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  1. Honestly don’t know, no one from the championship. That money would get us an average championship plodder, we need to think outside of the box to get value and hope we get it right or get lucky. Couldn’t agree more about needing wingers though, genuinely can’t remember the last time we’ve had 2 good wingers. Don’t think we ever have in my lifetime. Adomah & Carayol for a bit the best off the top of my head.
  2. Admire your optimism mate but I’m not confident Ronaldo could hit 15 in this Boro team. Fair enough, if he comes I’ll get behind him but I think the money could be better spent.
  3. Really wanted this lad, Brazilian fans seem to think he’s the real deal. Shame, but looks like we’ve gone for him as hard as we can and if he’s chose Fulham it is what it is, we all know the club we are these days. It was exciting while it lasted though, hopefully some more, not inspired at all by anyone we’ve signed so far. People saying they want Maja though, people seem to rate him based on the fact that he got picked up by a foreign team. Think it would be a shocking signing. Andre Grey would be another Assombalonga as well, seen him mentioned a few times.
  4. This might explain Braithwaite happening very suddenly too.
  5. Forest fan I know reckons Burnley about to drop 20m on Assombalonga. Not sure how reliable but a heads up not to get hopes up if that's true.
  6. If he did go to Chelsea, I wonder if there would be a chance of them loaning him straight back as part of the deal. Boro fan's expect him to be the finished article but I'm sure Chelsea don't expect him to walk straight into the team.
  7. I'm willing to bet a ton of money that you didn't watch him in the other games he played. Pretty decent keeper, less of a risk than Ripley at this level. How is League One's keeper of the year more of a risk than a keeper who played half a season in Scotland?
  8. Thats me paid too Baresi, well done.
  9. Wonder if we might go back in for Enzo Zidane.
  10. From who? I've literally only seen it on here? There was a comment from one of the gazette lads the other day saying something along the lines of "We don't want to get too excited but there's whispers that we could have something very special on our hands with de Sart"
  11. Front page of the gazette Monday morning, Rhodes, Ramirez & Pritchard.
  12. Someone has edited all those wiki stats. It's 1 in 13.
  13. That could be legit, Leadbitter is a Mackem, it's hard to type when you've got 4 fingers on one hand and 7 on the other.
  14. Think we should strike while the iron is hot with Meijas, throw him back in now while his confidence is at an all time high here and the fans on his side. He looked a different keeper tonight and did in the cup games last season to the one who first came here, calm & in control. That take with his chest summed it up really.
  15. He's a full on wonder kid on fm, I had him for my Atletico side on the mobile version last year, holding midfielder, never seen him play. That's all I know.
  16. We've signed Bruno Zucculini on loan, bit out the blue.
  17. This De Pena lad wouldn't get a work permit would he? Hasn't been capped by Uraguay. I can't see there being anything in this.
  18. When's Hooper signing diggerlad?
  19. Would have rather that than Nugent.
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