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  1. Its always happened, but just recently they stop the game..dont know why..its nowt to do with the game
  2. Hands up anybody who has seen Spence have a good game and play as well as everybody thinks he does. Not me, hes bloody rubbish, sell him.
  3. Great memories, im sure i was there as i only missed 1 home game that season. 8-0 v Sheff Wed. Most games are a blur after 5 or 6 pints in the Red Rose before kick off.
  4. Everyones dropping the goalie, come on the games before last he was good, give him a break. Back to winning 2-0 after a little lapse. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Is this football or wrestling, come on ref get a grip.
  6. Some people are hard to please...3 wins..0 goals conceeded, come on Boro, looking good.
  7. What a poor performance. Not one player can pass the ball calmly to another. Its just like kick n rush.
  8. I notice that whenever Warnock is talking about one of his players, he says they are nowhere near where they should be with fitness. Surely thats down to him and his team.
  9. Must be cos i got a feel good inspirarion for this one Al
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