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  1. As it’s a transfer thread I would like to nominate NW moves into retirement. I admire and grateful for his effort to keep us up and I can see why SG decided to stick then twist but for the love of the club, the game why lump us with another season of **** football. I seriously want to know what the town, the fans have done to SG that he feels it warrants a decade of misery. As a child I would walk from South Bank to Ayresome Park and get a squeeze into the boys end. Even shovelled snow off the pitch so we could play Man United, I think it was. Cried with the away crowd at Wolves when T
  2. Not sure our players move around that much..
  3. I heard NW is in contact with Swan Vesta for a couple of good strikers. It’s rumored NW has witnessed a few he believes are very good around the box. Swan claim they are fired up by the approach but warned they have seen these approaches burn out in the past. NW has not been put off by the challenge saying “there maybe light at the end of the tunnel”. Mean while SG is cautious about putting his hand in his pocket having had his fingers burnt in the past. A spokesperson for Swan claims they have learnt from the past and now produce in greater numbers excellent, safety match strikers, less tempe
  4. Kelloe, do share your views dear, why are you angry?
  5. We have 11 NW players in the squad. The overall performance of the team over a prolonged period has been dreadfully poor. No shape, energy, consistency, there is just no DNA that shows a team bonding. I have watched a team that is error ridding, panicked on the ball, no movement and lacks confidence. I can’t understand NW game plan, I don’t understand his substitutions or his reluctance to act when things are clearly unbalanced. What I do see is a manager that does not want to loose but doesn’t have the will or bottle to want to win. I see a manager who bigs up other teams players and talks
  6. Its was a brilliant replay and I missed the punchline even after reading it a few times. I guess it’s a case of word association i.e what I thought I wrote and what I actually wrote. Don’t think it would stand up in a court of law though. 👍
  7. Ironic when you look at the table and realise how crucial 3 to 4 more wins given away to weaker teams and what it means to the playoffs. Mind it shows the gulf in what is needed for automatic promotion.
  8. Oh hell and I read twice, age and eye sight 😬
  9. I passed the stadium today and there was a white flag above an advert for discounted season tickets 😂
  10. Best you could come up with? So what’s your take on on it all. Go on take a put and actually print something
  11. Happy to listen to positive spin on the club and manager., go ahead I’m all ears my friend
  12. The players, well most give up quite a while ago and NW is hardly the right person to inspire. Nothing to play for apart from individuals dressing themselves up ready for offers. With NW steering ship there is nothing to see here and nothing to look forward to as we know we will be aiming for a big burly forward to hoof the ball up to, abysmal old fashioned football. We can live with the thoughts of NW pleasuring himself in public admiring other teams front line and his comical interviews on strategy. It’s going to be a interesting transfer window, just joking, it won’t be, and we wil
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