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  1. I have no preference to who buys which team or for what reason. The reason I say so is because there are many foreign owners from many different countries and none can claim to be honest or clean. For that matter how many owners are? The skunks don’t deserve a owner willing to spend its way to glory because all they do is winge when they get who they want as manager and winge when they don’t. Its a fan base who think they are owed and demand a big club status because of its fan base and if not for its location may well have been, but they are up North and location is everything to players so they need to suck it up and accept there position. A struggling club with a bunch of winging skunks. Let’s hope it stays that way because who else can we wind up. My mates a Geordie and I was pleased to congratulate him on the collapsed take over. Just the way it is I’m afraid
  2. On the forum I just love the fact you can be sure all subjects are liable to be discussed and challenged and sometimes unfortunately, fairly personal and aggressive. Group hug everyone. I guess the next bit of interesting news is Warnock appointment. There will then be a short period of silence before the usual bull transfer rumors and then the seasonal statement from SG. Wonder if it will reflect on the past, lessons learnt, adjusting, challenges ahead, building a club the town can be proud of. Now here is a challenge, can they somehow blame Covid, well it’s blamed for just about all problems to date.
  3. Warnock will be meeting SG as planned. Despite his success I’m not convinced Warnock is the right manager or SG has learnt lessons to stop the clubs decline and change his ways. It could be the last few years has knocked my belief in SG and pretty pi££Ed off on what I have seen in Scouts, manages and players. What I can state I’m glad it’s over, I’m happy Warnock saved us from the drop and some players upped there game.
  4. I was going to post how very consistent we are at a few things, managing the club and playing poor at home but it’s been said before many times. The season has been one of the worst I can remember and let’s face it, recently there has been a few contenders that can still bring tears. Warnock run in results were strangely fascinating when reviewing games lost we should have won and visa versa but no draws. Some players did stand up to be counted while others just proved they will be sh*t under any manager. It’s going to take awhile looking at another car crash to figure out what’s gone wrong, AGAIN, but my consensus is ultimately, SG stand up.
  5. I posted when a goal down, if we score soon we will go on to win. Na I didn’t believe it either when I posted it. Glad it’s all over, happy we have not gone down and once again I’ll wait for next season hype and suck it all in again. It’s hard to support the BORO.. UTB..
  6. Interesting and I’ll try that but don’t think it helps finding a lost ball in the woods.
  7. I read it to, it’s pretty scary to think how tight it is.
  8. Will we score, can we score,, if we get a equalizer soon we will go on to win
  9. Well we did get 10 mins in with a back 5. Change of plan required
  10. Well that could go along way to explaining why he did not get a game and chased from the ground, but would bad blood really influence his decision and take it out on Ben?
  11. We all talked him up he is one of us but I terms of saying he was the outstanding CB in the league I can’t agree. I would say he could hold his own with many but not exceptional as is proven by his current employment status. I could credit him by saying, should he had been at the club this season we would be better off by 6 - 8 points.
  12. I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t and neither do other clubs believe he is Premiership quality. Like I said I support him more so because he put himself on the line and demanded from others, but he is not exceptional there must be average. Of course he is head and shoulders above what the club is in right now.
  13. He was talked up a lot because he is local and I like Gibson but he was overrated and at best average.
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