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  1. It is the area I would strengthen along with a creative midfielder which in affect should help us score more goals.
  2. Neverbefore what is it with you that compels you to over react and post personal derogatory comments when you don’t know me personally. When did do you make a personal judgment on my mentality. Was it simply personnel because only your views matter, are you publicly point scoring or is it superior complex as moderator you don’t feel I am worthy of a debate and therefore a dic k head or mentally unstable. How did you judge me unstable, depressed, by my previous posts, are you capable or professionally trained to pass judgment. Given your position do you understand the consequences o
  3. It’s going to be a hard transfer window and I think people may be expecting miracles. If we are to go up automatically we need to find an extra 20 or 18 points, a big, big ask. So the question would be, how much is the club willing to invest for a play off. To get up there we need to be out the blocks quickly and remain consistent and I don’t see that happening bedding in new players. The other question is how many quality players do we need and are they available, more likely, possibly not. Realistically if we do well in the transfer market I’ll settle for the playoffs.
  4. Its rare and been along time since our utopia and I envy the Sunderland supporters.
  5. I didn’t feel comfortable hoping Sunderland would get beat but I can’t see them loosing. Anyway it’s six points we can look forward to.
  6. Just because you confessed to your sin it won’t lessen your burden. A sin is a sin and it’s a cross you have to carry the rest of your life. Somethings can’t be forgiven..
  7. A brown shirt is an accusation of being a nazi or encouraging fascism. Let’s not go there.
  8. I take offence in your reply. If you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing macapes
  9. If anything I think he is regimental and predictable but that may have been more to do with the available choice of players. Even so I thought his transfers were abysmal.
  10. What ever the design I hope it’s designed with simplicity in mind and not handed to some young artistic graphic design college student or some WOKE left idealist. Just don’t bring back the white band I’ve put on weight and never liked the last one.
  11. Don’t agree because the Government and FA apply and abide by the law. I’m not defending anyone just giving my opinion on bias when judging others. I don’t tend to form my opinions based on what the media publish. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones comes to mind. There is a difference between developed and developing countries and there is culture and religion to account. China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan have very poor human right records but I bet you own one or more of there products. Just a question. Would you know the date and year in KSA. Genuine question as it’s relative to
  12. I don’t have a preference and just going to enjoy the games. I’m more concerned about who is coming down as it poses a challenge next season. Well if we get it right with transfers and settle quickly but I believe the target will be a playoff spot.
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