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  1. Thought we'd be perfect for each other, but you like candlelight dinners... Alas, it was never meant to be :D
  2. 24/m seeking perfect partner. Like candlelight dinners and BDSM
  3. Got a feeling were still going to be waiting on a deal or two come deadline day Nowhere near the level of drama associated with previous years though. We'll be waiting on deals to add "depth" rather than guaranteed 1st team starters.
  4. Smogzilla


    I, for one welcome our new green overlord
  5. Player dosent seem to exist. According to Google anyway
  6. The odds of promotion are no guarantee however so the whole economic theory is useless because that 'constant' cannot be taken as fixed. There is no guarantee of the future in any business. That's why probabilities are calculated which are then used to make decisions which will be affected by future events. Probabilities are calculated in any business in the world which are then used to make decisions. Bookies calculate odds based on statistics, just like other companies calculate probabilities on stock rise, inflation, etc that a decision now will have in the future. Bookies work to make money and will adjust the odds offered based on how much is being bet on a selection. For example club a is 5/1 to get promoted punter a lumps on 100,000 k the odds would then shorten to 3/1 and another market would drift. The statistics are all the same so the odds shouldn't change all thats changed is the risk. So while i understand what you are getting at its flawed logic to use bookies in the equation. I don't think it matters whether you use bookies odds or any other type of statistics though. The change in the probability of us getting promoted with and without Friend is not ever going to be enough to compensate losing out on the guaranteed £4.5m that we can take now. that right there is why you've got this argument wrong. The impact of losing friend is unquantifiable. No odds be it from bookies or anywhere else is going to tell you the impact of selling arguably our best player on our promotion chances. We dont know if we would get a replacement or how they would fair in the squad, or how the dynamic of the team would alter. No calculations can tell us that. Its not a business question. Its a football question.
  7. I literally could have just sat on my keyboard and made more sense than this post just did
  8. This. We cant play a pile of cash at lb. George is proven at this level. If we want out of this league we need to keep our best players and take the risk that they MIGHT not sign a new deal.
  9. Looks like palace are going to sign Martin Kelly from Liverpool....phew :p
  10. Damn right. Just because we will get money for them dosent mean we should sell. Potential promotion is infinitely more valuable than lost transfer fees on individual players
  11. Pretty sure bamford is competition for kike. Not traditionally a #10 is he?
  12. Wow its a lot more common than I thought. :D WILL NO ONE SAVE US FROM THIS BANNING EPIDEMIC!?!
  13. What has Pink been banned for?? I'm back - I was advised that it's a glitch in the site or something? I couldn't view anything to do with the forum - just had a screen saying I was banned. Happens to me that sometimes too. Where you using 3/4g by any chance?
  14. I saw late last night that he had some boro fans posts in his favourites on twitter. It was obviously a sign. At least we can put this silly affair behind us now :)
  15. Im sure I saw we'd signed Leroy Lita on teletext. Not quite on the same scale as rav ill give you that. :D
  16. I suppose the question is, who if not clayton? Cant see Butterfield being kept after this farce sadly.
  17. Smogzilla

    Albert Adomah

    No one can deny he was far from his best yesterday. However, he still managed to unlock brums defence on occasion. He will be a key player this season again. His fitness and development of an understanding with kike could bring exciting results. I sometimes think some fans are always after the "shiny new thing" and don't give enough credit to what we already have.
  18. Cant get over how good omeruo was. Not fully fit, Thrown on almost immediately, and yet he was immense every time a brum player had the ball he was just like "nah m8". God this "optimism" thing is good :D. I could really get used to it. Heres hoping I do UTFB
  19. Looked good, admittedly against a team that were already well beaten
  20. His full name is enrique garcia martinez. People called enrique are often commonly known as "kike" for short.
  21. Just got away from the ground. I can sum up my thoughts as the following: Kike was a class act. NONE CAN STOP THE KENNETH
  22. I suppose we do need a new target for the boo boys now emnes has left! :D
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