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  1. Shame. He would have been a great signing. Expect him to be one of the best players in the league this season.
  2. Middlesbrough 2022/2023 Sporting Director: Kieran Scott Head Coach: Eddie Howe Assistant Head Coach: Leo Percovich
  3. Agree with others, this is better than any other signing we will make this summer!
  4. He would fit in well then with our history of strikers.
  5. Randolph would be a “shock” signing maybe The Gazette just got the position wrong.
  6. Absolutely, but just the way the gazette have reported it or have been told by the club makes me think it’s a “big name”.
  7. Yeah it’s got to be someone who fans have already heard of for it to be classed as “shock”
  8. Wonder what the future holds for Darren Randolph, would anyone have him back? Fabianski and now Areola ahead of him. The only thing is I can’t see him leaving London. He’s currently in a relationship with former X Factor winner Alexander Burke who’s starring in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Can’t believe they’ve axed X Factor btw. Devastated.
  9. Maybe Muniz is the shock signing after he turned us down in favour of Fulham.
  10. So anymore information on our mystery striker?
  11. Watmore hadn’t played in ages before he came to us…Bamba, Patterson too if either sign. We seem to be going after particular types of players in terms of their current status.
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