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  1. Also watching the highlights. Bola's pass to Johnson for the second is delicious. Perfectly weighted for him to run onto it. Lovely stuff Marc
  2. He was a complete hindrance to that side. Completely outworked by our boys in the middle
  3. Pretty light work in the end. Derby stink. Definitely not "too good to go down."
  4. Didn't expect a start for Watmore so quickly. Must have really impressed.
  5. What happened to Reading?! They were 2-0 up when I last looked. Lost 4-2! Lovely day for it here!
  6. I've got a good feeling about this one. Might be unjustified. Think this is the type of game where we do well.
  7. There were a few notable absentees from the u23s yesterday (Wood, Folarin, Dodds and Brynn) so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them filled out the bench today.
  8. U23s 3 nil up at half time against Wolves at the moment. Goals from Joe Gibson, Hayden Hackney and Alberto Balde. The second half is available to watch here
  9. On an "initial" short term deal until Mid-January. Makes sense. Decent business.
  10. Hypothetically speaking, what do you reckon Dijksteels market value is at the moment? Feels like it would be well over what we paid for him.
  11. Been a stunning turnaround for him. Only just 24. Definitely feels like he will be a prem player one day.
  12. Him still training with us suggests its pretty nailed on we'll sign him.
  13. Didnt he used to work for Sky a few years ago? Seems to have been kicked out of any proper media companies and writes articles for betting sites now.
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