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  1. If Crooks did it, people would be saying it was needless, 'typical Crooks', calling him league 1.
  2. Asked my mate Signed Colby Bishop and got Dane Scarlett and Joe Pigott on loan.Can’t see us signing him if he’s not going to play out wide but you never know. Played 442 at the weekend on paper with Bishop and Pigott up front but Pigott played like a 10 so was sort of a 4231 at times Not to say he wont sign for them but I would be disappointed if he went somewhere and wasnt first choice.
  3. Same to be honest but my view was from a year or 2 ago and he seemed to disappear. He also reckons according to local talk Newcastle recently enquired about a loan.
  4. Asked my Leicester supporting mate about Choudary. Progress stunted really last couple years... not had many opportunities in the first time. Would have liked him to go on loan. Would be a big asset for any championship club I reckon. He reads the game well, defensive positioning is excellent. breaks up play well and gives it to the ball players. He won't get you goals. Get box to box etc... But if you have a creative central midfielder then he would be good to play behind him. Good in a team with majority possession to. Will always play the safe pass, but will always be availa
  5. Mate take this down, you will start another West Stand witch hunt. Least we found TheJew's second account. Thanks Diggerlad. True or not its been the best roller coaster will hw wont he since De Pena's(?) car crash.
  6. Cant begrudge the lad at least a shot at the Prem. Hardly his fault Liverpool werent in for him On a side note, wouldnt actually suprise me to see Liverpool snap him up at some point if he carries on progressing.
  7. KDB in his right arm? And his left arm is the longest ive ever seen - hugging 4 people at once! The finishing is good but the quality of defending is absolutely attrocious.
  8. Forgot about Jones sliding in and leaving us screwed - yeah shocking decision.
  9. Think he got it all wrong when they broke towards the end and we were only saved because their players hit it straight to Steffen instead of finding the man free at the back. Bola getting some stick saying all their attacks came down his side. I think thats more the fact they were targetting his side to get in behind him with Giles being less solid than Jones and not sure Bola did much wrong tbh. The other side of Jones and Dijksteel is fairly rapid.So glad we didnt have Fry LCB.
  10. Every played at about 6 or 7 id say, with ppssibly Giles pushing for an 8. Nobody amazing, nobody poor. Think we got the pace wrong sometimes - sometimes got into posession when we could have moved it faster, and others tried to be too direct when we should have held up for reinforcements. Predicted 1 1, and am neither shocked nor disappponted. Would be tempted to swap the striker pairings around - Coburn and Forss start, Akpom and Watmore subbed on. Howson getting some negative views but I thought he was ok - probably the best of the 3 truth be told.
  11. Game day 😍 Would have preffered an easier game than West Brom but should be a good game
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