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  1. D Barnsley v Queens Park Rangers H Blackburn Rovers v Reading H Brentford v Norwich City H Middlesbrough v Coventry City H Swansea City v Stoke City A Wycombe Wanderers v Watford WEDNESDAY 28TH OCTOBER H Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town H AFC Bournemouth v Bristol City H Derby County v Cardiff City D Luton Town v Nottingham Forest H Preston North End v Millwall A Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday
  2. D Bristol City v Swansea City D Cardiff City v Middlesbrough A Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers D Huddersfield Town v Preston North End H Millwall v Barnsley H Norwich City v Wycombe Wanderers H Queens Park Rangers v Birmingham City H Reading v Rotherham United H Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town A Stoke City v Brentford
  3. D Bristol City v Middlesbrough A Coventry City v Swansea City D Huddersfield Town v Derby County D Millwall v Luton Town H Norwich City v Birmingham City H Nottingham Forest v Rotherham United H Reading v Wycombe Wanderers WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER H Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End A Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth A Sheffield Wednesday v Brentford Watford v Blackburn Rovers H Stoke City v Barnsley
  4. A Barnsley v Bristol City A Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday H Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest H AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers H Brentford v Coventry City V Derby County v Watford VOID H Luton Town v Stoke City H Middlesbrough v Reading H Preston North End v Cardiff City A Rotherham United v Norwich City H Swansea City v Huddersfield Town D Wycombe Wanderers v Millwall
  5. H Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City H Brentford v Preston North End Coventry City v AFC Bournemouth VOID H Luton Town v Wycombe Wanderers D Middlesbrough v Barnsley Norwich City v Derby County VOID D Nottingham Forest v Bristol City A Reading v Watford H Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town H Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers D Stoke City v Birmingham City H Swansea City v Millwall
  6. H Barnsley v Coventry City H Birmingham City v Rotherham United A AFC Bournemouth v Norwich City A Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday D Cardiff City v Reading H Derby County v Blackburn Rovers Void A Millwall v Brentford H Preston North End v Stoke City A Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough H Watford v Luton Town VOID
  7. The 352 should have a solid core and let the wingbacks just bomb on - which I think Coulson and Spence are made for. Woody wasnt the grestest mastermind but early doors we seemed to be pushing Coulson and Spence on and allowing them to press high up the wing and give them freedom to play. Thats what we should be giving them now. You cant have defense-first wing backs or it turns to a 532 with no width whatsoever. Both of those lads are probably used to having a winger in front of them and playing overlaps/waiting for the passes back so they can cross from deep or recycle infield. Our main problem IMO is set piece fragility, finding a balanced midfield 3, and creativity in the final 3rd. We are intent on playing 352 so lets unleash the WBs to start making inroads on the creativity in the final 3rd. Oh...transfers....errrr....buy a LCB
  8. How many steps can Gestede take before pulling up? How many minutes will Coulson get to show what he can do? How many more people does it seem opponents have at set pieces?
  9. H Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H Brentford v Huddersfield Town D Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers D Luton Town v Derby County A Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth H Norwich City v Preston North End H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City A Reading v Barnsley D Rotherham United v Millwall D Sheffield Wednesday v Watford H Stoke City v Bristol City D Swansea City v Birmingham City
  10. Confirmed? This why he wasnt on the touchline Tues? Any risk to this being called off we think?
  11. Players arent supposed to be allowed to make political statements or have messages under their shirts so I kinda get what youre saying. But I think we should go the other way and allow those things rather than ban kneeling with them. After all, racism is a problem for the whole society; theres not racism in football theres racism in people. Racism is not political, its human indecency.
  12. I always save the best till last and thats generally the bacon. But I couldnt imagine a breakfast without the egg or beans so as undroppables it must be one of them. I would go 433/4231. Stoj Spence Fry Hall Coulson Morsy Malley Wing Browne Fletcher Foralin
  13. I think he is an ok player at this level. Dont think he has the ability to do it single handedly so looks pants if he is in a 3 with 2 DCM, no wide players and 2 static strikers as his strengths seem to be punting it from 18+ yards, hitting balls for players in the channels and arriving for the cut backs. Bit like a budget Dele Alli, who has also massively gone off the boil IMO
  14. I seem to remember us looking ok going forward v Luton and pressing well. Reckon we could have done with some of that last night.... Think we just need to view everything when Warnock has the team he wants. Gibson needs to get it done quickly though as cant afford many 'if only' games
  15. I actually thought Howson won the ball back in the middle quite well and was one of the only players that did well. It wasnt neccesarily a night of bad performances, but the players, system and style do not seem compatible.
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