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  1. Definitely need a talker. Despite our plethora of centre mids we need something different in there. Our midfield combinations have been mediocre at best the past few seasons.
  2. I,d like to know that myself. Ive been readjusting my varifocals all morning šŸ˜
  3. Sorry, put the mockers on that. šŸ˜•
  4. Iā€™d love to know what really happened pre Charlton. It never really felt the same after the walkout, despite promotion. My gut feeling was that his authority was undermined and he lost the control he needed, for whatever reason.
  5. Claytons best 2 seasons for us were when he played with Leadbitter in the 2 CM,s. He was more effective because that system suited him. I dont think he is any less tenacious now but is less effective as we dont play 4231. He is too exposed in our current midfield. Other than rallying the south stand I hardly heard George shouting much on the pitch and now he has lost his pace his effectiveness has declined also. Karanka seemed to know exactly what he needed to add to the squad for his first full season. He was very impressive then.
  6. All of our midfielders are gash basically. Going through the motions and no more. Whilst I dont think Marv is anything other than League One standard, he has been a winger all his career, as was Coulson. He is doing his best in a position that he has not played for pretty much all of his career. He was out of contract and allegedly foreign clubs were interested in him. He may be risking his next contract by getting injured for us so I thank him
  7. I was at work today so my comments are not based on what I have seen, but I think Warnock was maybe trying to toughen him up a bit.
  8. I see very little benefit to Boro if the deal is Gibson for Fry + cash. The squad would be no stronger as we are trading a CB for a CB. The cash we get in addition would not go as far unlike a cash only deal. Burnley would have an asset from us who they have a chance of recouping their investment at least, due to his age, whilst we have someone who will probably not have a significant resale value. I did like Gibson as a CB mind.
  9. RIP Big Jack Shame he can't have the send off he deserves
  10. I wouldn't mind Warnock at all. I like his enthusiasm and honesty. I don't see any reason why Gibson shouldn't say to him, 'We want you to be here but it is important to the club that youth have a pathway to the first team and are an important part of the future of the club'. He does talk about defenders defending. Yet our most effective outlets this year have been our wingbacks. Will Coulson get much of an opportunity next year? Will Spence be as effective in a 4? If they get pushed down the pecking order how will that fit in with the Golden thread stuff. I think with Warnocks ability and experience he could definitely see the clubs philosophy through if he is happy to do it. After our rapid decline his experience and ship steadying abilities are definitely needed. It's whether he wants to help build the club or just build a team. I hope it's the former and if so, giving opportunity to the youngsters who are ready for that exposure he is an ideal fit. With the squad needing so many players this summer he will have the opportunity to add the experienced leaders he wants, but hopefully not at the expense of some of the young lads who have done well this year but are still a bit raw and naive. If he just wants to build a team a la Strachan then I would thank him for what he has done and look elsewhere. Hopefully though, after 40 odd years in football he might want to leave a legacy and by putting the foundations in place here he could do just that.
  11. Djed Spence will spontaneously combust due to a build up of gas in his new protective mask. This is after setting up the second goal to lead 2-0.
  12. I really cant see many teams in the efl taking on britt, saville or mcnair with their salaries, as much I think a clear out is needed. It will be interesting to see what happens with transfer fees, wages etc this summer.
  13. Barnsleys last 3 fixtures are very difficult. One more win for us and I think we will be fine.
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