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  1. Well let’s hope the weather favours those making the journey and the predicted blank of snow holds off. I can remember my early days pumped up full of beer travelling around the country to games in the back of freezing vans. The worst I remember was a crammed Luton huddled together in the compartment above the cab trying to stay alive. The spilt beer and urine had turned to ice sending everyone flying every time it stopped, took off or cornered. The only stops allowed were for petrol, or a pub so containers a pipe and funnel were essential equipment. Although I did hire a new Ford Gra
  2. Boss your area, control the back line, save shots, prevent goals. If they can pass, fine it’s a bonus but I don’t rate passing a priority. I see team progression as when Tav decision making improves, stops taking the extra touch, shot accuracy and scoring goals.
  3. Happy birthday dear chap. Not far behind to be fair but I don’t feel what people think you should feel, knackered. I love working but lost my job three years ago and unsuccessfully I have desperately tried to find another. Age discrimination is alive and thriving. I have good eye sight and teeth because I invested in them years ago, no longer hand money to a barber, my golf is not any worse because I wasn’t very good in the first place despite the effort. I have noticed I now seem to be collecting a shed load of power tools and talk to strangers a lot more.
  4. Tav is a supplier and should be judged on assist and creativity. Tav return shoots to conversion is exceptionally poor but reading the stats alone won’t reveal the true picture as to why. Although there are a few of our players that lack that required finial decision making skill. Wasted shots are unproductive and it’s an area a manager needs to correct. A few options to consider, defined roles, fitness level, leadership, game plan. I think Chris already knows who, what and where needs improvement and I also believe he has the power to make changes. I think we are seeing improvement within
  5. Oh come on it’s much more fun telling them they will go down. 😁
  6. Thinking about what you said I do think it demoralised and stripped bare NW persona of the chosen one.
  7. A bit early dear chap, I thought I was missing a scheduled mid week game. Love a easy to digest comedy but many are dumbed down subjects these days so as not to offend the many offences dreamt up by the few. Thankfully we still have Newcastle to laugh at. Just read the academy has changed it’s playing formation to mirror the first team, why it wasn’t aligned is baffling but it just gives me confidence Chris is making positive changes through out the club. I would like to see a new build rather then a makeover. So on that note and what has been on show over the past three games
  8. I thought it would be natural to play the same system as the first team simply because of familiarity should opportunity arises. The second obvious benefit is assessing players characteristics that align and support the first team.
  9. It does look very likely we will be facing up against Newcastle and Leeds next season. Newcastle will be favourite to go back up while Leeds have parachute payments. Even if we dramatically improve, realistically promotion will be achieved through the playoffs.
  10. Kind of a strange emotional Sunday morning. A BORO win, blanket of snow and a garden with only 50% of a fence left standing. The signs of change were undeniably visible with shape, passing and movement but so was the need for improving fitness levels, decision making and some better players. On that note what the hell was the club with superb facilities doing in the past, what were the coaching and medical staff doing or not doing and surly questions need to be asked and action taking even if heads roll. I think and hoping with Chris we may even stop our unwanted historical
  11. Great first half but not so impressed with the second. If we don’t concede an own goal, it’s a comical goal. So 4 from 9 and signs of improving
  12. Bola needs to release early, Tav & Watmore the same. Some good pacy passing that’s worked a treat so far. Let the ball do the work, keep it simple, pass - move - receive, sweet.
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