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  1. He had just lifted it from fmttm. Had been posted on there minutes before he said owt.
  2. Redemption for James saving the pen at the end there!
  3. Unbelievable. Poor Brad James lost his head a bit at the key moment there. He was never getting that cross.
  4. 15 mins left. Come on Pools!
  5. I assume we've agreed a fee with Rotherham for Smith if he's up for talks?
  6. Agreed, there must be some truth to it. I hope so anyway.
  7. Russia v Denmark A Finland v Belgium A North Macedonia v Netherlands A Ukraine v Austria H Croatia v Scotland H Czech Republic v England A
  8. Now that sounds far too sensible for us!
  9. Spurs latest managerial talks have broken down. Now talking to Gattuso. That would be box office
  10. He has "I will sign for West ham at some point" written all over him.
  11. Milan must be kicking themselves for binning Locatelli so early. Developing into a world class midfielder.
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