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  1. I would say it’s not going to be an easy game as there poor statistic would suggest, why, well look at the team positions in the league Blackpool have lost or drew against, 3rd 4th 6th 9th 12th & 15th they beat Fulham who are top. I think we may have a bit of bite rolling on from the last game and I expect us to have a bullying crowd and in the fact NW doesn’t think we need a back five to win games so I think we will edge it 2-1.
  2. Just read back through the comments, what a difference a win make.. long may it continue.
  3. Well we could argue Forest was always a worry but that’s been put to bed. Bring on Blackpool. In my youth I had some great nights out down there, trouble is I can’t remember much about them.
  4. Need another 2 wins in 2 games to get around 1.66 points avg and I think given the reaction at the end of the game it’s quite possible. The BORO fans were superb..
  5. Points 9 from 7 (1.2 points) goals 8 for, 8 against is hardly play off form. It’s a long way to go and there is some signs of promise but I don’t take much from this game as Forest, although they tried hard are pretty dire.
  6. Interesting that NW himself stated they played like NW side. So NW does have some idea what a team should look and play like.. That’s putting in a good shift for each other.. It was a scrappy game with far to many unnecessary bookings for me. Low fitness levels. Poor play decisions, dear me get your head up, pass more. Not enough quick passing and too many sloppy ones. No obvious leader at set pieces or in midfield. Not enough balls into the box. That said there was a lot more determination and belief and a willingness to get dirty. At the final whistle they demonstrated the gam
  7. Scrappy nothing really to take from this game other then a few glimpses of what might be to come, some good work rate, determination. Forest were Shockley bad. Great BORO crowd. THREE POINTS! Is what we needed, three points is what we got…
  8. If we could pass better and quicker I think we could have been well out of site by now..
  9. Forest reminds me of golf when it all falls apart for no reason. Brain freeze, tears, anger, embarrassment.
  10. I’ll take that back.. shock, happy shock but as they say “that will do”
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