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  1. Most excited I've been before going to the Riverside in ages. Get the feeling this will be a cracker!
  2. Covered the game. Quite a low key affair up until injury time but some nice interplay from Boro at times. Both teams passing out from the back. Game turned with the introduction of Isaiah Jones and Sam Folarin in the second half. They brought electric pace on both wings which pinned Villa back. Jones speed won the penalty at the death when he blitzed passed his full back and was subsequently hauled to the floor. Neatly put away by Ben Liddle. A decent start for the Boys!
  3. Not for league 1 and 2. They go on til the 31st.
  4. http://www.dtvmovements.co.uk/ Time to desperately look at airport arrivals for clues. Not updated to today yet. Private plane arrived from Germany yesterday and hasn't departed.
  5. Thanks for all the effort you've gone to the last few months. Its been extremely interesting to read!
  6. Purely hypothetical question: a Clubs comes in for Wingy. At what price would you be tempted to sell. 10 mil? 15? Be interested to hear peoples opinion.
  7. Hi Graeme! ? Know you're reading this thread!
  8. I mean, he also said Braithwaite had a poopy butthole when he was actually in Spain, so you never know! ?
  9. Woody just said they hope to get one more in.
  10. This might factor into their Fry interest.
  11. ???? Heads gone. Too busy thinking about Fry and Britt.
  12. Where you seen this? Unusual for a press conf on a Tuesday
  13. Journos now using Oneboro as a source. We've peaked. THE CYCLE IS COMPLETE
  14. Nothing is safe from Oneboros mighty gaze. We have too many fanatical users desperate for info. If something leaks we WILL see it. ??
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