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  1. it’s not about A game, people are reacting because, Repeat. There are quite a lot of balanced posters, so no, I don’t believe people are posting nonsense and believe it’s a reaction to games through out the season.
  2. There are quite a lot of balanced posters, so no, I don’t believe people are posting nonsense and believe it’s a reaction to games through out the season. It’s one of many we have been woefully poor and when I say that I include games we have drawn and won. Loosing games is one thing but it’s the way they are lost and there is no excuse in the way they approached or played the game, and that includes NW. I don’t or did not expect anything but around mid table and would be content if we did, do, if only there was commitment. I can’t except excuses for well paid professional who can’t put in the effort, read a game, move / receive or pass a ball. Bad attitude, poor planning and no commitment.
  3. I say let Brit leave. Don’t think he has done near enough to justify his place in the team.
  4. I think most managers approach games against us the same way. Start bight on the front foot because we find it hard to come back and probably revert to hoofing balls into no mans land.
  5. Will not deny it, I am totally pi**ed off with today’s performance and result. But if you read my postings I think I make a good argument for our overall general attitude as to why we won’t make the top six.
  6. The point being we are not a quality championship club 😚
  7. To be fair at the start of the season and through it I have maintained a mid table to below play offs prediction. I think it’s quite obvious now, NW and the team believe as long as they preserve that position they are doing the job quite well.
  8. Suggesting we were crap and them impressive 😂
  9. I think you make a very strong point, similar to a post I made.
  10. This team is incapable nor deserve to be in the top six. This team has a huge attitude problem that is destroying its potential. There is not a leader nor player that has the ability to step forward and take command. I am not coming to the conclusion based just on today’s game but, I strongly believe NW lacks ambition and does not see it such a issue because he is content, even proud the club is above the half way point. NW constantly bigs up clubs in lower positions or winless runs we are about to play, he sets the tone, he covers his ar*e in case we do get beat.
  11. The point being we are not level, the point being a s**t team has out played us, the point being we look and play like amateurs. We have never been in the game.
  12. Oh lord live on TV, playing a bottom club with a winless strike, a past manager on the verge of being sacked and we go out looking like a pack of jokers.
  13. Ha ha SG is watching his team implode against Karanka, It’s hilarious, priceless
  14. A big opportunity to go into the top six by playing a out of form team. There was never a bigger incentive to go out and blast themselves out of sight but what do we do **** it up.
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