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  1. Oh god this is cringeworthy. Why bother coming back to a forum you were banned from?
  2. I didn't, but always included him in my squad just so I had a RB :P Now, i'll use this lad instead, if FreeHat is correct: Luis Hernández Sporting Gijon, 25 year-old RB, 6'0" tall FIFA RATINGS: Overall - 66 Potential - 71 ;) Thank god im not the only one that does this. :D Did the same for kike. Dat 80 potential!
  3. Its sprung up because some kid claimed his dad helped him move house. Even by twitters standards that stinks of BS
  4. That Butterfield story is flimsy at best, I wouldn't put too much stock in it just yet.
  5. Blimey. One afternoon away from the interwebs and boro spend big money on a shiny new striker. Typical :D
  6. Although I agree with what you are saying regarding the players knowledge, there is a unique reason why this player would know this information. I am not going any further than that, however I believe this is a big enough hint. Feel free to remove or edit as you see fit. That's fair enough, I have no reason to doubt you. I was talking more generally! Now I really want to know who is your source! Haha He gives a pretty big clue there to be fair to the lad.
  7. ARGH dont even joke about that waste of space. (shudders)
  8. So...we only managed to get to day seven of the window before everything exploded...that must be a new record right? :D
  9. Bloody vossen again.... Its the hope that kills you
  10. My chances may have just gone up in smoke with the suarez ban. CURSE YOU LUIS! CURSE YOU AND YOUR PREDISPOSITION FOR MAN-FLESH!
  11. Somewhat predictably, the gazette have managed to get a picture of the wrong bloody Juanfran on the front cover this morning!:D
  12. Yeah guti has just congratulated him. Thats as much proof as I need :D
  13. That doesn't even work. I, for Juan, would be ashamed. :D
  14. http://www.estadiodeportivo.com/betis/2014/06/24/middlesbrough-interesa-juanfran/25675.html Another spainsh source in regards to Juanfran, this time with a bit more detail. It appears to claim that the clubs are in talks. If Google translate wasnt so sh*te things might be more clear Also is Juanfran the most Spanish-sounding name ever?! It sounds made up to be honest. Might aswell be called Rodrigo Paella :D
  15. From the Spanish press: http://m.todomercadoweb.es/mercado-futbolistico/real-betis-estadio-deportivo-karanka-quiere-a-juanfran-86156 Roughly translated, it says we are interested in juanfran from Real Betis and we could expect to pay half a million euros for him. Anybody know anything about him?
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