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  1. Very much enjoyed being a part - albeit fleetingly - of the thread folks. See you in August [or possibly on the loan thread]. +1's welcome given that dxmage is negative repping for some reason :D
  2. I've just overhead Bausor suggesting he's arranged a deal for someone called Charter Van Hire. Sounds like a Dutch lad. Don't know much about him :D
  3. Too slow PP. Sorry mate I don't read the whole thread. When I look it's often pages ahead of where I left.
  4. The bromance continues... Don't want to start anything in all the excitement but really what is the point in telling us "yer I can confirm he knew that" once we all now know it. Don't really care what people know just what people share. Back to waiting for the car/s to arrive. All it goes to show is PP has genuine information, Brunners is backing that up so people don't say "It's all well and good for you to say it's De Laet now". I don't remotely have a problem with it, in fact happy to hear it. At least someone understands. Thanks.
  5. The bromance continues... If you start being nice you can get these first next window. Not with that attitude though.
  6. And it's finally out ... There's your Leicester defender. Why do we want him? I count 2 fit right backs and 2 soon to be fit right backs. What is the point of this? Can play anywhere across the back.
  7. And it's finally out ... There's your Leicester defender.
  8. Don't speak to soon ... Who we selling them?. :) No one hopefully ... Been very quiet today ponce, thought today would be right up your street! Any crack? No annual leave here. I've got a couple of bits but nothing too much as yet.
  9. Don't speak to soon ... Who we selling them?. :) No one hopefully ...
  10. Leicester defender. All I can say publicly.
  11. Just as aside. I'm a bit disappointed in the official @BORO Twitter for revealing our targets on social media before they've signed. Since when have we tweeted that we're about to start talks with someone :D That deal is 100% done. No doubt about it.
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