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  1. I agree. He has said he does not hate geordies and why should’nt he have an affinity with a club that gave him his chance at pro football. He seems quite a genuine sort of guy really. As head coach I cant say I am convinced that he is the man to take us forward. I dont see how he could suggest that the players we had could play the pressing football he alluded to at his initial press conference. And that is after a year of coaching them. To me it calls into question his judgement of a footballers ability. That said has his judgement been any worse than Monks or Pulis. Monk spent £7m on Fletcher. Pulis the same on Saville. Its their players that have made such a limited squad and have soaked up all the money. To me it feels like we are in the eye of a perfect storm. Poor, unbalanced squad, no money due to ffp, a new club philosophy and a recruitment team that seems unable to unearth what the club needs. Woodgate is in the middle of all that. He may be part of the problem. If he has identified Bola, Dijksteel and Browne as players to take us forward then his judgement does have to be questioned. That said until the club provide the manager with a balanced squad I dont think it matters who is in charge.
  2. Strong bench 😳😳. Results above performance now.
  3. Knowing our club he probably has a clause saying he gets a 2 year extension if he makes another appearance.
  4. I am not saying the mail is accurate but I don't think the club announced Bolas contract length. Transfermarkt state it is up June 2020.
  5. I’ve never been one for calling for the managers head and despite my concerns I dont think another manager will do any better with the players we have. We have no pace or creativity and the forwards are pi55 poor. A new manager is not going to change that. It is concerning though that JW felt the current squad could play a high pressing game and that Bola and Dijksteel were going to be the dynamic full backs we need. It calls into question his ability to identify the talent we require going forward. I think ffp is still a concern with the wages some of the players are on and until they leave I dont see anything positive from any transfer window soon. With these things in mind I am really concerned about the direction the club is heading but maybe like a septic wound, you have to cut out all the rot before you start to grow again and heal. For me though, at the moment Woodgate is not part of that rot. Not yet anyway.
  6. I honestly don't think another manager is suddenly going to turn Britt and Fletcher into scoring machines. On the positive side our defence is fairly solid. We need incoming activity in January and lots of it in the forward areas. If we can get players to create the 10 simple chances for Britt he might get us a goal. Ideally though we lose Britt, fletcher Gestede Saville Johnson. The back 7 inc. Goalie are fine. We just need to freshen up the front 4.
  7. What do you think it will take to stop the rot? Luck and scoring first Do you genuinely think Woodgate knows what he is doing? He either said what the fans wanted to hear or saw things in the players last year that we have never seen. He is probably going to stick with a back 3 now and if he plays the same formation each week we might see some improvement EDIT: shows what I know. Britt and Fletcher's form: lack of confidence or lack of ability? Ability in Fletchers case. I keep hearing there’s a player in there somewhere but f*** me, he is taking time to come out. Britt has scored goals in the past but needs more chances than we can create to get his tally up. What is our best formation using what we have available? I honestly dont know.
  8. Cowley has proved he can do it at a lower level and I suppose time will tell how high he can rise. Woodgate has not proved anything to anyone as yet. He has been dealt a raw deal from recruitment but at his unveiling he seemed convinced he could get more out of the squad. I hope he gets it right, starting tonight. I have a funny feeling we are going to get well beat though. I don't like the way he is changing things around though. He worked with these players last year so surely knows their attributes.
  9. You are right, however transition into what? If he has lost his bottle and reverted back to the one dimensional football served to us over the past 5 or 6 seasons then there is no transition. He needs to see through the vision he sold to us. I can accept defeats if I can see some change on the pitch, but to appear that he is bottling it after 10 games is worrying to me.
  10. I think most of us knew circumstances dictated that the reason he was appointed was due to costs. Alternatives such as Jokanovic would cost more and the investment in the new players he would want to play expansive attacking football would be out of our reach. I, as always initially buy into any new regime to see what they are about. I was impressed with what he had to say and thought the apparent enthusiastic backroom team he put together could bring an energy to the squad. I never thought we had the players to play the way he said, but he stated he has seen the players in training last season and he thought there were goals in the team. There have been spells in games where things have looked good but we never seem capable of a 90 minute performance. Unlike most I could tolerate Pulis’s performances as results were ok. I was perplexed by Monks appointment and now I am feeling the same as I felt watching Monks team. Woodgate has decided that pragmatic football needs to return rather than trying to improve a pressing style he advocated so much. He obviously does not have a squad to play the way he wants and the recruitment team have let the club down badly for the past 3 seasons at least but you need to be brave when trying to implement something new. In turning his back on a more attractive style we are neither something or nothing and I think this is being reflected in our performances. I initially thought a mid table position would be a successful season for us. After the first 8 or 9 games we would end up maybe 16th. The last 2 games have convinced me we will be fortunate not to go down. Being a fan for over 40 years means I can accept Boro in any division. To me it is not about status. What I cannot accept though are performances like the last 2, by players on eye watering amounts of money and a manager who in his first 3 months in the role is willing to tear up a philosophy at the first sign of difficulty.
  11. Pulis got better from the team because he played to the strengths we had, no matter how boring it was to watch. Woodgate wants to play more expansive pacy football but does not have the players. He probably realises this and is now caught in the middle ground. He has to implement his philosophy and stick to it and he needs a really busy January window. If he isn’t supported then it may be a season of looking over our shoulders.
  12. I suppose that is the crux of the matter. Do you build a team to feed your centre forward or build a team whose collective will produce more. Unfortunately at the minute we are neither.
  13. I had hoped for 4 points from Millwall and Bristol City so I suppose we are going to have to do it the hard way. I see this game as being a real test, not just in playing terms but of Woodgate's bravery. This has the potential for us to get a bit of a spanking. If we are going to set up higher up the pitch I could see us going 3 at the back with Fry now fit. I would imagine the wingbacks being Howson and Bola if Dijksteel isnt fit. Midfield 3 of Wing, Clayton and Mcnair, with Britt and Fletcher up top. I suppose the obvious problem will be the front 2 not being able to hold the ball up and us giving possession away cheaply, but they would then have to try and play through us. Hoping for a 1-0.
  14. If I recall correctly he said his preferred style was the high press. I remember him saying he thought we had goals in the side as well. I am happy to be corrected as I am not going to trawl back through his initial interview but I dont remember him saying he had the squad to play his pressing style. He has not been backed by the chairman / recruitment team probably due to ffp issues with the legacy of large wages and is doing his best with an expensive but underwhelming squad. He has tried every combination in midfield but other than the occasional glimpse of a threat, such as mcnairs lovely run to score yesterday it is not clicking. The forward 3 are equally frustrating. Obviously everyone will have their own expectations but I dont think it is wrong to suggest that he needs time to build a squad that is fit for the purpose he foresees.
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