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  1. One thing I loved to see as well was Bamba controlling the line and organising everyone at a defensive free kick in the 2nd half. Absolutely bawling at everyone - you love to see it
  2. To be honest if we had played like that for a sustained period we probably wouldnt be as unhappy with Warnock as we are! Now were just left questioning why we suddenly played actual football! The long passes we did make seemed more like targetted balls behind their high line or cross field balls when we were overloading their full back. I actually think that exact system would be perfect to have Coulson and Spence either side.... Theres also something about Mr T I just dont like and am struggling to see why he is being given the development minutes.
  3. Nah our manager doesnt have a Farke-n clue
  4. If he gets sacked, would people take Farke?
  5. For the first time in ages I didnt bother listening but caught up on this thread so firstly, thanks to contributors. I can take playing extremely badly if we win; end goal this season is to be playing Prem football next. Whether that looks realistic isnt relevant - thats the goal. If we dont look like getting it and our long term managerial target is financially viable then I would absolutely sack Warnock.
  6. I know a lot depends on Bola and the system but I think Silky will be in and around the team quicker than Payero. Hernandez will get some minutes at some point too. Signing all these proper footballers, whats going on!
  7. Viduka vs Birmingham is always the first class goal that pops into my head. Watching the Juninho video made me a bit down, not because I miss him but because the general style of play seems a distant memory 😭
  8. Can Payero play that wide role? Did he play there in the cup, and how did he do? I also saw a few line ups with Payero and Mcnair. I dont think Mcnair is switched on enough defensively to play without Morsey or even Howson. Lumley Dijk Fry Hall Bola Morsy Mcnair Crooks Spence Jones Uche Earlier subs please
  9. 1 0 up at HT. Went upstairs to put my sons glow in the dark stars up before bed. Came back to 2 1. With Payero one of our players who is supposedly better with the ball thab without im suprised we didnt see him earlier. Think if Wing was on the bench he woukd have been straight on. Guessing Warnock thinks Uche isnt uo to full fitness as doesnt give him the full games but to turn to a striker that he has publicly flogged for quite some time is idiocy. I think we need some width on the bench, even if its some 16 year old just starting out, to not have an alternative limits your options. People q
  10. Game day. Think we should be playing a mix of players who need minutes for fitness and experience and players who need to settle. Wood needs to play, with the talk of him running his contract down he needs to be played as often as feasible to either encourage him to sign, demonstrate his worth to squad at tribunal or get people to field bids before.
  11. Ive got no idea who will play but I would take a draw!
  12. People saying we wouldnt sell Fry for £30m. I reckon we would sell Fry and Tav for £30m combined.
  13. Maybe were just trying to stretch it out so he misses the signing deadline and cant be subbed on to score a consolation goal on Sunday?
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