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  1. Our chronic inability to score or create means I never feel we will win games, though I also don't feel we will lose many. One of the poorest attacks versus one of the poorest defences. It will be interesting to see how we line up for this one. I am not sure what threats Derby have but wouldn't be surprised if we go 433 with Akpom, Britt and Watmore/Roberts up top. 1-0 Boro.
  2. Fingers crossed. Good luck 👍
  3. I was at work so only caught the last 10mins on the radio. Happy with a point away from home. We seem to have started to find a way to win at home As well so we are going the right way. It seems we went like for like with the subs, which is fair enough. Blackwell or Warnock did say recently if we aren’t winning away from home we make sure we dont lose. Well earned rest for the lads now 👏🏼👏🏼
  4. Personally, with no money coming in I don't see it. Unless we sell someone.
  5. Couldn't agree more, though I doubt we will see any fans attending for the rest of the season. I am not sure how we can add to our wage bill with no extra revenue coming in. If I were a Premier league club being asked for a bail out, then seeing that money spent by clubs speculating in such a way I would be a bit annoyed. That said, I am sure Warnock will manage the squad well and if we can be lucky with injuries, can we dare to hope?
  6. At the minute I feel more confident that we wont lose, rather than we will win. I will be content with a draw but hope we win. If Chuba is fit I think he will come in for Roberts in a 352, but I dont think Warnock has got it wrong this season so will be happy with whatever he puts out. Really impressed with the drawings lads, honestly, without any description I knew it was Jepson, Albert and Juninho. 10/10 for Jepson👍
  7. Only one team in it really. Deserved, but hard fought. With the players we have I think this will be the template going forward. For years we have found it difficult to break teams down and if opponents close Roberts down it becomes a war of attrition. Apart from Tavs interception in the second half we weren’t troubled. Hopefully Forest will play a more open game and it will be more pleasing to the eye, but I really don’t expect us to carve teams open with the skill set we have. Great start to the season.
  8. Whilst I wouldn't say I enjoyed it I must admit I am starting to be quite relaxed when watching us. We look solid. I am pleased that Warnock is trying different formations and is willing to drop players in an effort for us to be more potent. I would definitely accept a performance like today v Bristol City.
  9. If covid becomes manageable and the club can back him sensibly I think he will stay another year at least. We lack creativity and pace in the necessary areas, but if that is addressed I am sure he will want to stay. He said himself the lack of goals is embarrassing, so he knows what is lacking. However without the right mix of players it ain't gonna change.
  10. I didnt see it at all. The fact Woodgate stated he was wanting to play that way and failing with the players he had was no surprise to me. His thoughts on our approach are pretty irrelevant as he lacked the players and capabilities to deliver it. I remember Mowbray saying we needed to find a way to get results but not Woodgate. If you want to use Woodgate as a source for your argument I will point out that he is hardly a reliable source, unless you want to dig up the quote.
  11. I did watch us and why would I try to make a point up on a football forum. Woodgate also said the table was a lie. Was that right?
  12. We tried it until lockdown under Woodgate, which is why we were in the relegation zone.
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