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  1. Looking at Wilders pre seasons with Sheff UTD, they never appeared to go away to any kind of training camp or anything. A couple of away fixtures here or there but most games seemed to be in Sheffield. In their promotion season, their opponent’s were an eclectic mix. Stocksbridge Park Steels, Maritimo, Bradford, Mansfield, INTER MILAN and Doncaster. 😳
  2. They're normally at it for about a month I think? So I'd imagine late June. Have any pre season fixtures been announced? I haven't seen anything.
  3. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/erreas-emotion-pride-reuniting-middlesbrough-24009176 One point in this, the Errea guy says that the entire range that they're making for boro is bespoke, including the training gear. So looking at their catalogue isn't much help in guessing what it will look like.
  4. Just watching the teams walk out. I notice Ainsworth has forgotten his top button again..
  5. I wonder what he meant by "attitude" in his original quote. Is he simply talking about players who "work 'ard", or is it more about players who have the right mentality to deal with tough situations? I think it's hard to argue that there were a few times last season where the team just sh!t the bed. Sheff utd away and of course Preston on the last day come to mind. Perhaps he's stressing the importance of signing players who don't just have the talent, they are also able to stand up and be counted when the heat is on? Thst would be my guess.
  6. I get the impression that with Tav a few people set their stall out early and decided he wasn't good enough. They're then far too stubborn to admit they got it wrong.
  7. The lad was on trial at the end of last season. Definitely got at least one outing for the u23s.
  8. Seems to have a sweet left peg and can actually cross a ball.
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kai-wagner/profil/spieler/357842
  10. Just popping the link in for others to see.
  11. Very interesting. The stats seem to back up the general consensus on the teams strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Disgusting. Thankfully the thug has been arrested.
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