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  1. I read your post as frustration that even when Britt has been given 2 chances within the 6 yard box, with only the keeper to beat, he has needed a third or possibly fourth such chance to score. Hopefully we will get another striker in with a physical presence up top to give Warnock options. You cannot deny Britts workrate this season, but whilst he is supposedly our main man I have accepted we will not be in the mix for the play offs. People say we dont create enough, but if Roberts had set those chances up they would be saying he was just what we need. He isn’t, we need a striker that can put those chances away.
  2. It certainly is, when you consider the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham have to pay the mortgage on their new builds.
  3. Given the news from the government regarding crowds I am now of the mindset that we will go with what we have. Anyone else through the door is a real bonus. Yes we are short but as Will said, existence is the priority.
  4. I'm not sure how Warnock will use Akpom but I must admit I never saw him as the big physical fulcrum of the attack. I think we are still waiting for that signing. Pacy, strong and direct seems to describe Akpom when I've watched the videos.


    Can you do anything about a pop up on my phone from Luckymobile. Client website telling me I've won a Samsung phone. Thanks
  6. Aye, we just need to work out how to create chances now. Wingbacks need to overlap a bit more cos we aren't going to win any high balls into the box.
  7. I can hear the odd shout but the audio on my stream sounds like there's a guy riding round the pitch on a tractor😡
  8. Must admit I am very pleased with the start. I thought they would be more dominant.
  9. I will accept anything today, but I dont think I’ve been more accepting of a defeat. They are miles ahead of us unfortunately. Blackburn got a couple against their defence but our defence just isn’t cohesive yet. I wouldn’t be surprised at a heavy loss, then Akpom announced to dull the pain, 0-3. At the minute I think we might have a marginally better season than last. For us to have a chance of the play offs I think we need 4 more players. For me to wake up on a morning and think we definitely have a chance I think we need another 7, which aint gonna happen.
  10. I think it was down to cost. There was a bit in a gossip column this am which suggested Premier league clubs were willing to pay for swabbing of their opponents in the carabao Cup.
  11. TAPOUT


    Me too. Customer of O2 you have won a phone. Not when I am on wifi though.
  12. Nice to see them being given another opportunity. I hope they do well.
  13. For me, Britt probably offers more but his wage is so restrictive for us. To get more out of him we probably need to play higher up the pitch and with our deficiencies in midfield we are not suddenly develop the ability to play through teams. I think he will be more productive for us with a big physical type up alongside, which will lead to a more direct approach, but possibly more productive. If that happened though he is more than likely going to go for free at the end of the season as there is no way we will be matching his current salary no matter how many goals he scores. If we get an offer we would have to factor in the fact that we need to get a replacement, but if it was north of £5m I would probably accept it. I have never rated Fletcher so I would quite happily let him go now. But that is just my opinion. I do think we need to back Warnock here. Theres no way Akpom is going to solve all our problems on his own, just as Roberts wouldn’t, for those who want him. If the rumours are correct that we are targeting a CB and CF on loan then if there is any money left I would be trying for a couple of genuine fullbacks.
  14. 100%. But how can you drop Fletcher after last night. As Warnock said earlier in the summer, he would sell any of our squad. That's how much he rates them.
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