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  1. Exactly this. Let's not worry too much just yet.
  2. Dont think that accounts well connected. Previous tweet said he would sign for us in the coming hours. Prob just going off the newspapers
  3. Harry Maguire too... Gary Gill and his team have got a lot to answer for... Surely Gills job is to identify targets not sign them? Is that not a job for the manager\chairman? you missed the sarcasm :D Well ***ing ***ing ***ing *** me Apologies Humpty
  4. Harry Maguire too... Gary Gill and his team have got a lot to answer for... Surely Gills job is to identify targets not sign them? Is that not a job for the manager\chairman?
  5. Yeah I think he will. Such an overrated manager. Spends piles of cash and jumps at the first opportunity if things don't start working. Leaves clubs in financial oblivion
  6. Nice to see he's going out to Portugal like. Getting mixed in straight away
  7. "That's a seagull right there" "See that mound of dirt over there? That's where we hid the viduka money"
  8. Swans want 15m for Bartley Woah now. Saw 7.5 earlier in the week. Think 15 might be wrong
  9. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexjmoretto?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile The journos LinkedIn page. He looks legit at least. Love a bit of forensic rumour investigation :D :D
  10. Nothing on this in the major Danish outlets so I'd take it with a pinch of salt. The guy does seem to be a legit sports journalist although it's for a pretty obscure Canadian company. I found a Danish article on twitter from a few days ago as well, could just be a copy of the L'equipe article: http://footy.dk/footy-fodbold/2017/07/09/martin-braithwaite-pa-vej-til-tidligere-premier-league/ If you are calling Goal, Four Four Two and Perform (run a lot of uk sport websites) obscure the ok - he is freelance - but writes for very reputable outlets It was Perform and the company he said this story was going to be on (Omnisport) that I was calling obscure. Aye First time I've heard of them. Hope it's true like. Would silence the "smash the league LOL" crowd for a bit if we got him and Britt in.
  11. I hope we release a cringe announcement video if he signs. As is the trend tbese days
  12. Assombalonga is sounding more and more likely according to multiple sources. We're going hard after goalies and have enquired after westwood, darlow and Randolph as of this point. Also some reports of Martin braithwaite but they've gone quiet lately. That's it for concrete rumours really right now. Also ojo from Liverpool looks likely to come in on loan (you forgot that one ;). )
  13. George miller. Born in 1998. That makes feel old
  14. I've always been tall so I've been used as a lumbering center back and a lumbering striker. This gives me the ability to comment on both our attacking and defending options.
  15. I'm not so sure that getting ojo means Chapman doesn't get a look in this season. If Downing goes then our current options are to deploy Ramirez on the left and......er....that's it :s
  16. Ramirez has frosted tips Now? BOOOOOOOOOOOO
  17. I see it more like... if they get Britt then Deeney will move on (can't remember the premier team interested) so he's more likely if first team football Fair point. If Deeney is actually moving on that changes the situation a bit. Here's hoping big Troy decides against a move again
  18. Can't discount the promise of 1st team football. I still think we've got a chance even if Watford are in for him
  19. Doesn't seem like anything reputable at the minute
  20. Get the feeling a new centre back can't be that far off if we've sanctioned this move Bartley?
  21. That's for nowt Bernardo. Turning circle of a submarine
  22. Bausor :D :D "Take a picture with me Jonny......Good lad, now *** off so we can get the other one in"
  23. Why are they checking if his knee is pregnant!??!?! :huh: Also, I get a Justin Hoyte wibe from this signing, hoping to be proved wrong though. There's been a lot of accidental racism in this thread today. :D :D
  24. I've seen other clubs give a behind the scenes look at medicals. I've always wondered what happened if the doc found something wrong\embarrassing whilst they were filming. "Excuse me son, The x-ray came back and it appears you've got half a cucumber lodged in your anal cavity. Care to explain?"
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