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  1. Aye I thought as much. Confirmation that things are moving anyway.
  2. Akpom not in the PAOK squad for their game tonight.
  3. Hes come from mainland Greece hasn't he? Which isn't on the current quarantine list
  4. They dont get routinely test this season. Only if a player develops symptoms. This seems like a massive balls up by the EFL.
  5. Get yourself on the phone to the club shop. They're missing a trick not selling these. I, for one, would jump at the chance to buy Ronnie Jepson branded oven mits
  6. Uk guidance is 10 days minimum of isolation after a positive test.
  7. No he was sat with Gibson in the directors box.
  8. Thankfully he separated himself from his coaching staff. Theyve all returned negative tests
  9. Good luck to all those going for tickets 👍
  10. Fans back in the stadium this weekend??? Think test events are limited to 1000 maximum attendance
  11. I'm sure @Raf smog mentioned bausor "pulling out all the stops" and working on a transfer that could take weeks awhile ago. Perhaps it was Akpom?
  12. Is it likely to be a 3 mil flat fee? I highly doubt it. More likely a smaller fee + installments/ bonuses
  13. Reading twitter it SEEMS that besiktas and fenerbache were after him but he wanted to come back to England.
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