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  1. Not sure in what scenario we would end up with Joe Hart as our keeper. Surely he would want more than we are willing to offer. Would also be disappointed if Friend was anything more than 3rd choice LB. Saying we have 4 LB is true on paper but if we had 0, how many of those 5 would you be happy to sign as your first choice? Did Browne play centrally behind a striker at Oxford? Be interesting if Warnock could get a tune out of him
  2. When looking at Wing, its important to remember that we will chastise a player for attemtping direct passes and giving the ball away, but label them a crab if they go sideways and probably boo them if they pass backwards. Crabs and back passers are encouraged to attempt more direct passes which could lead to them giving the ball away whilst direct passers are criticised for not having ball retention. Leadbitter Clayton and Forshaw were all at some time labelled as too negative. Now we like Howson and Saville because they keep things ticking over. Least we are consistent. To be fair, any of those 3 plus even Butterfield would have been welcome last season.
  3. Ben Gibson signed for Burnley as their record transfer. Waited for his debut then had a howler in europe if I remember correctly. Subsequently frozen out, fell out with Dyche and has been with us training ever since. Looking ever likely to be moved on. Is he a good player? Yes. Was he a good signing for Burnley? No. Therefore, good players arent always good signings. Accepting that could have saved us absolute pages.
  4. Be interesting to see if Warnock thinks he can get performances out of Browne or tries to recoup something. In the brief glimpses I saw be looked OK but too eager to impress, which is bettet than not caring and understandable when stepping up the ladder. Anyone see him often and think he could be worth a go?
  5. Agreed, give Marv 1 year as a squad player while focussing resources on the 1st team. No point getting a new winger and a back up then needing to improve on them again when we get promoted next season 😁 For the same reason offer Friend a reduced 1 year and make him 4th CB.
  6. Realistically who can we sell to boost our rebuild: Spence - people may pay for his potential. Fry - off form but building blocks appear there; reputation and previous form might hold some ground. Britt - goalscoring record on paper may convince someone to take a punt. Wont come anywhere near recouping what we paid and may have to subsidise pay? Fletcher - played for some good clubs and has a decent record at this level. Wing - eye catching when it goes well. Scores a few from midfield and probably relatively low wages. Tav - young, English, versatile, seems good with both feet, scores a few different kind of goals. Im not saying those are who I will or want to sell but those are the ones I can see people sniffing around. The rest I cant see us getting enough to even replace them in the squad never mind strengthen the whole team. People talking about selling Mcnair for 5-7m but I cant see it. He looks like he is worth half that tops.
  7. To me it looks like we are all but safe and I hope it it guarnteed with some points against Cardiff. Some decent performances and results could set the mood for next season, and will be nice to be safe going in the last game to give Warnock a free hit to try anyone and anything.
  8. I dont think Marv is that bad and wouldnt be suprised if every FM stat was 11. Can play LM and looked ok at RW cutting in so it depends on cost and opportunity cost. Dont think signing him or not will define our season and we have bigger issues than him at the moment
  9. Im feeling quite positive about tonight, just want to see the teams announced. Hopefully see Tav starting
  10. Lads i'm sorry - I decided to listen to this one. Im switching off
  11. I dont know whats worse, watching/listening and being frustrated at what we serve up, or staying away and not knowing what we serve up. On the robust bit, im guessing thats why he prefers Marv to Coulson. By the sounds of it Marvs deliveries were decent as well so he has kinda justified his selection.
  12. After a win I think you need to keep the system. Dont think they neccesarilly have to play together to be effective but they play better with a partner as whever we play without a pair we never seem to compensate by pushing the wingers and an ACM on to support them. I met Mark Noble at a book signing.
  13. I will have to set up a go fund me and you can all send me money for staying away 😁 Looking at the table now I agree with the majority - a win and a draw should be enough. Amazing how far we have fallen that were plottinf our minimum to safety rather than looking at permutations for top 6 but we are reaping the well documented rewards for years of general poorness. Interesting to see whether Warnock sticks with the formation and the personell considering you have Tav and Wing who can play the central role and offer something more forward thinking, and Roberts who could probably play a more advances role between mid and st; all options probably less solid and functional than the 3 cm we went with. How did Dijksteel get on? Whenever I saw him I thought he looked like a cb playing out of position at RB. Nice to see players such as Shotton and Marv getting some praise when doubt has previously been cast. Interesting to see whether Shotton moves or signs for reduced terms, but that can wait for now 😁
  14. Its bad when were both clinging to the hope that I am a jinx
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