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  1. Aye like the alien from the 1st men in black film
  2. Oh come on, that's a bit mean. He not THAT bad looki- ....nevermind 不
  3. Neil was Norwich manager not that long ago, may have worked together previously?
  4. No idea who Xande Silva is but he looks feckin dreadful haha.
  5. I was worried he wasn't getting his shirt back there went it went over the hoardings 不不不
  6. Not too upset with Jones dropping to the bench on this one. Played a lot already so we've got to manage him. Surprised Siliki and Sporar are starting so soon.
  7. 2-0 win for the young lads in the end. Absolute howler of an own goal for the first! Coburn with the second, assisted by the returning Sam Folarin
  8. All youth today. Decent first half on balance. They've kept the returning Tyrese Campbell very quiet. Sivi is struggling a bit with his full back, who looks top quality. Getting no change out of him at all.
  9. Under 23s up against Stoke at the Riverside tonight. Mr Scott watching on in the directors box.
  10. Tav played as a full back frequently for the youth teams. It was only when he developed and his attacking abilities became more apparent that he was moved up the pitch.
  11. Think the 1st team normally train/come in on the afternoon in the day before matchdays. They're normally active after Warnocks press conferences which are around midday.
  12. Was that poor keeping or just a great goal? Deadly bend on it but the keeper looked nailed to the floor.
  13. A competitive international fixture during qualifying! Hurrah!
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