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  1. Short term - Get rid off high earners, stay in the division Medium Term - Become a mid-table Championship Club, continue to blood through some of the youngsters and identify talent from the lower leagues, non-league etc. Long term - Challenge for the play-offs/top 2. Right now we are a million miles away from the medium term let alone the long term. Absolute disgrace how we've managed to go from being a top end Championship club to a relegation threatened club in the space of a couple of seasons. The club should be ashamed of itself. Bad decision after bad decision I'm fed up of the whole thing.
  2. Did someone say January transfer window? 🙂
  3. Definitely a work in progress. That was one of the worst performances I have seen from someone in a Boro shirt. Don't know whether it was the nerves or what? Definitely think there's a player in there somewhere; but Johnson gets the nod for now!
  4. "KM"


    Well done Brunners! P.S. When am I getting the promotion?
  5. You can only play against what's in front of you. It was a great individual performance and had it not been for the comical defending he would have probably got MoTM. Why can't we just appreciate a player's performance instead of finding ways to bring him down just because he failed under a previous regime?
  6. Unbelievable. When will we ever get a transfer window right?
  7. He's one ex player I'd love to see back. Scorer of vital goals and not given a fair whip at it in the Premier League. Unfinished business.
  8. Can't see there being anything in it. Poobably just his agent trying to drum up interest. He will be on Prem League wages.
  9. Well if we sell Britt Assombalonga today with little or no time to bring in an adequate replacement, note key word adequate, we've pretty much undone all the good work we've done over the summer. One step forward two steps back. Well done Boro.
  10. Selling Britt now would be criminal. How are we going to replace his goals within 48 hours? Seen enough over the last couple of weeks and on Friday that Woody could be building something pretty special here; if we sell Britt now we can pretty much write off this season and it would be a massive blow to Woodgate. We've got to give him a chance by keeping hold of the best striker in the division.
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