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  1. It was only a matter of time before we heard about Prem interest in Tav. He is a Premier League quality player and he’s probably the only player I would be gutted about losing.
  2. I think Akpom or Ikpeazu will make one of the five if that’s how many he wants. Watmore, Coburn, Rhodes (potentially), Ikpeazu/Akpom and one other. At least we know Mitrovic’s record isn’t in any danger of being broken. 😂
  3. I think we will be signing a couple of strikers this summer anyway. I wouldn’t mind Rhodes to be honest if we did end up bringing him in. He hasn’t been a starter for Huddersfield this season but he has been excellent of late. He was class in the play off game last week. I think we could do a lot worse than Darlow, Gibson and Rhodes as a starting point this summer. They tick a lot of boxes in positions we really have to get right this summer.
  4. Him and Ramirez were the reason we got promoted. Not saying I would definitely want him back but come on, he wasn’t awful at all.
  5. I haven’t come across anyone criticising the club this morning, most of us are just finding the link amusing.
  6. Is Kieran Scott just Gary Gill in disguise? 😂
  7. Is there anything even in it? Don’t know why we would sign a player from the MLS when Wilder has already mentioned the type of player they are looking at. Don’t know much about the player but I can’t see us looking in the MLS this summer.
  8. I still think Manchester United could come in for him. Dalot and AWB are terrible. Isn’t Spence a Man U fan as well?
  9. Spurs are still interested in Adama Traore too so they could end up bringing in a current and former Boro RWB/RW in the same transfer window!
  10. I think he will be one for the under 23’s but nice to see us do some business this early on in the summer.
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