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  1. I believe many already knew where we were heading and action is now taking place that confirms the fact. Unfortunately it’s the staff that will be hit hardest and it’s those lower income earners that will feel it more. They are victims of SG poor decision making and inability to manage the club. So were are we heading. Well no where bar an exceptional season with very average players quite simply because we all know those coming down and a few others will throw money into going back up. Tell me anyone that believes getting promoted from the championship is easy. No, SG blow the change to stay up in the first place and every attempt of getting back up. I won’t mind being in the Championship as long as we get exciting football after all it’s really were we belong.
  2. Apart from the distraction with Monk it’s all pretty quite. My take on Monk is simple and SG should take a long hard look in a mirror. SG has become fairly predictable for all the wrong reasons and the club now mirrors his poor inept decision making. I have never been in favor of appointing Woodgate because I don’t believe he is qualified or has the experience nor strong enough to impose his objectives or leave a legacy. The sound bites from the club are simply echoed to align with what people desire because obviously they need bums on seats. Woodgate job is going to very difficult and in the early start to the season the last thing he or the club needs is supporters on there back. Woodgate and the club gets my full support and I’ll hold my opinion until after 7 to 10 games.
  3. Personally I believe buying time about sums it up. He is there because we don’t have cash to splash the fan base has dwindled and SG can’t afford another failed project. SG knows fans will give a local lad more time than another impostor. For quit sometime Woodgate has been instrumental in a very poor BORO squad but we are now led to believe he is a messiah about to create miracles. What I believe we will see is change, erratic football and results.
  4. I was expecting a better game than the 80 mins watched so far. Almost fallen a sleep.
  5. I almost is not actually achieving. I don’t agree we have a good defensive base and again with a different formation it will expose greater weakness. What I witnessed was a very static team devoid of basic skill sets, creativity to move and create space and the simple task of passing.
  6. Don’t like the clinical forum layout and the banter is pretty drab at the moment so until there is news worthy of comment I’ll dip out for a while.
  7. You mean it’s deliberate, OMG no, why change something that’s not broken. I think it’s to sterile looking.
  8. Did I miss something, what’s happened to the layout or is it because I’m viewing on my ipad. Don’t like it one bit, give me back my forum.
  9. NOT Woodgate please. I have nothing against Woodgate but proven managerial skills are required to turn the ship around. If Woodgate can cut it let him go outside and prove himself first.
  10. I hope you are wrong. No experience and no connection to bring in players if needed. A gamble that could ultimately see the club bankrupt.
  11. I agree And could you please forward me the Woody "stories" in private message, thank u ;) I hope your thinking is wrong, Woodgate is not the manager to lead the club.
  12. Why would a contract run till the end of summer, that makes no sense? I read earlier it expired yesterday I thought I read somewhere his contact expires in the summer. I got it wrong.
  13. Pulis talked the talk but could not walk the walk. He spoke without thought, boosted success when there was no value and I don’t like @@@@ lickers. I don’t believe we are financial better off we need to rebuild and if he has financial nouse why was he employed as a football manager and not in a financial role. Of course both parties MUST exchange politeness because both parties failed.
  14. Pulis contract expires summer end therefore I believe he has been paid out or on gardening leave. I also believe we will have a caretaker in place before a new manager, I hope it’s not Woodgate. SG had no option but to do what he has, the fans spoke out.
  15. When the hell do we get to celebrate Pulis departure. I’ve been on a slim fast diet for the past month but I’ll drink a few beers once I know he has gone. I’ll drink a lot more and shed buckets of tears if Woodgate is announced.
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