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  1. Saville does not touch the ball. Bidwell gets there first
  2. Absolutely sickening. Debatable pen but what made him change his mind? And as for the disallowed goal. Bloody hell. I hope someone pisses in his tea.
  3. If Tom Mcintyre from reading is actually available I'd be all over that. I think he's quality
  4. What the hell was that!? Midfield having a mare. Howsons having a stinker
  5. Big Nige and Bausor having a natter in the directors box.
  6. I never really appreciated how BIG Fletcher is physically. He definitely had a growth spurt at some point after joining us. Hes listed online as 185 cm (6ft) but he looks much bigger than that now.
  7. Yeah he said virtually the same thing about Duncan. I reckon he will sign up.
  8. Hello…. again! (Found this on reddit - very odd haha) Boro’s season seems to have spluttered back into life again. The perfect professional performance against Reading has seen us creep back to 3 points off the play off spots. We have 2 home games this week, the first of which comes against Bristol City, whose season has completely imploded. They have lost 6 games in a row, sacking manager Dean Holden in the process. They lost 1-0 last time out to an in-form Barnsley side and will be desperate to stop the rot against Boro on Tuesday night. Let’s hope we can avoid a “typical Boro” performance here and get a proper run going! Some questions to consider: Would you keep the same line-up from Saturday? Jonathan Woodgate has inexplicably been given the Bournemouth job until the end of the season. What is your most memorable moment from his disastrous tenure at Boro? You are George Saville’s lawyer. He is facing murder charges over the death of Neil Bausor. You must assemble a crack legal team to defend him in court. However, the budget is tight, and you can only choose from Middlesbrough players (past & present). Who do you pick, and why?
  9. Please keep sharing. No matter how dumb! That's the point of a forum!
  10. I used to think there was no such thing as a bad opinion but reading boro forums and seeing posts like this has cured me of this belief. 🤣 Were you actually WATCHING?! He had a brilliant game! Gave their midfield no time at all and set up the second goal.
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