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  1. Just a thought or two... When was the last time we got cut apart like this? Yes was 2-1 but could easily have ended up being beaten by 4 or 5 Also, when did we batter a team and be so dominant?
  2. How crap are we? Their keeper is dodgy and we haven’t even put him under pressure as a game plan from the start.
  3. boroinbishop it's not tonight it's been months of defensive dross, set out not to lose, go a goal behind and game over. Millions and millions in transfer fees on players, huge wage budgets and we know we have decent players yet we nearly always set out so defensively. The goals for column tells you all you need to know.
  4. Ladyspite, you do realise that if one of those chances are converted the next ones you’ve seen wouldn’t occur.
  5. It may be bad luck tonight and we’ve had lots of chances but think of all the games where he’s set us up ‘not to get beat’ and we’ve created nothing. He’s got to go
  6. We did well and it’s a good result but we look like we have no major attacking threat other than from free kicks etc. I must say though that Leeds put their smaller players against our set peices and dived and won ‘fouls’.... maybe the players should get into the ref next time
  7. ? Can we dare to sign or hope to sign Rafa Silva?
  8. Raf Smog - I’m a very frequent watcher on here but don’t post so much but very much appreciate your insights.
  9. Thought eventually it was a good production....still think a refund is in order
  10. Yay it’s on for half time! Gerrin ?
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