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  1. Dijksteel looked waaay better today. Seemed to have more confidence and put in sone vital challenges
  2. Derby Cty v Cardiff Cty. HOME Fulham v WBA. DRAW Blackburn v Millwall. HOME Charlton v Birmingham. HOME Hull v Wigan. DRAW Middlesbrough v Reading. HOME (Assombalonga) PNE v Brentford. DRAW QPR v Luton. HOme Stoke v Bristol Cty. AWAY Swansea v N.Forest HOME
  3. Started following the eagles a few years ago. Their superbowl run was crazy. Good start for them with a comeback win!
  4. Britt arriving with the squad at the end of the vid. STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU READ ON FMTTM GUYS
  5. Bristol Cty v Middlesbrough Away (Fletcher) Birmingham v Stoke Home Brentford v Derby. Home Leeds v Swansea. HOME Luton v Huddersfield. Home Millwall v Hull. Draw N.Forest v Preston N.E. Home Reading v Charlton. Away Sheff Wed v Q.P.R. Home W.B.A. v Blackburn. Home
  6. Cant really say Ive lost any confidence in Woody. He hasn't really done anything I disagree with so far tactically and he isn't responsible for our lack of depth. He's TRYING to do the right things, though hes in a very difficult position.
  7. Boro u18s playing Man City this morning. Calum Kavanagh, son of Graeme, on the bench for Boro. Not bad considering he's 15!
  8. Unconfirmed at this stage - but multiple people saying that Bury may have found a buyer at the last minute!
  9. Barnsley v Luton. Home Blackburn v Cardiff. Away Charlton v Brentford. Draw Fulham v N.Forest. Home Huddersfield v Reading. Away Hull v Bristol Cty. Away Middlesbrough v Millwall. Home (Fletcher) Preston NE Sheff:Wed Draw QPR v Wigan. home Stoke v Leeds Away
  10. Crewe v Aston Villa. Away Leeds v Stoke. Home N.Forest v Derby. Home P.N.E v Hull. Home Rochdale  v Carlisle. Home Oxford v Millwall. Home Watford v Coventry. Home Fulham v Southampton. Away Newport Cty v  West Ham away Crawley Twn v Norwich away
  11. Absolutely horrible clash of heads in the u23s results in a 15 minute stoppage of play, as both players were taken away on a stretcher. Jack Robinson the unfortunate player for boro. Really hope the 2 lads are alright. The collision was so loud you could hear the impact on the other side of the pitch. ?
  12. My opinion of stewy went down listening to that. Just sounded so entitled, like he had a divine right to be playing. No real recognition that people were booing him because his performances weren't up to scratch.
  13. Feels like a big opportunity for Walker this. Given we're so light up top a good performance could force him closer to the 1st team.
  14. Barnsley v Charlton. HOME Blackburn v Middlesbrough.AWAY (FLETCHER) Brentford v Hull. HOME Bristol Cty v QPR. DRAW Luton v WBA. AWAY Millwall v Sheff Wed:. HOME N.Forest v Birmingham. DRAW Stoke v Derby. DRAW Swansea v Preston NE. HOME Wigan v Leeds. AWAY
  15. 1st dissallowed goal was utter madness. One to watch on highlights later. We are all over these here. The press is causing chaos
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