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  1. I would imagine if we sign gibson with a view to a permanent and the same with Oxford I would think Ayala may be sacrificed come the end of the season.
  2. See Bola got man of the match yesterday according yo one paper 👍
  3. Think its about gibson. Nothing much in the story and probably lifted from here. Daily Mirror january transfer blog.
  4. Cheers. We definitely need a cb. Being a left footer is a bonus in my eyes. If we had won our last 2 games I would be more positive about the prospect of having gibson. With 7 players being out of contract at the end of the season and deficiencies in the squad as it stands I just wonder whether we need to go for a cheaper option. If the club can afford it as well as making the attack more potent then I would be all for it. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thats the thing. I respect he has fit in at rb and cb but as a midfielder he has had almost 3 years to show 3 managers that his name should be cemented in midfield. I dont think his performances have demonstrated that. It may be due to all of our midfielders being very similar though.
  6. He wants to play 433 he said. Personally I dont think he has added any personnel that will do it for him effectively since he was appointed. Maybe if he can get the front 3 sorted it would take a bit of pressure off the defence. Our goals for column is embarrassing. We should have some room to manoeuvre when the out of contract players go. Personally, on refection I would probably only keep Ayala. I know some people like Howson but he is out of contract and we need something different in midfield. In this period of value for money I dont see the logic in giving someone at the end of their career a decent contract just so he can fill in where we are short.
  7. He is very adaptable. In a 3 he looks very composed but judging by Woodgates comments last night he does not trust him in a 2. It would be nice to get a cb in next week as after Birmingham we have 10 days to bed him in.
  8. Think Saville will do well tonight. Timing his runs for Gestede hold up play and flick ons. I think he was effective at Millwall as that's how they played.
  9. Oxford certainly seemed hyped up when with West Ham. I would however like us to source a left footed CB. Not only would it give balance but I think Fry will be a lot more comfortable on the right.
  10. I wonder what his distribution is like. Woodgate wants to play out from the back.
  11. I agree smogzilla, it is a big jump and we’d probably have to pay a premium as Dundee United are going for promotion.
  12. I think it is all agent talk. If he wants to go to Spurs he is behind Aurier and Tanganga from what I have seen. Offer him what Coulson has and leave it at that imo.
  13. Agree with that. Out of contract in the summer. I thought the fee would be much less.
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