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  1. I would take a scrappy win from anywhere at the moment
  2. D Birmingham v Blackburn. A Millwall v Cardiff. A P.N.E. v Leeds. H Q.P.R. v Reading. H Sheff Wed: v Stoke. H Bristol Cty v Charlton. H Derby v Wigan. H Fulham v Luton. A Huddersfield v Middlesbrough. (Britt) D N.Forest v Hull.
  3. I think for continuity he should stick to the same team and tactics. I would imagine the players are feeling a little fragile so stop changing it up every week and give them a chance at finding some rhythm.
  4. Could be 541 diamond Tav off Britt 433 451 Intrresting at least and, I know we were discussing Woodgate panicking and clutching around for a winning formula but I dont think we can judge that on this game
  5. The last game Wing came off the bench and he was getting on the ball further back and we instantly looked more controlled. Its just about movement from the others around him; they need to offer a variety of long medium and short balls, to feet and space. Not just push up field in a straight line as if waiting to collect the scraps from a long ball which is how it looks like we set up to me.
  6. H Chelsea v Newcastle A Barnsley v Swansea H Brentford v Millwall A Charlton v Derby A Hull v QPR H Leeds v Birmingham A Luton v Bristol City A Boro v WBA (Britt) H Reading v PNE A Stoke v Fulham
  7. H Blackpool v Rotherham. H Bristol Rvrs v MK Dons. D Burton Alb: v Bolton. H Ipswich Twn v Wycombe Wand: H Oxford v Doncaster. H Peterboro v Lincoln. H Portsmth v Gillingham. A Rochdale v Accrington Stan: A Southend v AFC Wimbledon D Sunderland v Fleetwood...(Power)
  8. Why I said disregarding points ?
  9. In a Sliding Doors moment, I dont think we are in this situation if Britt bags that penalty at Luton. We carry confidence out of there, carry on with the high press and do OK. Now it feels like theres 2 things to do to stop the rot - go all out attack or set up just to avoid defeats. McClaren and AK both came in and immediately tried to make.us hard to beat. Rigid structure, congest the centre, stop balls coming into the box. This probably has the higher probability of working but wont win Woodgate much support after we were promised attacking football. So for me the only way is to just try and attack our way out of it. Stick to high press, high back line and just go for it Randolph Marv LB until Coulson is back Fry CB Ayala CB Howson RB Tav LM Wing CM McNair CM Browne RM Fletcher ST Britt ST Disregarding points earned, would people see greater progress if we drew our next 5 games, or if we won 2 lost 3?
  10. I though Fletcher looked ok. Remember him trying to drive through from our half and they had to bring him down, and he also got free of the defense but hit his lefty shot at the keeper. Probably 2 of our most exciting moments all game sadly
  11. Yeah I thought Shotton moved across and covered well at times.
  12. H Aldershot v Dover. H Barnet v Bromley. H Barrow v Boreham Wood. H Eastliegh v Maidenhead Utd. H Ebbsfleet v Torquay. H Halifax Twn v Chorley...(McAlinden) H Notts Cty v Dagenham Red: H Solihull Moors v Sutton Utd. H Wrexham v Harrogate. H Yeovil Twn v Woking.
  13. Even with how bad it got with Karanka (awful football, split squad, emotion and ego ruling decisions etc) I would love him back. I think Gibson would view it as grovelling to offer him the job though....I cant see it happening. It almost feels like nothing we highlighted has changed since last season. Randolph our best player, centrebacks at fullback (im including Dijksteel in that - he looks every bit a CB playing RB), 1 cm dropping in but getting no options from the rest, no balanced midfield, no quality wide players, isolated strikers. Last night I felt sorry for Clayton and Wing as both were deeper and trying to play it forward but nobody was filling that central gap. Strangely the only player looking to occupy that space was Rudy when he came on. We look like we are desperately missing a lot of things but a 10 would help us no end. Wing played out well from deep and sprays it about well but someone in that Tomlin/Gaston mould would improve this team vastly.
  14. One of our CM need to drop into the gap when Clayton has it deep or its a 5-0-5 and we are set up for the hoof. Browne making a nuisance of himself and making the runs whilst Britt stays centeal but nothing he can do with hopeless punts to the channel..
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