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  1. Hahaha I love it when some announcement gets leaked by a random family member ??
  2. Last one I can remember was Jordan Rhodes/ De laet and others signed on January deadline day. Although thinking back, Im pretty sure the announcements were staggered through the evening. So my post is completely pointless and the time you've taken to read it has been wasted. ?
  3. Howay mate, stop whitening your gnashers for a second and get it storted.
  4. https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-middlesbrough-to-make-offer-for-winger-who-was-english-clubs-player-of-the-year/ Here's the story. Its by Pete o'Rourke
  5. He was Fleetwoods player of the season last year apparently.
  6. They will be investing in a more "mature" merchandise in the coming months!
  7. What on earth are you on about. This is absolutely nothing like the early 80's. We've sold Flint and Braithwaite. Hardly "key" players.
  8. Gonna need more than just one random crank on fmttm talking about it before I worry about Britt leaving.
  9. Southern bias. Most of them have probably never been north of Watford.
  10. Christ theres a lot of wingers/ forwards in the belgian league ?. Judging by how we are operating You'd have to imagine they are cheap and on the younger side (under 25?) Even that doesn't narrow it down too much ?
  11. Charlton fans furious on Twitter and their forums. Seems they really rate him. Oof.
  12. Um, I have an aunt called Vicky who lives in Benidorm. ???
  13. Given what we know about Charlton im refusing to get excited until the traditional photo of him stood next to the big badge is released! ?
  14. He seems to be the ITK guy on there aswell ??
  15. Thats not how I read it. Sounds like hes just giving context to his earlier tweet.
  16. No hes saying our new bid has been accepted
  17. I dunno about this source but here it is anyway
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