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  1. Christie will turn out to be a good signing I think. Part of a Derby team that always blew hot and cold. Will perform better in a stronger defense
  2. I love stuff like this in the window. When we get randomly linked with a mysterious foreign player. Fair enough a lot of them turn up on our shores and turn out to be complete donkeys but its still great fun. :D
  3. Some flashy twitter highlights. Looks pretty dangerous with the ball at his feet.
  4. I would hazard a guess and say if hes on the tour with forest he hasnt actually been to rockliffe.
  5. I think it is too late personally. Such a shame. Clearly a very talented footballer but has an attitude that's getting him nowhere
  6. Got to say I'm dismayed at the lack of quality puns in the thread title this year. Not what I've come to expect. Step your game up guys.
  7. Just wait until Tallentire's piece tomorrow about how this past season's rubbish home shirt with the wonky cumberbund was all Karanka's idea and now that there are good old English staff at the helm, this season's kit will be the bestest kit ever. I heard It was Orta himself who designed it. He ordered the weird white band on the bottom of the shirt. Officially quoted as saying 'Haha this shirt looks poo LOL. that'll show the english whose boss' True Story
  8. How could I forget about kike 2 and his beautiful face?! THE SHAME!
  9. What a window if these deals all come off. Loans an issue? Agazzi Kalas Amorebieta Ramirez De Sart De laet Unless I've missed anyone that's 6 so I guess no squad place for agazzi. No real loss there
  10. Makes sense really. Highly unlikely to get an opportunity here now, especially with adomah on the left currently
  11. Headline news tomorrow is that David Cameron allegedly stuck his...honorable member...in a pigs mouth. Im not joking. Charlie brooker was right. we're through the looking glass now ladies and gents
  12. I thought after george got a tots card last year he would get an upgrade. Obviously not
  13. I swear that office is never tidy for these pictures. Clean up your mess bausor! :D
  14. Id assume the latter, given that the nationality perhaps wouldn't be as noteworthy if he played domestically. Could be wrong though
  15. Just ran a number plate check, comes up with nothing. My apologies inspector poirot :D Its actually MC11 MFC
  16. There is no ferrari at the Nuffield. There is however a ford fiesta with the registration plate NA11 MFC. So read into that as much as you want :D Source: My eyes
  17. Smogzilla

    Red Faction

    Block53. Can I suggest, if you have not done so already, that you send a POLITE message to steve Gibsons daughter Victoria on twitter? (@_v_gibson_) she seems to be well invested in the club at the moment and is as direct a line as your gonna get to steve himself. Another idea might be to message paul dews (@dewseyleeds) who is a boro press officer. Again, POLITELY
  18. Whats this? Video game chat in the transfer thread? Encouraged by an admin?!? Blasphemy :D Seriously though if you have got a ps4 and DIDNT download rocket league whilst it was free last month, you're a bloody FOOL!
  19. Karanka has previously dabbled with the ultra-aggressive 3-5-2. Perhaps we might see more of it thanks to the change in personnel? Dimi Ayala-Gibson-Friend Clayton-Leadbitter Adomah-Downing-Carayol(?) Stuani-Gayle Very aggressive. Perhaps a bit too narrow in the defence?
  20. Yeah for some strange reason Gibbo loves holding interviews in Barnsley...
  21. Very interesting DS. In my opinion those are the comments of a manager who has no idea whats about to happen and is trying to cover all his bases. Lets hope it works out for us!
  22. Looks like everyones caught the crazy train tonight! GO TO BED EVERYONE!
  23. Are you bored or something? Why bother coming back if you keep getting banned? Just sees a bit sad tbf
  24. Good lord. Reading through that Blackburn thread is horrible. Cant imagine how infuriating it must be to have the chicken botherers in charge. I remain eternally thankful that Sir Steve Gibson esq. exists :D
  25. Welcome to the forum Smokedsalmon. :) Your wonderful pic went unremarked because it was a bit small. Just watch the response to this, though: :D That. Is. Fantastic!!! :D:D
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