don’t walk close to high rise buildings, stay calm and carry on.
  13. It is heavy but informative and worth the read.
  14. Oh hell I'm 62 and off to Poland tomorrow for the weekend, should I cancel. To be fair there is a risk but we have decided to go ahead based on the assumption that by staying home we could just as well catch the virus popping down to Tesco. The wife works at a college so there is another possibility. On average in the UK 17,000 people die of flu each year, globally 646,0000. As of today 6 people have died in the UK. The Corona Virus will not simply disappear and it’s going to be around for years not days and it will need a vaccine to help protect people. Of course we should be worried it’s a very dangerous virus and it’s now pandemic but I agree the media is whipping the public into a frenzy.
  15. Well what an exciting Saturday it was and to cap it off we could post positive comments about our team. That’s right we have got to the point we celebrate a Charlton win like the FA cup. There is not much to deny we deserved at least a goal, after all we 23 shots with 17% on target or simply put, 4 shots were somewhere between the white sticks. Can you believe it, happy times. Thanks to Charlton we actually managed to look pretty good at times with some accurate passing and even linked up in midfield, I know who would have thought us capable. As a bonus we even got to see a keeper worth £1 million actually on the field, in a real game, doing a job he was bought to do. Exciting. Now if you look at the table ignoring the points column we flow up the table, so much so, there was a rush on toilet paper to stem nose bleeds. Its Sunday and having checked the tables making sure we have not somehow slipped down a peg or two, and now confirmed we haven’t, I might enjoy my dinner. As I drift off into a dream, I’m thinking, can we actually finish mid table like I predicted, can we.... OH just saying, it’s weird glancing at the table and it’s like nano seconds reading from bottom to top to find us...
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