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  1. For anyone who didnt hear the commentary for the winner, it was a thing of beauty. Anyone got a link?
  2. Asolutely delighted our game is on - i actually look forward to listening and watching again. If we win tonight its a huge advantage. Points on the board and less games to fudge in later.
  3. Short term id prefer Howson at RWB then Payero at CM. Thought Jones was really poor last night. At one point he megged the player then bought a free kick out wide when if he was committed to getting the ball he had a free run to the box. Bewildering.
  4. Been to Poland a few times but not Gdansk. Cant recommend Debowe enough - best lager Ive ever had.
  5. Lumley -7. Did ok when called upon, palmed a shot straight into the centre but saved the follow up. No nonsense kicking. Bamba - 9. Rock. Actually decent passing too. Lack of pace and mobility highlighted if isolated but he drops the line back brilliantly to compensate that. Howson - 9. Defensively solid and a threat going forward. Showed experience a few times when younger faster players were trying to take him on. The Boros James Milner. Best crosser at the club? Mcnair - 8 - very solid performance. Nearly got robbed in defense by over complicating things. No desire to see hi
  6. I think regardless of whether you think we have turned a corner or its a false dawn - surely nobody can debate the effort or the result. We always say we can accept losing if its to a better team and we at least try. Weve just won , every one put the effort in and in my view the football was really entertaining. I dont care if its Warnocks brilliance or he has stumbled upon it accidentally - long may it continue. They way we are playing, I wouldnt bring Fry or Dijksteel back in if they were fit...
  7. Yes there are times when Tav should make a different choice but its the same with all our players so unsure why he is being singled out.If someone gambled when he flashed the ball across goal first half he has an assist. If Watmore scored at the end he has an assist. Pretty sure every corner from all players today was decent, including him I would say every player was about an 8 today but Howson again was probably pick of the bunch along with Bamba. Crooks-Payero and Bamba-McNair partnerships shouldnt be broken unless suspension on injury as they are working really well.
  8. Watmore will hopefully run rings around their tired legs second half. Would expect Jones and Watmore on for Uche and Sporar for an attacking refresh then Siliki on and Crooks at CB when they shove the big subs on.
  9. I like the fact he tries and I think he would do well with Watmore buzzing around him or as a lone striker and 3 attack minded players behind him like Uche Jones Watmore Tav As we dont just knock balls over him or into the channels. You get a big man to make it stick, not get him to chase things.
  10. I think Uches biggest strenght isnt even his strength. He is a foul magnet. Might not benefit us today in the land of the giants
  11. One thing I loved to see as well was Bamba controlling the line and organising everyone at a defensive free kick in the 2nd half. Absolutely bawling at everyone - you love to see it
  12. To be honest if we had played like that for a sustained period we probably wouldnt be as unhappy with Warnock as we are! Now were just left questioning why we suddenly played actual football! The long passes we did make seemed more like targetted balls behind their high line or cross field balls when we were overloading their full back. I actually think that exact system would be perfect to have Coulson and Spence either side.... Theres also something about Mr T I just dont like and am struggling to see why he is being given the development minutes.
  13. Nah our manager doesnt have a Farke-n clue
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