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  1. With such fine margins between success and failure it’s early days for me to make judgement. I believe we see him in a better light because we want him to succeed where as a manager not associated with the club would not have been afforded. I stated I did not believe we would make the play offs but wanted to see committed football and believe that’s the case although at times we have been pretty fragile and not yet a combined flowing unit that links together. Once again we have had international breaks and I believe this will work to our advantage because it gives us more time to reflect and strengthen. Early days.
  2. Not had much time to watch or listen to football because I’ve been entertaining family. Just seen the stats which don’t read well but the score line does and that’s all that counts. I’ll read through the posting sometime tomorrow and my hope is to know we are entertaining and progressing. Well, well Norwich who would have predicted that win. Honestly they are miles advanced than we are and I’m jealous.
  3. Possibly because our expectations are so low we don’t expect to beat top teams anymore hence this was seen as a good result. Having watched the game several times now I think we did play as a mid top league team apart from the simplistic goals we gifted.
  4. Hell im on a high and its the first time for as long as I can remember the board is buzzing for all the right reasons.
  5. Ash so true. How many of us thought we would get hammered today and are pleased to bemoan not taking all three points. It’s feels good.
  6. It’s a shame all the hard work is being undone because we are so weak at the back. Still I’m happy for some strange reason and it’s neither drink nor substance.
  7. I’m happy with the game and I could but won’t pick up on some faults because we are playing football again. The bonus is the two goals. Now I’m nervous.
  8. Britt or Bamford. Bamford for me because I think he has better movement and awareness. For me Britt is hit and miss especially in big games and needs to do better.
  9. I was based in the Middle East I had the opportunity to visit several places around Thailand over several decades and just back from Phuket. I do like the country, people and food and it’s a shame people only think of Thailand for its darker side. In Phuket King power was every where and football was shown live in every bar big or small. They are football crazy.
  10. Just wondering if many on here has visited Thailand?
  11. I was not proposing changing the manger but questioning if fans would give woody longer than the ten games. Anyway I thought the ten games was simply to judge where we may expect to finish and where improvements might be made. Secondly I don’t think we have many options other than to stay with the plan and swapping mangers won’t produce instant results, if any at all. I believe mid table and I’m staying with my prediction because I think other teams are weaker than us and we have a good chance of improving over a longer period.
  12. The volume of replies so far does not support the So so early days yet poll because I expected a bigger spread across a win, drawn, loose prediction. The consensus of allowing ten games was a yard stick to measure our performance so would fans give Woody longer than previous managers.
  13. I’m of the opinion we adjusting to life the town can afford and sustain. I can’t fault SG because he saved the club and given me some good memories but he ran out of ideas, failed to change and made some poor choices. It’s cost SG an awful lot and he could now be settling the ground to move on. Let’s face it who wouldn’t but let’s not get carried away thinking a new owner could be trusted and not milk the club dry and move on.
  14. SG crown has slipped but there is no doubt in mind without him we wouldn’t have a club. He has given us some great players and great times way above status BUT it started to fall apart around the Southgate appointment and has continued on a downward spiral ever since. In today’s game SG simply is a small fish in a big pond and I believe we are adjusting to life and possible sale and who can fault him. The majority of football clubs don’t make money and most are at best running with sustainable debts. The SKYE and Premier ruined football I said it would and it has. Billions have been spent players and agents gain and all the while the media raises its fees to cover its bids. I can see more heading Bury way and I don’t see why SG wouldn’t sell, fact I think he will soon.
  15. Does anyone ember the cockerel being thrown on Ayresome park pitch. It happened at a few away games too. My best memorial grounds Southampton what a great day out with thousands playing football in the parks. Hated going to Millwall and Fulham and cried like a baby at Wolves when they knocked us out the FA cup. BORO were doing well until Terry Cochrane was taking off apparently because once again he had his socks down. Known Terry for many years drank, played and drove him in his Volvo to the BONGO on many occasions. He hated playing with his socks up and shin pads on and was fined many times but by then I believe it was law.
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