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  1. I am going with the crowd, nothing coming in of value, but, a few will be leaving.
  2. I think I realised time was finally up when Woodgate got appointed, not that I personally have anything against Woodgate its just an indication of the club’s situation and ambition. Let’s face facts not only will it take time for him to learn his trade at the current level but he will need longer to know how to improve. The fact he is an inexperienced apprentice not a manager says everything about the clubs expectations. It is not realistic believing a club like BORO could ever compete with the bigger clubs but we could be the best in our weight class something we are nowhere near.
  3. Don’t see why Bamford is getting the blame for us being s##t. First of all we didn’t exactly support him when he was with us. Second he was one of my favourite player. Third twice a season players change clubs, they celebrate . Forth it’s job nothing more. I could understand it if a player had spent biggest part of his career at a club in his home town. Troubles have been prevalent at our club for years and slowly but surely they have dragged us down while others with less resources have consistently improved. Our problems are our own making and we must find away out of them.
  4. Southgate stated “I don’t think he wanted to leave”. Bamford owes BORO nothing, we sold him. Anyway he has a job to do, he did it well and celebrated, I would.
  5. BORO squad value is around 7th to 9th place so why is Woodgate not getting better results. Woodgate spent money and brought in league 1 players he wanted, were are they. Woodgate on his appointment made brave statements about spending and style of play but we have players other clubs would droll over and his style of play is unrecognised. The point being with better players than other clubs have we barely beat Barnsley with 31% possession and now stuffed by Leeds, Woody wants money to spend. Money from where. Well l I think we all know what’s planned and that is to cash in on players of value and replace with more league 1 players. I say this. Come midway we won’t be in a strong enough position to bed players and fight for survival. If results remain the same why should Woodgate remain and why give him financial control that may quite easily put an end to the club.
  6. I think you just made the obvious, obvious that everyone has being commenting on. The problem though is fans don’t manage the club and the only person that has and can make changes has gone from hero to zero and showing little interest.
  7. Woodgate has the signings he asked for, but as the club hangs from the rope and twitching it’s last death throes an interesting question needs to be asked, do you trust Woodgate enough to throw the last dice.
  8. Where was this plan mentioned other than supporters after a poor start. I think your making reference to supporters hopes after Woodgate signing and voiced on many occasions after each bad result. Many including myself had stated I expected a mid table finish and recently changed to I don’t think we will go down. No what’s happened after each disappointing season is expectations have been lowered to a point where many don’t give a —— anymore.
  9. I did not expect anything different as I’m sure others didn’t either. Statistics show in two consecutive games we have managed 31% possession and won one and hammered in the other. Surly, surly time must be called on Woodgate and at least get someone in to stabilise and improve this squad.
  10. I can’t think of a single reason not to expect a thrashing. I can only hope Leeds have at least two players sent off and we play a game better than any played this season. If this happens I’ll go for a draw.
  11. I think we will nail this one with solid team work and good football. I think good fortune will prevail throughout and we will celebrate a epic 3-1 win.
  12. Well it’s about 53 year ago when I first squeezed the boys end turn style. A bit bigger now and I’d need a team of horses to pull me through now.
  13. We are the BORO cock of the north we hate Newcastle and Sunderland of course......... pass the whisky love it’s time to celebrate..... ei, ei, eio...... only lost one in five games.......
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