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  1. See he has just signed for Rotherham.
  2. Aye, that's expensive as well so I suspect we have to make sure each deal is right for us.
  3. Being linked with him in January suggests to me that if it is us it would be a club recommendation rather than a Warnock type.
  4. I suppose we sort of know how Warnock likes to line up, 433 or 4231. Hope we can get the players to suit. If not though he seems to play a formation that he feels suits the players rather than insisting on a style the players can't deliver. I am still hopeful of a few through the door and the links we have been associated with fill me with some hopes for next season. CBs, CMs, CFs and a bit of width. A real strong spine with some width if needed.
  5. Not sure what style Huddersfield are going to play with their new coach but I would imagine a pressing one if they are after ward. Not prolific but will certainly work the line.
  6. Those were the halcyon days of the transfer thread.
  7. As an aside, the gazette state Moore is not first choice. Who do we think might be. Can't remember many other forwards being linked?
  8. Theyve battled well. The defence have threw themselves at everything. The number 33 is nice to watch.
  9. I read that Burnley were interested in a Notts Forest centre back but it was dependant on Gibson leaving. Possibly rules out potential swap with Fry.
  10. Welcome. Hope you are keeping safe over the pond. I think we are in for a much better season than the last 4 👍🇺🇸
  11. Joey Beauchamp was another and Ben Gibson apparently 👍
  12. As I recall we also had the best midfield in the division and a solid defence. The way I see it is you can try to build a team around feeding Britt so he thrives or you can play a team that might function More collectively as a whole. Britt has tried to be a more rounded centre forward, I acknowledge he is doing a bit more out of the box than when he came but it just aint him. For me Moore works across the line well, can hold the ball up to give the midfield a chance to push up and thus allowing the defence not to sit back so much. It is my preference to see the team work as one unit like that. Some like the thought of wingers taking people on and getting it into the box. Its horses for courses I suppose. Having an individual who gets 15+ goals a season means nothing if you dont get anywhere.
  13. I thought last year when the rumours were there that we would maybe get £8-10m plus Gibson. Now , due to covid god knows where valuations are going. Like you say though, Burnley should be more desperate to shift Gibson than we should be to lose Fry. He hasn’t had a standout season but at 22 I cant think of a CB in the championship with a lot more experience, game time and ability. If we were to get offered £8m plus Gibson it would probably fund the rebuild. So needs must. I would defy any centreback to have played as regularly as he has in so many different formations with so many defensive partners and goalies to have looked standout. There was also a rumour that he wouldn’t leave as well.
  14. Sorry, so Britt is definitely leaving? He has something lined up? That extra ‘was’ in the sentence is confusing me a bit.
  15. Britt is busier in the box, uses his strength with ball at his feet to create a bit of space to get his shots off. He needs lots of shots though to score. Fletcher does not use his physical strength at all as far as I can see, needs more than one touch to get the ball under control and has the turning circle of the titanic.
  16. Does that really matter though. As long as we improve, which I think we will, surely thats what counts.
  17. 100% agree. That said, Britt would probably be the better partner for Moore if we played 2 up top out of him and Fletcher. I know its not going to happen but a completely new front line would make my pre season.
  18. Moore apparently deciding between us and Cardiff. I think he will be very good for us.
  19. They’d have to do the medicals etc and may be on holiday, so I would reckon we will move down the list after next week if nothing is announced by then. People might have said yes but are away.
  20. Not for me. 28 yo, never played higher than league one. 1 in 4 record in last 8 years in lower leagues. Dont think hes mobile enough or brings others into play much.
  21. If anyone has 20mins there's a little insight into our transfer machine on mfc website in todays Warnock interview Sorry Dan, in before me 👍
  22. I may be wrong but I would imagine most of the players they want to offload will be on money way beyond we are offering now. I imagine at most we may have one ‘marquee’ £2-3m signing but the rest will be frees or League one types.
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