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  1. I imagine because last season it fit the narrative that most people on here wanted Pulis out but they are more willing for the next man to succeed.
  2. I think you are correct. Hopefully Keane will have a word. When he first started out he played inside left so knows what its all about.
  3. its strange. Lampard is having the same trouble at Chelsea and he has just taken over from a pragmatist as well.
  4. I think this is very pertinent. People often quote Norwich as being the template for us. We are at least a full season behind where Farke started. In his first season he was allowed to bring in 5/6 players, mostly German midfielders that he was able to bed in. The following season he brought in another 4/5 as well as talented youngsters. As you say, until we can rebuild the squad with the correct attributes it will be a season for Woodgate and his team to gain experience and try to bring out a style of play with what he has.
  5. Really pleased with the 3 points and as Brunner said there were some nice interchanges. Not enough but at least it is there. As well as learning a new system we also have to learn to play against the counter system, which will change from week to week. Some more points on the board will allow us to do that with a bit less pressure. Millwall then Bristol City away. 2 positive results (4pts)? before the international break and I think we will play more confidently for longer during games.
  6. 74% Boro v 66% Wigan according to Google.
  7. It may be a way of Woodgate sticking 2 fingers up at the recruitment team. We are hardly flush with numbers in the striking dept. when we have to name 18yo Walker in the squad. As said above though he should not be seen in any football shirt really.
  8. This is why it is important to have every part of the team able to play a pressing style to be effective. Yes you need certain attributes, intelligence, pace and athleticism but if the players can't work as part of a whole unit then it doesn't work. It is early days though and I can't emphasise enough that Woodgate has to decide what this squad is able to do and stick to it as it will be a few windows before he can add what is really needed.
  9. Changes - Hopefully lots, with all the new lads starting Bitten - Our dog. He either hates me or has no spacial awareness as every time he gets a treat he insists on taking half my hand with it. Score - 0-0, but hope we win by a couple. Promotion - No chance Relegation - Possibility. I honestly thought Pulis managed to almost polish a turd last season. I know a lot are into Pulis bashing, which given the type of football presented to us last season is fair enough but we have a smaller squad of very similar types of player for each part of the team. We can't mix it up. Its all like for like. It is all about goals. We still don't have a forward to play the lone striker role. We don't really have a supply route to Assombalonga so he can play his natural game and the front 3 of Britt, Fletcher and Johnson is as dysfunctional as you can get in my eyes. I was hoping for a much better transfer window so low mid table expectation at the minute.
  10. Thanks for the info but I can't buy it personally. JW has been at the club whilst Pulis was here so he must have known their state of mind. He has said he has good players that will score goals. He just has to implement his philosophy. Most fans, even those critical of his appointment will give him and the players a chance if we can see what he is trying to achieve in his style of play and he tells it straight in his presser. If he thinks these players can't do it I would much prefer him to come out and say we haven't got the bodies to play the way I want yet, but you will see the team give 100%. After Saturday that may be the way to go anyway because if all a poor team needs to do to nullify what little threat we have is play it long then we are not going to be very effective.
  11. I agree with your first sentence. When he mentioned it when appointed I honestly thought we would be bringing in a new front 3, a new CB to partner Fry, 2 new fullbacks and a CDM. To me the squad we had then hardly had any attributes required for a pressing team. He is now asking people to play a way that I dont think they can. Enthusiasm has been disguising the fact that we dont really know how to press or have the players to do it. My gut feeling regarding lack of backing in the transfer market is possibly woodgate has said we had to keep Britt and Randolph, with the wages they are on it limits any possibility of adding to the squad. If you are going to keep Britt though you have to play to his strength, which is he gets in the box and you feed him. Our build up play doesn’t allow him to do that as most of the time he is part of the buildup play. I also agree that he has to stick with his philosophy. Apparently Dijksteel did not play well yesterday, but if he said at his interview that Dijksteel, Bola and Browne are fundamental to the way he sees us playing then he has to play them and show belief in them. To me none of them look ready but he has to go with his beliefs. Howson has never been a full back. Fair enough if his presentation said Howson will be great at right back but Woodgate has said he is doing a job for us there. Thats all. He may be performing better than Dijksteel now but his contract is up this season. Dijksteel is meant to be our future and needs to be bedding in and getting his confidence. I think 10 games gives you a look at what Woodgate is trying to do and if he is consistent you would expect to see some sort of improvements in team shape and execution, though it would still only be early days. At the start of the season I thought we would be comfortable mid table. That was the sum total of my aspiration. Now I am thinking low mid table as he does not have the raw materials to make a success of the way he wants to do it. Looking ahead though I am more concerned as 6 high paid players are out contract at the end of the season, we still need to lose Randolph and Britt due to their wages. It becomes another rebuilding job. I hope Woodgate is the guy to do it as it would mean he has had some success this season, however it sounds like the knives are being sharpened by some which is a little impatient in my eyes.
  12. They are learning on the job really so dont have any experience of dealing with any situations they find themselves in. That is going to be down to how they conduct themselves with the players and fans to a degree. If he really believes this squad can deliver the style of play he wants then he has to stick with that. If not he has to be pragmatic and play more to the squads abilities. I think thats why Pulis was able to get results. Karanka was left a half decent squad but he was able to organise them defensively and built a platform for the following couple of seasons. As for todays selections, being at work I was not able to follow closely but most people seemed happy pre match.
  13. When we have money Gibson seems happy to back his manager to the hilt. When we have little money then there is very little to back him with so mediocrity it is. I have seen enough that if it clicks we will be ok this season. We wont be anywhere near the play offs though. I can also imagine next year being tougher with the amount of players out of contract who will not necessarily take a large reduction in salary. If they all leave and replaced with a mixture of youth and developing players it could become a really tough watch. Then theres the high earners who we cannot afford. Crikey. Wheres Mogga when you need him.
  14. It has been a case of what might have been. I have been at work so the vibes on here seem as though it was not a great display today. I suppose we have to accept the inconsistency in trying to change a lot of things at once. The pressing game is probably not going to work every game and personally I dont think we have the players to do it well but Woody must have sold it in his interview and he knows more than me so hopefully time will prove him right. We do need to try and get more points on the board this week though, just to take the pressure off.
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