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  1. Come on Boro need these 3 points more than ever now it's coming to the end of season
  2. Yes he wasn't strong enough but Gibson went over to mark him, he crosses into the box and no one was marking the goal scorer so it wasn't all Frys fault to blaming watched it over and over and I can't see how Fry is getting the full blame? Where was Nsue in Fry position where was Friend for the goalscorer flying in
  3. Couldent that be said about Fry to then? But I dont think anyone would complain if he plays Gibson and Ayala (if he is back). But Fry been good and we won 2 straight so should Ayala realy just walk back into the team? YES I am sure 99,9% will scream. So you know that "If you play well you'll play" is just bs....... fry as good as he was, did make a few mistakes that could have cost us (missed header that let to de laet heroics, couple of hand balls and being out muscled by dembele leading to ohara miss). you would expect that though being so inexperienced. he hopefully will be out of the team sooner rather than later. dont want to ruin him by putting to much on him to soon. look at reach last season, he buckled later in the season, he could barely trap a ball. pressure gets to these young lads fast. especially as there is so much at stake. fry has massive potential i'm really impressed with him by the way. he reads the game so well for his age, i bet none of the opponents fans realise how young he is when watching him play. If he made a 'couple' of handballs the ref didn't whistle? Plus that missed header he was 'already' marking his own Man and no one was marking the Man behind so it made Fry look like he missed his Man marking if that makes sense. People were saying the radio were highly praising him about his Fulham display saying he's head above other shoulders etc
  4. Adomah and Nugent should start tomorrow
  5. It must be 2017 then, a website when I looked said different, I'll go by the gazette!
  6. He only just signed a new contract, Don't know the length of it though. I had a look it ends in 2016
  7. Rumours are back with Fry and United: http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/17/manchester-united-scout-middlesbrough-defender-dael-fry-ahead-of-transfer-move-5347246/ He only has just under 11 months left on his contract
  8. Dimi Kalas Ayala Gibson Friend Leadbitter Clayton Adomah. Fabrinni. Downing Nugent
  9. Stuani will get us goals, was impressed with him. I really like Fabbrini and should start next game.
  10. At HT on radio Dave Parneby said he doesn't even think Stephens has been brought in as a CB. Interesting.
  11. All the goals were good last night, just hope it carries on this way. Still need another striker soon now.
  12. dael fry looks a boss vs the other kids, i'd use a few comparisons to famous cb's but dont want to :) :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVMuv0M4O30 I'm thinking Franz Beckenbauer nooooo, you just know these local kids read forums and stuff. if he sees that he's think he is franz :) guy on the bottom left of my picture used to like bringing the ball out like that. a good sign. Fry likes to do this a lot he's so classy with his feet. He done a mazy run in the York game and wanted the ball back off Kike to lay him through on goal if it was Tomlin he'd have fed him through lol. I think Jackson is 21/22? and Dael is 17? He was in the England U17 euro winning team last year. Maloney impressed me too very tidy player for such as small player, he got released last year I think and what a turn around for him..
  13. I've just noticed that Callum Cooke didn't play the last 2 games at all? Am I right or wrong here.
  14. Probably needs a loan out Didn't he go out on loan last season to Preston but returned early because he was homesick? I read about this also, rumours he didn't like it but not sure lol
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