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  1. Still annoyed over that. Probably our best performance of the season is to that point then he goes and does that!
  2. Johnson is awful. Occasionally puts in a half decent game but his average is very poor. Seems to be completely invisible when we are up against it aswell.
  3. Really hope we can get Kavanagh tied down. Huge potential from what I've seen.
  4. Cant see us winning this one. Hopefully Maccarone isn't involved at all. Useless gimp.
  5. Lack of necessary contact hours with teaching staff. Online/distance working can cover some of it but exam boards are unconvinced.
  6. Could all be delayed into the next school year. 6th formers cant even make plans to go to uni next year as they may not have finished their A-levels!
  7. Feel like I'm caught in a storm here as a teacher. Mixed messages from government. Not closing yet but not ruling it out. If so, when? Why are our institutions still open when the whole FECKING CONTINENT is closed??? How am I supposed to explain that to my students?? Kids scared. Parents scared and angry. Colleagues and managers at a loss. Exam schedules in bits. AAAAARGH
  8. I've mentioned Callum Kavanagh on here a couple of times. Looks really good in the u18s. Clearly attracting interest.
  9. Crazy time we live in. Feels like a disaster movie.
  10. Us teachers are being asked to prepare lessons for kids to do at home. School closures very close.
  11. W.B.A v Birmingham . Home Blackburn v Bristol Cty. Draw Huddersfield v Wigan. Draw Hull v Charlton. Draw Luton v P.N.E. away Middlesbrough v Swansea.Home.(Wing) Millwall v Derby. Draw Q.P.R. v Barnsley. Home Reading v Stoke. Away Sheff Wed v N/Forest away
  12. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/01947851/filing-history Our newest accounts have been released. I dont have a clue about these type of things but I do note that a "revaluation of land and properties" has occurred. Could anyone shed any light on what that means?
  13. I had similar results, even when I was harsh on boro and took fewer points than expected. Think the teams around us have a horrible run in and ultimately we will survive
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