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  1. Thats right, though the longer the restrictions the greater the economic hit. My gut feeling is that the government feel that herd immunity is the way to go until a vaccine comes along in the next 12-18 months. What they are doing now is Building up intensive care provision and treatments that may mitigate the effects of COVID 19 until the vaccine is ready.
  2. The problem with following fatalities at this point is that you are measuring a saturated healthcare system in Italy, which is not representative of the situation a two weeks ago. The most significant metric is the number of new cases, but as you have noted, different countries may measure different things. At the minute, other than the cabinet and royalty, we are meant to be testing the Most severe cases. Those that have been admitted to hospital. From that, the mortality rate for the most severe cases is 5%. This is not representative of the whole population, but those admitted to hospital. Whilst being similar to influenza it has the ability to infect up to 4x more people and be 4x more lethal, especially to the vulnerable. That is why we need to take this lockdown seriously and possibly why it will be extended, especially if people dont take it seriously. As for the footy season, If it is to restart I would expect it to be behind closed doors around June. As thereis a Winter world cup it mayjust align the season to that for 21/22.
  3. Take care Blanco. Hope you and your family are well. I cant emphasise enough that you take it as seriously as you possibly can, especially for any vulnerable family members. Thinking of you and your family, though I am sure you will all be well 👍
  4. I really hope people take the seriousness of this on board. Yes, the vast majority of people will be ok, but if people are irresponsible now they are just going to prolong the suffering of those at greater risk. I work in the nhs, on the front line. I am trying to enjoy this week off with my family before I go back next week. Technically, the department I work in does not deal with respiratory illness, but contingency planning means that we will probably stop what we are doing and take critically ill people. When I left on Friday I did not think the level of ppe was appropriate but nevertheless I will go back on Monday and prepare for the bomb which is about to explode. If there is one thing I can say is that please take this seriously. I saw a story on the bbc earlier with the headline suggesting the behaviour of people will make doctors have to choose who lives and dies. Would you want that responsibility?
  5. I think you would be surprised at the % of people that would actually return them. Depending on where you live the uptake for cancer screening can be as low as 30%. At the other end of the scale some people would want testing every other day. Every test kit has to be made to count so targeting them to the right people at the right time has to be the way to go.
  6. With the contract situation at the end of the season we will definitely need a good few incomings. If Woodgate is still the manager I hope the one thing he has learnt is that he has not got a clue how to set up a team to play 433 and he sticks to what he is doing now. Dont forget he thought Bola, Browne and Dijksteel would fit into this formation. The fact that he said the players he coached last year could play that way should frighten people. 4231 is solid and can be entertaining. I hope Woodgate reflects on what is going right and sticks with the attributes the players posess and that will be available to him next season. If we keep Roberts then we have at least 6 senior options on the books in ?Roberts, Wing, Saville, Tav, Browne and Coulson to play the 3 behind the striker. We need 2 strikers who can play that role as Britt and Fletcher cannot. Oneil is not physically ready yet and Gestede appears to be leaving. We will need an experienced Right back to try and mentor Spence and a senior left back. I am not sure if any of the youngsters are ready to step up to the first team Left back role, nor am I sure about Bola who is struggling to get into Blackpools first 11. We could possibly keep Johnson, but I would hope the scouts could identify someone younger with potential. Dijksteel is no more a Right back than Howson. Prior to his 6 months as a right back at Charlton he was a CDM. I have not been convinced with any of his right back displays. I would try him cdm if he stays here. I would love to keep Clayton another year and Mcnair would give us 3 players for the 2 cdm’s. We would also need a couple of centre backs if ayala and Mikoudi leave. So for me we need: RB 2LB 2CB? 2 CDM if Clayton goes 2 Strikers Not too much to ask.
  7. That is the way it should be. Meritocracy is the way to go. His performances recently have not been up to scratch but if he plays well he should stay in the team.
  8. I understand your sentiment but in theory with a new virus that a human host has no immunity to it is the right thing to do. It is all about containment at the minute, which will buy time for it to either die out or time for a vaccine to be Produced. Most people who get it will be fine but we all have a responsibility to the old, very young, immunosuppressed and those undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the risk of this spreading throughout the community.
  9. His professionalism cannot be bought. His example to the youngsters would be second to none if his playing days are coming to an end.
  10. Thats right. There is no real deterrent that I can see.
  11. I think it is more relief and the fact that it was a positive performance. 23 shots and a balanced set up in which Gestede played well. Sometimes when we have such a rare result we look for reasons why and try to rationalise that. You are right that Charlton are a poor team and if the result isnt followed up v Swansea and then Stoke we are back in the mire. I think if he sticks with the same formation and keeps the same team +/- Roberts for Tav we can get better at what we are doing. The constant change of shape and personnel makes me think JW is overthinking things. I still dont think he is the man to take us forward and I still dont think the squad is that much better than our league position but I will take results with that performance every day of the week if we stay up and look for reasons why it was a positive day.
  12. Not sure how it is an overreaction to say that a player played well when he did.
  13. Our forwards set a really low bar in what they bring to the team and for the way we are set up Gestede is the man for me, but as you say he will be off and next year his skill set will not be needed if JW gets the tools he needs to deliver. If we are going 433 then we need a bit more mobility. I know Hugill was mentioned and there is a lot to like about his play but his constant falling over continually meant we lost posession. If he used his strength a bit more and stayed on his feet to retain posession he would be a good option. That said, he will be on wages way beyond what we will be offering.
  14. I am not his biggest fan, dont get me wrong but I dont think he has ever been made to feel that he is the main man as it were. And maybe he has not deserved to feel that way. He has always seemed to be the stand in guy. Maybe it is just coincidence that Woody has seen that he needs his skill set and maybe told him the position is his to lose now and he has grasped the nettle. Its all about someone having confidence in you. At risk of complete ridicule and pi55 taking for the rest of my time on here I would rather keep Rudy on manageable wages than any of the other forwards we have. He can bring more to the team.
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