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  1. Just now, wilsoncgp said:

    It was Gordon Cox!? He usually has a bit more to him than that, like! Used to do the commentaries at Boro last season before they put BBC Tees commentary over the video, sure he's done plenty of commentaries and stuff over the years for us.

    Aye he was drafted in last minute. Clearly a bit out of his comfort zone bless him! 🤣

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  2. 9 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    Great way of killing his confidence and knocking some of that ‘fearless’ attitude out of him to drop him the first time he has a bad game. That’s providing he’s been dropped and isn’t injured. 

    Theres a difference between killing confidence and managing players well. Young players will always drop in and out of teams. They have to be protected. Over playing them can be lethal for their career.

  3. Carlisle  v  Walsall home

    Crawley Twn  v  Grimsby away

    Exeter Cty   v  Colchester Utd. Home

    Leyton O  v  Newport Cty. Home

    Macclesfield  v  Forest Green Rvrs. Away

    Mansfield Twn  v  Bradford Cty away

    Morcambe  v  Cambridge. Home

    Salford Cty  v  Oldham. Draw

    Scunthorpe  v  Crewe Alex: draw

    Stevenage  v  Plymouth. Away

    Swindon Twn  v  Port Vale. Away


  4. 26 minutes ago, Jamie-H said:

    It's 1000% a Gary Gill special we've tracked him for over a year the Gazette say and whoever's done the tracking has the sway to get Gibson to greenlight a 7 figure transfer fee to a European team for a guy with 6 months left. We know Gary has his almost gots like Lindelof but he also has his misses (De Sart, Fischer etc) his latest special we know about I'm not sure if it's a near miss or not Becker got injured almost immediately.

    I'm glad we're looking to Europe again there's value and quality there if you source it right and Gill's a little murky on actual deliverables but if he's the most senior recruiting voice right now I'm glad he has more influence in replacing Randolph than Bevington being the senior recruitment guy.

    Also on Britt staying or going there is yet another 2 million pound ballpark value striker linked with us today apparently we've watched him closely over recent months just as we have with Cosgrove and that name is Lawrence Shankland at Dundee.


    Suggests we're preparing to invest in a new striker(s) you'd guess right now it's contingency planning for this window just in case Britt leaves but the next window all of these 2-3 million pound striker links will probably give us an inkling of who we'll move for and in what market if we cut losses on Britt as people expect.

    Shankland is an interesting one. An analyst I speak to regularly raves about him. His scoring record is outrageous but I wonder how hed handle the step up in quality.

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