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  1. Haha I can remember us unveiling Hoyte against Tottenham. He got a standing ovation from the home fans and a chorus of boos from the away fans. The first and last standing ovation of his career no doubt. :D:D
  2. Anyone who is going to the game today best keep us informed of any half time unveilings :D Was Justin hoyte the last half time unveiling we did? Cant think of a more recent one
  3. Where are you seeing 2 year deal? I could've sworn I saw we had him for three years somewhere Oh wait, just seen vickers posts on twitter. Derp
  4. Contract terminated eh? Bargain! (provided hes not dogs**t :D:D
  5. You're having dreams about being in saunas with 2 athletic guys? Hey now, there's no shame in that. I have that very same dream all the time! Mine end a bit differently though. :D
  6. I think it was in the gazette a week or so back that he would link up with the squad on the 30th. Could be talking out of my @rse mind :D
  7. Ive bean desperately searching for players with relationship names in an attempt to make a lousy joke. Sadly, "David Mistress" has never played football. :D
  8. Wtf prowler! lol I like how it didn't even cross my mind that the original quote had been edited :D
  9. He'd be great in the air with a bonce that big :D
  10. No one challenges George. No one <3 Also his head is a bit....square shaped
  11. Kenneth!! :D Delighted by this news. Felt certain after the WC he would be retained by Chelsea or loaned to a higher level. Proof it pays to have a manager with connections!
  12. Their is no guarantee they would take kei though, did nothing for us last season.
  13. Just caught up with this #Freejellevossen thing. This is ridiculous!!!! :D Seriously though, imagine how ***ed off we would be if it was one of our players
  14. Great answer. Poor edit :D lol, the problem with trying to be clever is that if you don't properly read what people have written it can backfire on you :D I'm pretty certain it's actually Jutkiewicz. Time for a second edit? :p You're right but I was too flustered with the first edit trying to do it quickly so nobody noticed. I can no longer continue with the charade and edit further. My stupidity must remain for all to see :( :D This has fully justified my decision to just call him juke. Its impossible to spell without looking like an @rse :D :D
  15. Goodbye Juke. Never did get round to learning how to spell your surname properly. Oh well
  16. HA HA HA HA HA Told you :D:D:D Who is the guy with a bobble on his head on the left? Its either ryan brobbel or a pirate. Cant say for certain
  17. Damn these spaniards and their complicated multiple names!!! :D:D
  18. Almost feel bad for Bolton like. They probably doubled his trasfer fee for us and they get nothing out of it! :D
  19. Update on Juke. That Alan Nixon has just told a Bolton fan that their club has been informed that burnley have now agreed a deal and jukes on his way for a medical. He seems like a bit of an @rse that Nixon. Hes been spouting off for weeks about boro playing "silly games" and trying to make a profit on him. Well it seems to have worked so now he looks a bit of a numpty! :D
  20. On Juke that Alan nixon (@reluctantnicko) on twitter seems adamant that it just boro playing mind games in regard to juke being close to a burnley deal. Despite all the other press saying otherwise. He seems highly regarded in regard to transfer knowledge. I guess we will find out if thats true!
  21. I understand that argument to but of course you could always use that example as an argument against woodgate. What if he or his defensive partner makes a mistake due to a miscommunication? Due to not being as sure in their partner as they would have if they had played in a more settled lineup? I firmly believe we lost a lot of points last season due to defensive mistakes caused by that very problem. Its a difficult one for sure but the team must ALWAYS come first. It is without question that, at his best, woody is comfortably our best defensive player. However, he is so often not at his best due to injury that he cant be counted on to start game after game. It is for this reason that I believe he should take a back seat next season. Essay over :D
  22. Agree with KM on this. We need a consistent partnership and woody, as good as he is, is only ever going to be in and out of the side.
  23. Yeah, I suppose it is WC final day, so perhaps people are a tad distracted
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