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  1. Well done, that is a good analysis that takes some reading and a calculator. Denmark has done well were other favourites have faltered but I feel many are just trying to get enough points for the next stage, tinkering, not taking it seriously. I think it counter productive not getting a team you believe the strongest, playing together on a regular basis. Of course I would drop in a like for like player to judge there performance but not shoe horn players into positions that is not natural or flood a game disrupting balance. Analytics and historical data would give the ideal positions requir
  2. Very clumsy, late but I would support a yellow at best.
  3. Theatrical, influencing the ref possibly.. Italy movement is good though.
  4. I consider both Sterling and Rashford are not in form. Sterling runs into trouble, he holds up play and disrupts shape. OK sometimes it works, mostly it does not. Rashford I don’t rate much at all. Kane to me is not misfiring he just has not got the service he requires. I think Kane weakness is communication and by that I mean he should be talking and screaming at players that are supposed to be feeding him. His record speaks volumes about his ability and his very presence on the field draws opposition allowing others a bit more freedom. England need his presence even if it’s for those aro
  5. England a big team 🥴 Seriously pi&&ed about yesterday but I would rather they made mistakes now then latter. GS must stop selecting players neither in form for club or country. He needs to stop shoehorning players and he and the team have to get rid of the fear of losing and think more on winning. No one will blame them for going out if they play well. Kane does look a bit lethargic, almost doesn’t care but I believe that’s because he is not getting the service he should. What a will say is he needs to be screaming at players rather then going hunting for the ball h
  6. “We were too frantic and not patient in the right areas of the field," Southgate told BBC Sport. "It is a performance we know that has to be better. It might be an important point. I don’t know how much more patient they could have been without getting the deck chairs out for the players. Does make me wonder if he actually knows the meaning of frantic. If he does I fear when they come up against bigger opposition there will be some nappy changes to make and consoling of crying players.
  7. Germany 4 - 1 up and the way they are going about it, there could be a few more. Methodical, industrial, they are back..
  8. Methodical, only word really for Germany. Por 1 - 3 Ger. Good game so far..
  9. I won’t stretch to saying he was wonder. Hell England beat teams ranked below them then blow there biggest chance when it mattered most. When you fear loosing you will never win many, a English trait we see many times and again yesterday. It’s desperate people come up with the suggestion of a conspiracy, but understandable given the trash we fans had to watch. There is no doubt they were a disgrace to the country, the shirt, the fans.. GS and the players should be begging forgiveness it was embarrassing.. FF S the build up to the clash could never have been bigger, the anticipatio
  10. I thought I would wake up a bit calmer but didn’t. I think the reason Kane didn’t play well is the fact he is not getting the ball to do much with it. I don’t think the England team is set up to his style of play. He also drops deep and having holding midfielders does not create chances. Sterling runs are just show pony stuff as he mostly runs into trouble, disrupts any sense of shape, or slows down attacks by stopping momentum and passing back. Midfield are not feeding the frontline hence the side passing and back because no one is moving to receive the ball. GS is at
  11. Let’s face it England have a lot of good individuals but not a cohesive team.
  12. GS does not understand that to win games you need to feed strikers, a creative midfielder helps. Passing sideways and backwards only plays into the hands of the opponent. Why take Foden off, why.. I don’t care what people think off me I call it as it is, what I see, I understand the game and these players need a better manager then GS.. it will take luck and a miracle for this team to do anything worthy.
  13. I cannot believe there are educated people on here suggesting England would throw a match. Seriously that is desperate excuses for another s# it game..
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