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  1. What on earth just happened in the Man u game. Never seen anything like it.
  2. Aye, story on Derbys struggles in the Mail. Anyone have an idea how realistic an outcome liquidation is?
  3. It's because of the deal with Amazon. Kick offs are staggered
  4. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/u23s-coach-graeme-lee-appointed-hartlepool-manager And there's the confirmation!
  5. We could promote from within. Mark Tinkler's done good stuff with the u18s so wouldn't be surprised to see him step up.
  6. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/19753765.hartlepool-united-appoint-graeme-lee-new-manager/ Bit of a blow to the u23s . The boss looks set to become Hartlepools head coach! Great opportunity for Graeme like so we could hardly stand in his way. Best of luck to him!
  7. Yeah they used the wing backs in their previous fixture too so it looks like that will be the system going forward. Good to see!
  8. He could be a good option for RWB for the 1st team at some point. Hope he gets a chance one day.
  9. Joe Gibson with his best Maradona '86 impression for the u23s last night!
  10. I've been really surprised how quickly he's changed our style, I was expecting a process that would take months. Obviously we're far from the finished article but by God, I like what I've seen up to now!
  11. Went under the radar a little but Big Djik looked very comfortable as the RCB. I think Jones was able to get forward a lot more today and that was helped by Djiksteel having things under control behind him.
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