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  1. We probably have the best set of strikers in the league. I just hope we don’t let them down with service. Badly need to add some creativity otherwise it’s going to be another struggle to score goals.
  2. I’ve never heard of him. Tell me why you’re excited? What type of player is he? How good is he?
  3. Hate to say it but these are two very impressive signings for Newcastle United. They had a very good partnership a couple of seasons ago for Bournemouth.
  4. Missing out on another target, sorry, I don’t see any positives even if we are looking far and wide. We’re getting closer to the curtain raiser and we’re still in a worse position squad wise than we were last season.
  5. I’ve never heard of the lad but it couldn’t have been that difficult to be the the best player on the pitch against Boro. We were ****. 🤣
  6. Yet if DJed Spence scored and got an assist people would be talking him up. I’ve said from the start that Marvin Johnson really hasn’t had a fair crack at it the Boro fans haven’t liked him since his displays under Monk when let’s face it most of the players were ****. Now every time he puts a foot wrong the fans kick off but when he does something good the fans still don’t want to compliment him.
  7. Lots of championship and premier league clubs doing business now. It’s got nothing to do with there being a global pandemic. That’s an excuse. We’ve been cost cutting for two seasons now. We’ve shipped out lots of our high earners from the premier league era so there’s clearly room for investment. Shameful transfer window from Boro and they should be held accountable for it. Seething.
  8. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/norwich-city-nottingham-forest-want-18860910
  9. Looks like Neil Warnock is already instilling a winning formula. Great news. Just need to get some signings through the door and I’ll be quietly confident going into the new season.
  10. Shush about Stewart. Did you not know that Klopp once said he was a good player?
  11. Well I can tell you that it looks pretty busy at Rockliffe Park.
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