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  1. Well, now that the draw is done and dusted, what does everyone think of their chances to win some money? I got Uruguay. I think if they get out of that tough group (along with England of course :D) I have a great chance of winning some cash! A lot depends on the fitness of suarez though.
  2. I would give so much money for you to get Iran after all this waiting weasel :D
  3. A little tidbit for you all in this dire time of nothingness http://fcjuventustorino.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/dalleintracht-al-middlesbrough-sono.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogspot/dtdFQ+(Juventus++Blog)&m=1 Seen this in some other (Italian) places aswell. Seems to suggest we could be after some younglings from juve. Even a quote from Mr karanka in there. Or at least I think there is.... CURSE YOU GOOGLE TRANSLATE!
  4. I've still got that top - might be a bit tight now though! That was the year after Merson wasn't it? I think you're right. Pretty sure merse left around that time.
  5. Well at least somebody witnessed it :D Big Hamilton Ricard scoring there aswell. I had that top from that season signed by him.
  6. I was 8 or 9 and went to my 2nd ever boro game with my dad v sheff wed at the riverside. We were cruising 3-0 and my dad commits that cardinal sin of deciding to leave early. Despite my protestations we exit the ground. As we are walking on the bridge outside we hear an almighty roar from the ground. We missed a free kick from gazza to make it 4-0 :(. To this day I never leave early no matter what. Ive also never let my dad forget it :D Ive just found the highlights from that game. Mikkel Beck attacking masterclass :D
  7. That episode was superb. It was pretty mind-blowing ;)
  8. Hmmm Uruguay. A good South American team. I like my chances of getting some money out of this. Bit of a conflict of interest with England in the group though :D
  9. Agree with this. Overall the standard is much higher. No Iran, Honduras etc. Uefa changing the competition to 32 teams may have an adverse effect on the quality though :(
  10. Aye its a bit barren near my name too :D
  11. On carayol, I think he works really well in our system because of how he interacts with friend. When he cuts inside it allows space for George to run into. When they Played together this season under karanka they have always been a nightmare for the opposition.
  12. I Dont doubt your honesty. Your little lad is clearly on the take though! :D
  13. :D somebody alert the authorities!
  14. Just a heads up. If I get Honduras I may aim some insults at you and your 6-year-old. Please dont take it personally :D
  15. Quite like these designs. Not sure they are legitimate though. Quite easy for someone to generate a kit online.
  16. Middlesbrough Football Club. Promoting man-bird love trysts since 1876
  17. Tomlins pace is always surprising. Especially considering his....uh...."rotund" disposition
  18. Just paid. Thanks for organising this. Should be fun.
  19. Im in, should be fun. If I get Costa Rica however I shall commit murder
  20. I wonder if clubs have been given dispensation from the FA after some of the registration systems went down yesterday. I see maiga playing for qpr and his transfer was confirmed very late too.
  21. Tomlin is great for the system we play. As is Graham. Its been a good window for us. Sad we couldnt keep given for longer but it sounds like villa werent going to budge so hey-ho
  22. ITS OVER!!!! ....except it isnt though is it. Bloody Boro giving us all heart attacks AGAIN WHY DO WE NEVER LEARN
  23. How apt. We all said we would be in meltdown come the Deadline. And the forum has LITERALLY melted!!
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