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  1. Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 不不不
  2. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/july/efl-statement-wigan-athletic/ Wigan will face a deduction this season if they finish outside the relegation zone
  3. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-middlesbroughs-lack-dominant-18517460.amp?__twitter_impression=true "We've still got a few problems behind the scenes but I won't go into detail about that at the minute." I assume this is the quote your talking about @edinboro ? Interesting comment like.
  4. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/retained-list-july-extensions-and-departures
  5. Warnock said Coulson was unavailable due to an injury
  6. Get in. Take the wind out if them just as they were getting momentum! What a sub!!!
  7. Dunno if this was posted yesterday. Report saying that marv is off.
  8. I've just seen this on reddit and thought I'd repost it here. "Highlights" of Woodys post match interviews : (WARNING: Long) With Neil Warnock's arrival ending Jonathan Woodgate's tenure here at Boro I think it's only right to bring to your attention some incredible moments from some infamous press conferences / interviews he's conducted in his sole season in charge. In September Boro lost 4-1 at home to Sheffield Wednesday, all the goals came inside 34 minutes. The team were vociferously booed off at half time, in his post match interview Woodgate simply said: "Its not really the situation you want at half-time, going in there 4-1 down". The media missteps continued as a week later boro went down 2-1 at Birmingham, afterwards he partakes in a toe-curling interview with Sky's Caroline Barker, the start of a truly bizarre feud between the two of them, in which Barker probes a dejected Woodgate live on sky sports with: "Today couldve been 5 or 6, you have West Brom and Fulham coming up, if you play this way again theyre going to murder you arent they?" https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11827720/woodgate-we-move-on Following that interview, Boro would go on to score a total of 0 goals in the next 4 games. At the end of October he conducted his most infamous interview that didn't go nearly as viral as it deserved. I'll quote him verbatim and provide you the link to the audio for this because it's quite something: "Nah it's lying though, people say that the league table tells the truth. It's not. Its lying" https://twitter.com/primevideosport/status/1189615740934152193 A month later boro were dismantled 4-0 by 'rivals' Leeds in which Woodgate, following this game conducted an interview with the Leeds media in which he beamed about the "unbelievable" reception he got by the home fans, admitted that he wanted to wave back to show support but it wasn't appropriate given the score, that they were a "top club" and that "they're some train to get on it'll only go one way". It's perhaps worth noting we're not even into December yet, he's only been in charge for 4 months at this point. https://twitter.com/lufc/status/1201490875618119683 A mini resurgence in form over christmas came to an end at Fulham, another match live on sky which meant, another toe-curling Barker vs Woodgate interview. Again I have to provide a link to the interview so you can understand just how awkward it is. https://twitter.com/boropolis/status/1218305000243388416 Barker leads with "One shot on target was there a call for Fletcher to be brought on?" Woodgate responds with a prickly jab of his own "I wouldn't say so, you should be a manager you" Barker is quick to respond "that's why I'm not" Woodgate is faster still with his dismissive retaliation "yeah yeah you're probably right" You can see a glint in his eye, he's thinking hes 1-0 up on her Barker attempts to rephrase the initial question "Was there no thinking in your mind that he should have come on earlier?" The verbal tennis kicks up a gear as the two commence in a rally spanning about half a second "not really no" "why not" "I didn't want him to" Barker stammers, as she tries to form another response, Woodgate butts in, sensing shes on the ropes he comes out swinging "look I pick the team and you dont" Game, set and match you can see he's thinking to himself. Unfortunately, verbal sparring with a female journalist on live tv isn't quite the impressive achievement he appeared to think it was in the heat of the moment. 3 successive 1-0 defeats to Leeds, Barnsley and Luton followed, the latter a home game in which Luton ended a run of losing 12 successive away games. Woodgate admitted after the game that: "I don't blame the fans for booing because I'd have done exactly the same" He also, gave an insight into his motivational half time team talks: "I said to them at half-time that the positive is, you can't play any worse than that. Actually they did" https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jonathan-woodgate-booing-stands-middlesbroughs-17755926 This leads up until this very weekend, the championship restart. Leading up to the home game against Swansea, Woodgate spoke about how sharp the players had been in training and about the importance of a positive start to the game. After 34 minutes Swansea had hit the post, missed a header from 2 inches out and were already 3 goals to the good. It would finish 3-0 seemingly because of an unspoken mercy rule in which Swansea treated the remaining 56 minutes like a park kickabout. After the game on a webcam interview, answering a question about how he found the alien matchday experience, he responded with a now trademark response of "So the experience wasn't good at all for me, hopefully in the next game is...erm....listen... if we have our fans there it's going to be a lot better" https://twitter.com/pmforster/status/1274354749110923264 Despite all this chicanery, it's a real shame that it didn't work out here for him. And it's a shame that with the ghost of Tony Pulis still lingering over the current squad of players, that we've yet again had to flip the clubs vision and reach out for the oldest hand available in Warnock. We can all take some solace in the promise that if anyone can outdo Woodgates interview tomfoolery, its probably the Warnock.
  9. What's "interity"? (Sorry for being a pedant 不)
  10. Pulis-> Woodgate -> Warnock. Wow. What a lineup 不
  11. well that was quick
  12. Ben Gibson's sat with the u23s watching the game
  13. I'm sure someone said one of the lads picked up I minor knock in the Huddersfield friendly. Was that moukoudi?
  14. |嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙嚙ㄍ | COME ON BORO! | |嚗選撚嚗選撚嚗選撚嚗選撚嚗選撚嚗糕 \ (T﹦) / \ / --- | |
  15. Glad to finally get the season going again. For some reason I'm confident we will pull off a win. No basis behind that at all. 不 Incidentally, I will be one of the few people actually attending the match in person. Will be a bit weird watching an important match in with nobody there!
  16. I know Maddison hasn't exactly shined for Hull but losing him when they signed him as a Bowen replacement in January must be a real sickener.
  17. Pretty bleak for hull
  18. Rather brutal report from Vickers on Ayala. Not sure if it's a hatchet job from the gazette but if some of that is true, good riddance.
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